Change log

    - update TOC, .pkgmeta format
    - ruRU locale todos
    - fix missing world map icons! (whoops)
    - fix Orgrimmar routes not showing in right-click menu fix wrong transports very rarely appearing in world map tooltips replace SetTexCoord matrix lookups with faster SetRotation
    - bump all version numbers for release, fresh saved vars DB brushes detected on zoning as well as channel changes fix ticket 28; updated all routes and round-trip times, removed The Moonspray and Feathermoon Ferry boats fix ticket 29; updated to latest Astrolabe revision updated localisations, added for TB to Orgrimmar route
    - fix ticket 27; minimap/LDB tooltip didn't hide properly
    - fix uc to grom'gol route and round-trip time bump internal and comms version for release
    - bump TOC, internal version num, update LibSimpleFrame-Mod fix: global var errors ('this', args); chat hooking, map icon hover, when select transport from menu
    - bump TOC, internal version num remove some legacy saved var handling take out conditional build check for new route update deDE and ruRU
    - don't trigger coords when in vehicle add new zeppelin route - The Zephyr for patch 3.2
    - fix mini-map icon rotations when rotate minimap not set
    - remove LibStub and CBH from OptDeps and X-Embeds remember to bump the internal version number
    - add debug check for comms hash fix OptionalDeps and put back X-Embeds
    - kill tabs in .pkgmeta
    - fix ticket 20; put LibDBIcon-1.0 in no-lib-strip section of .toc
    - anchor map icon tooltips to mouse cursor
    - fix ticket 16; don't error if encounter invalid comms decoding append string hash value to known transport data in comms put some extra debugging to poke & prod for more invalid comms cases?
    - fix ticket 19; replace MiniMapCompassRing with GetPlayerFacing() force re-package for GetPlayerFacing() fixes in Astrolabe r105 update
    - fix occasional bad/inaccurate comms data being exchanged fix ticket 18; error clicking ldb button if all transports filtered from list
    - bump version for release update frFR
    - remove mini-map overlay (again) (will break Minimap Button Frame until author adds exception - see ticket 13) mini-map button now shown by default
    - localise new version string and remove old ones update esES
    - fix issue when detecting if dropdown is shown (caused by patch 3.0.8) new version notification shown in tooltip instead of chat
    - bump version for release minor localisation updates/tidy-up compress comms number data (not backwards compatible)
    - fix possible error if player coords are invalid immediately after login fix possible bug if global var 'version' exists
    - span lengthy comms over multiple messages if necessary ignore comms messages that are too long add version string to version comms command put gap twixt X-* and @no-lib-strip@ to avoid bad X-Curse* inserts?
    - bump internal version number (i'm a nubcake)
    - update readme.txt and localisation tidy-up before tagging as release
    - update German localisation (thanks Larry) minor fix to French phrase 'Map Icons'
    - yet another code tidy-up; remove stuff, juggle and comment put version in ldb title contexts; use @project-version@ and in toc use spanish locale for esMX
    - fix flickering mini-map icons caused in r114 replace internal name labels with id's (legacy data in saved vars will be converted over but don't go back to previous revisions else you'll lose transport data)
    - tidy-up and optimise the texture rotation and handling
    - small tidy-up; juggle code about to eliminate need for some object vars remove OnDisable until proper option and code is in place update French localisation
    - fix ticket 9 (hopefully); don't update mini-map icons on world map updates update Chinese localisations
    - general code clean-up properly hide the map icons in all cases temp text delay increased to 2-3s
    - add mini-map button localisations\r\n- some ruRU translations
    - re-word some options (some may need re-translation) add some missing strings and slash commands to localisations
    - fix issue with 'Minimap Button Frame' addon; put back the mini-map overlay
    - fix ticket 8; many WORLD_MAP_UPDATE (e.g. zoning, esp. deeprun tram) caused lock-ups in Astrolabe(?), don't draw when already drawing! fix icon not showing in some ldb displays (e.g. statblockcore) remove key modifiers for unlocking tooltip frame, to fix partial draw issue set proper level for tooltip frame
    - add option to show only faction-friendly map icons add emote's to crew chat filter add world map overlay to Astrolabe's list of map frames to watch out for fix flickering world map icons in Carbon$hite
    - change the show map icon settings to profile-based instead of per char parent icons to WorldMapButton and test its visibility to fix some map mods give mini map icons a global name to allow certain mods to skip re-parenting
    - add new vessel icons for wotlk and re-do others for consistency add individual options to toggle both world and mini map icons
    - put back some debugging; comment out with repo substitutions create frames for map icons instead of in xml
    - revert: show all three main zep routes for each of durotar/stv/tirisfal fix possible data corruption when clock drift is detected as wrong fix nil argument to fmod in DrawMapIcons() due to the above bug fix ticket 4; nil value in ShowTooltip() if old route selected
    - some esES translations add minimap button (default state is hidden)
    - fix default locale flag for all locales
    - add in AceConfigDialog/Bliz options change default world map icon size to 125%
    - don't strip LibDataBroker in no-lib
    - port to ace3
    - remove Dewdrop from .pkgmeta
    - replace bloaty Dewdrop with UIDropDownMenu fix case for some libs paths in .toc
    - extend new routes on mini-map into orgrimmar and undercity show all three main zep routes for each of durotar/stv/tirisfal
    - ruRU locale todo's
    - fix northspear, cloudkisser and captured zeppelin routes fix issue where triggering could occur after login/rl (d'oh) add Titan as OptDep so we can hook CloseRightClickMenu properly complete deDE, zhCN and zhTW localisations some code cleanup and optimisations, remove debug stuff bump all version numbers for release
    - don't force UpdateMinimapIconPositions few more localisation updates/fixes add Harrowmeiser to chat filter
    - complete french translation (thanks thelys) couple of zone name fixes for de and es locales
    - updated ruRU localization
    - more accurate trigger extrapolation (esp. in the Y axis) remove unused localisations and add some missing strings; options, ship and npc names more complete german translation (thanks LarryCurse) complete trad. & simpl. chinese translation (thanks Juha)
    - Initial ruRU locale support
    - bump version for release rename goblin -> crew [chat filter]
    - initial tweak of round-trip times for WotLK routes FIX index mixup between giant turtle and new alliance boats
    - add WotLK routes and zone translations rename Ra -> Rat abbreviation change comms command to avoid errors, test for invalid transit add Navigator Fairweather (Thundercaller) to crew chat filter add Greeb Ramrocket and Nargo Screwbore (Mighty Wind) to filter bump version numbers
    - remove tsvn:logtemplate, X-Embeds and FuBar+Titan OptionalDeps put embeds.xml back in .toc and use no-lib-strip, update Libs path remove custom channel and data reset options colour routes in dropdown based on faction
    - rename libs to Libs
    - tidy up request scheduler fix error when toggling faction/zone list filter
    - remove CHAT_MSG_ADDON distributions
    - remove legacy GUI
    - fix tooltip in some LDB displays
    - replace FuBar/Titan plugin stuff with LibDataBroker (LDB)
    - removed svn:externals replace bloated TabletLib with custom LibSimpleFrame tweaked rtts slightly
    - fix concat formatted_time nil value error (route data was out by 60s) bump comms version number due to the above fix
    - initial tweak of the round-trip times
    - fix for Titan v4+
    - add Sky-Captain Cableclamp to filter recalibrated all old world routes for patch 3.0.2 change 'The Bravery' route from Menethil to Stormwind
    - fix some legacy GUI elements (this -> self)
    - bump TOC fix externals and libs TODO: recalibrate routes
    - Hopefully fix .pkgmeta
    - Facilitate WowAce-on-CurseForge transition
    - fix for WotLK: replace ChatFrame_ OnEvent with *EventFilter add uc2ven ZeppelinMasters to chat filter
    - fix showing multiple spurious transports in minimap icon tooltip
    - move all trigger points to before zoning happens (avoids missing the trigger due to long load times)
    - v2.4.1 remove some legacy conversions and handling update version, TOC and changes.txt for package release
    - multiple transports in tooltip for all map icons under mouse
    - esES updated
    - change some objects vars to locals new auto select transport option when standing near platform
    - more complete french translations, thanks thelys/yann!
    - improve data exchange; prioritise quality on boots < swaps< since (comms is not backward compatible, to prevent endless loop)
    - add all options to FuBar sub-menu rearrange options structure, add autoshow GUI option
    - fix world map icons staying when trying to hide them remove some irrelevant FuBar options from slash cmd
    - esES updated
    - tweak rtts ever-so-slightly (15 day period)
    - update changes.txt for package release
    - bump version and TOC all routes recalibrated for patch 2.4, finally more accurate rtt calcs for exo2aub and rtv2ds to follow
    - Updated embedded Astrolabe library; no more lockup when porting between continents!
    - warn that cycle data reset is for emergency usage only fix Titan button update for newer v3.20+ (should be backward compatible)
    - bump version for package release
    - add new intermediate icon for docking status (30->60 secs) add options to change map icon sizes
    - use shorter temp bar title on button click better looking text <-> text arrow redo bar status icons
    - finally integrate fubar plugin into main addon object unify fubar/titan code into NautUI.lua
    - unify fubar and titan code
    - fix bug; triggering coords on flight paths (alliance druid)
    - replace Titan dropdown menu with Dewdrop
    - remove alias name and options, use long plat-zone format rearrange main UI layout
    - tweak rtts ever-so-slightly again add vessel name to tooltip and compact the tooltip add title and hint to Titan tooltip
    - use Tablet for Titan tooltip
    - v2.3.2 build cache of formatted time values fix external url for Astrolabe
    - add zoning icon slightly tweak rtts again fix small rounding issue when comparing times extra lower case check on chan name reduce some table ref lookups
    - default to world channel for better sync reach
    - remove specific filter strings; block by npc names instead
    - update changes.txt
    - v2.3.1 tweaked rtts slightly mmmm... rotatey icons
    - update zhTW localization update zhCN localization
    - recalibrated all routes and rtt's for patch 2.3 compatibility icons for fms+rtv routes changed to ne type trigger detection rewritten: based on movement speed and proper game yard distances instead of arbitrary value removed NautDebug.lua prep for package release / tag
    - gief TOC 20300
    - v2.2.1 add debug diagnostic metadata to tooltip when holding shift key add NautDebug.lua changes.txt (split from readme.txt only observe server channel changes for interesting zones
    - fix some saved var settings not being set or read correctly optimise icon redraw; pre-compute concats and relocate local declarations extend interesting zone list to show minimap icons when in Org+UC
    - add a goblin zep master chat string to block filter list add locales for the above fix error when disabling / removing icons and Gatherer running
    - attempt to prevent chan num reorder; wait few secs after joining all others before joining ours
    - don't leave channel on group join, to prevent channel order getting messed up optimised how comms message strings are construction
    - comms: reverse order of version and timer announce and put a delay to avoid channel throttling
    - initial commit Track arrival & departure schedules of boats and Zeppelins around Azeroth and displays them on the Mini-Map & World Map


Uploaded on
Jan 05, 2013
Game version
  • 5.1.0
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