When you open your mail, My Sales keeps track of who bought your auctions and displays the item, money, buyer and when in a table.
Type /ms to bring up the options screen.

PM me if you'd like to take over this project.


  • Display your sale in a table display.
  • Show what your top sellers are and your top buyers.
  • Buyer names coloured if they're in your guild or friends list.
  • Filter entries by time.

Plans for the future

  • Add option to remove old data.

Known Issues

  • Buyer name missing: This may be due to opening mail too fast.
  • Stack count is unknown. This info isn't given to us.
  • Item colour's gray.


  • Farook (German)
  • q09q09 (Simplified Chinese)
  • kdw112 (Korean)

Donations welcome. There's a donate button here.

Bitcoin address: 13mvJMp8Z38SUAnZ4PgGpio5L2inqWQGsP

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Date created
Feb 19, 2010
Last updated
Jul 08, 2013