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MultiTool:ChangeLog             v0.5.1        2012/01/01      DigitalSorceress

v0.5.1 - 2012/01/01
  Comms debugging options have done their job... Found and fixed annoying issue where guards and some profession trainers would skip dialogs
  Added better detection/handling of Use Guild Funds for repairs
  Big thanks to my sweetheart Nebby for helping me discover this issue

v0.5.0 - 2011/12/24
  Adding Communications debugging options to try and nail down an annoying dialog skipping issue

v0.4.1d - 2011/12/02
  Tested for Patch 4.3 Issues
  Updated TOC for 4.3

v0.4.1c - 2011/08/17
  Tested for patch 4.2 issues
    Updated TOC for 4.2

v0.4.1b - 2011/04/26
  Tested for patch 4.1 issues
    Updated TOC for 4.1
v0.4.1a - 2011/03/04
  Touching version as curse seems to think it's out of date even though I still
  use it every day without issues.
v0.4.1 - 2010/10/13
  Tested for patch 4.0 issues
  Updated TOC for 4.0
v0.4.0 - 2009/12/08
  Renamed Core.lua to MultiTool.lua
  Moved Locale-enUS.lua to Locals directory
  Created local.xml
  Bumped ToC for 3.3.0

v0.3.07 - 2009/08/05
  Updated TOC for patch 3.2
  This was done AFTER testing in live 3.2 - no bugs found
  Please contact me if you find that something isn't working properly

v0.3.06 - 2009/05/23
  Added features to prevent situation where two MultiTool users in same party
  have different available quests thus putting indexex out of sync
  Translation of above: Makes sure you're accepting the same quest as other
  MultiTool users.
  Translation of the above translation: Made selecting quests more reliable

v0.3.05 - 2009/04/30
  Added Auto Follow Lost Warning system at request of jst-one at forums
  I introduced a slight delay between detection of follow lost and when it
  actually sends the alert. I found that without this delay, re-hitting follow
  caused a very quick LOST and then FOLLOW sequence of events that resulted
  in a bit of warning spam.
v0.3.04 - 2009/04/29
  Added Auto Accept Ressurection

v0.3.03 - 2009/04/17
  Minor fixes

v0.3.02 - 2009/04/15
  Ok, this time, auto accept group really IS fixed.
  BIG thank you to Borlox and Dridzt from the community for the
v0.3.01 - 2009/04/15
  Fixed Auto accept group functionality... apparently, the StaticPopup_HIDE was
  happening too close to the AcceptGroup() call, causing the accept to be
  Updated embedded ACE libs to the latest 3.1 safe versions just in case

v0.3.00 - 2009/04/15
  updated TOC for Interface 3.1

v0.2.08 - 2008/12/02
  Fixed missing library definition that caused config to not show if you didnt
  have another addon that defined it - THANK YOU Stithis for the help!
  Fixed formatting of repair warning
  Fixed a couple of "can't concatenate nil" errors
v0.2.07 - 2008/12/02
  Adding announcement of money spent on repairs - and configuration options

v0.2.06 - 2008/11/22
  Added self-only option to quest log warn
  Added a bunch of comments to source to try and begin the process of refactoring
  Commented out a couple things that it looks like aren't going to fly:
  specifically, things dealing with AcceptTrade() because it's protected by Bliz
  and probably never going to be able to be worked around

v0.2.05 - 208/11/22
  Added check for  name == UnitName("player") to isInWhiteList to always be true for self
  Built standard sound list and a way to handle picking sounds for various events
  Added Pick Sound option to bag warn
  Added Pick Sound option to quest log warn
  Added Pick Sound option for auto accept summons
  Added default warning sound setup

v0.2.04 - 2008/11/21
  FINALLY worked out how to do the white list.

  Added Profiles to options page (I LOVE YOU Ace3 !!! )

  Added Auto Accept Summon (and config options for "only if in whitelist") - NEED TESTING
  Added Auto Accept Party Invites (white list only)
  Added Auto Reject Party Invites from strangers (if not in white list)
  Added option to allow folks on whitelist to request duels
  Added Auto Accept Escort/event quests... I think this one needs a little on-screen warning tho
  Modified TakeTaxi to have option of only following whitelist
  Stubbed out Auto Accept Trades, but this may not be possible the way I want to do it

v0.2.03 - 2008/11/20
  Want to start working on white list
  Fixed fencepost error in bag space alerts when using item_push
  Changed config stuff from tree multiple submenus - MUCH cleaner
  Added some better descriptions
  Changed Bag space warning from BAG_UPDATE to ITEM_PUSH because ITEM_PUSH is
  only when you gain an item from quest or vendor... much less spammy
  Added sound to bag and quest log warnings

v0.2.02 - 2008/11/19
  Massively cleaned up option set/get... using getConfigOptin and
  setConfigOption for all get/set options instead of individual functions

v0.2.01 - 2008/11/18
  Reorganized the options menu a bit
  Fixed Bag space warnings
  Changed option for bagWarn to slider
  Changed option for questLogWarn to slider
  Altered rpcCommandSender to turn PARTY/RAID distribution to WHISPER PLAYER if
  called when not in group
  Found bug with take Taxi indexing - added a fallback to  name search if
  index/name don't match up.
  Added warning message if taxi node unavailable
  Updated debugMe() to handle warn and error a bit differently than notice,
  debug, and blather

v0.2.00 - 2008/11/17
  Decided to call this 0.2.0 because 0.1.06 marks a fairly clean, almost release
  and I want to kind of mentally bookmark before adding a bunch of new stuff
  Bag space warnings built... does not seem to be properly warning - will continue
  debugging and get it right
  Quest log space warnings built... does not yet work properly either - will
  continue debugging
  Auto Vend Junk built. BE AWARE that this needs to be explicitly enabled in the
  options panel (/mtool) and tat it has NO intelligence. If there are any gray
  quality items in your bags and you open a dialog with a vendor, those items will
  be sold. There is no "blacklist/whitelist" for this one. I wanted a simple
  "sell my junk" feature, and this is it.
  Auto Repair built. Works beautifully.

v0.1.06 - 2008/11/16
  Found out why quest qompletion for non reward choice is not broadcasting ...
  Hand't implemented GetQuestReward() because I didn't want it to exactly clone
  reward choices in case you're like me and run different classes.
  Took a peek at QuestGuru to see how they did autocomplete quests, and
  implemented something similar.
  Added an option to clone reward choices. So, for those who run all the same
  classes, you can really quickly outfit your toons. For those who want to
  pick manually, turn the clone option off. By default, cloning is off.
v0.1.05 - 2008/11/16
  Continued refinement of remote procedure calls... trying to clean it up as
  my concept of "masterless" actions seems to be working. To that end, I created
  rpcCommandSend() to broker the messages
  Started working on quest broadcast - starting with code from ZQB and adding my
  message storm blocking so taht it safely shares gossip no matter which party
  member does the dialog
  Did a LOT of cleanup - took out some "turds" left over from when I was playing
  with the Ace3 Tutorial
v0.1.04 - 2008/11/15
  thoroughly testing the taxi follow functionality
  Slightly redesigned the taxi mode follow function and made it a lot simpler in the process
v0.1.03 - 2008/11/13
  Beginning work on it as I grind away in wotlk
  Added config option for auto follow flight point
  Got the auto follow taxi system working (flight points)
  There were issues with creating "message storms" with the taxi, so use this
  feature with care until I've tested it more extensively
v0.1.02 - 2008/11/12
  Too many fixes to list - basically, debugging from the original "dry coding"

v0.1.01 - 2008/11/11
  Initial Addon creation - dry-coded while wow was down


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