Nehjo Machette

Automates sending/accepting group invites in several different situations. Originally inspired by EasyInvite.


  • Auto-invite someone when they whisper you a password (Default password is machette). Supports RealID whispers, and converting to/functioning in raid groups. Cross-realm support is planned.
  • Auto-invite friends when they log on. Character names must be entered in a comma-separated list, and must be RealID or Battletag friends.
  • Auto-accept an invite from anyone in your guild, on your friend list/RealID/Battletag list, or a comma-separated list of your choosing.
  • Recognizes when you are queued for a dungeon or raid and will not accept or send party invites causing the queue to cancel. It will reply by whisper where appropriate with the reason for declining.
  • All features except the queue support, and the entire addon, may be enabled/disabled individually.

All features can be toggled/changed via either slash commands or the options screen, found in the Addon tab of the Interface options menu. This Addon makes use of Ace-3 libraries.

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Date created
Feb 11, 2013
Last updated
May 11, 2013