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MorgDKP2 is a full featured mod that allows the master looter (ML) to control the loot distribution process. Only one member is required to have this mod. MorgDKP2 is also capable of tracking DKP and outputting the DKP string for import into eqDKP using a custom php import script.

Please help localize here.


LDB shortcuts:

  • L-click => MorgBid2 query
  • Shift-L-click => Invite list
  • Ctrl-L-click => Raidtracker
  • R-click => Options
  • L-click itemlink => Add manual item for query
  • Shift-L-click Itemlink => Insert link into open chatframe message
  • Ctrl-L-click Itemlink => Add item to ignore list
  • Hover over itemlink => Show item tooltip
  • Shift-hover over itemlink => Show bid history for the item

Bag shortcut - Shift-Alt-L-click any item in your bug to add a manual query (ie a BOE item)

Video Tutorial
BlueWarlord has created a video tutorial for setting up and using the MorgDKP2 system to run a raid. Find it here.

BlueWarlord created another video tutorial for setting up and using MorgDKP2 with eqdkp/eqdkp+. Find it here.

Thanks BlueWarlord!

phpRaid Integration
If you use eqdkp+ for setting up raids you can export the raid attendees (choose lua format) and save the file to the MorgDKP2 folder. When you open the invite list (shift-click) the day of a scheduled raid the phpRaid data will pop open in its own frame.

ClassLoot Integration
If you have ClassLoot (r98 or higher) running as well as MorgDKP2 when a new item drops the classes/altclasses allowed to bid for the item will automatically be filled in if the item is in ClassLoot's database. Only if the classes are NOT already set. Thanks Pneumatis for allowing me to hook your DB:)

Importable item database
There is now and item DB included in the ImportItemDB folder of MorgDKP2. It has as many Northrend raid items I have seen so far with classes set. To import it copy the file to the main MorgDKP2 directory and load WoW. Once imported delete the file from the main directory. Note it will not overwrite any items you already have set.

Using MorgDKP2:
Basic use is identical to MorgDKP. Documentation for setting up the web scripts etc still applies. Will post more information when I have time.

Suggested to start:

  1. Install the webscripts to the plugins folder of your eqdkp install and install it through the admin plugin menu
  2. Export your DKP from the website save in MorgDKP2 folder (even if your database currently has no members!)
  3. Enter WoW and make sure there are no errors
  4. Track your raid etc
  5. Click export raid(s) and copy the string
  6. Click Import raids on the admin panel of edkp and paste the string into the window
  7. Win!

Webscript help

Export standings
Used to export member DKP, events, aliases, and database information (needed for proper import) to the in game mod. Access through the eqdkp admin menu (after installing plugin)

  1. Select your game timezone (may not match your actual timezone)
  2. Select if you want to export member ranks
    1. Ignore ranks - do not export ranks and hence do not use rank sorting for item rolls
    2. Use all ranks - export all ranks for all members and use rank sorting for item rolls (only way to activate rank sorting)
    3. Only export [rank] - only export the selected rank from the website. Caution will only export members of that rank so any unranked members or members of different rank will not be in the file.
  3. Enter the directory and in game name for up to 5 eqdkp installs (ie if your website is then you would enter aqdkp and whatever name you want it called in game.)
    1. For eqdkp+ multiple pool install only enter the main directory name the pool names will be your actual pool names
    2. For installs in base directory (ie enter - for the directory name
  4. Click export
  5. Right click the link and choose save as .. save in WOW/Interface/Addons/MorgDKP2 directory.
  6. Load into WoW or reloadui if already in game.

Import raids
Used to import raids recorded with the MorgDKP2 in game mod. Click export raids in the LDB tooltip or export raid in the raidtracker for a single raid. Copy the DKP string (Ctrl-C) and paste it into the editbox. When editing names or adding people you do not need to capitalize them.

  1. Click parse DKP string
  2. Check the data and make sure the import looks correct:
    1. If you have any aliases to import they will be shown with ADD beside them. To not import the alias simply erase the editbox.
    2. If you have any DKP changes they will be listed. As above erase the value or the names to not import. Can add/remove names as well.
    3. For each event the name, note, value, attendees, and any items will be shown. Edit them if necessary. To not import a whole event (including items) erase it's name. Erase and item or item value to not import the item.
  3. If you are using zerosum or skall with zerosum check the use zerosum checkbox.
  4. Click enter final data:)

Note: - Ranks will only be used in sorting if you export all ranks and set the weight of each rank in the in game options (database options) Higher values should be higher ranks. Also rank sorting is ONLY used on the lootframe rolling window. It is not used anywhere else such as the MorgBid2 check or raid invite tab. This means that the MorgBid2 results frame may show a different winner.

Loot window help:
Here is how the loot window is designed to work for those having trouble understanding it. When you loot a corpse if any items are above the loot threshold the mod will:

  1. Check each item and if any have not had their classes set (who gets to roll for the item) it will automatically open the item edit page to that item. This takes priority over all other possibilites. ie You edit this item and start the roll for it. The mod checks again and there is still another item with its classes unset so it opens the item edit page for that 2nd item NOT the roll window for the auction you started. If you want to see the roll window simply right click on the 1st item again.
  2. If no items have unset classes the mod next checks if any items are currently in auction. If so it opens: roll summary window if more than 1 item being rolled for or the single item roll window if only 1 item.
  3. If none of above conditions apply no window automatically opens (ie not roll window or item edit window) and you can right click any item to open edit window (or roll window if auction started) or alt-right click any item to start ALL queries which will cause the roll summary window to open.

Note: - If you want to use MorgDKP2 with fubar you need to have Broker2Fubar installed or it will only show a minimap icon.

Whisper commands: - whispered to someone running morgdkp2.
mbid wait[+/-] [main] => main only necessary if you are whispering from an unknown alt

mbid itemid/itemlink [need/take/pass/offspec] [bid] => itemid/link must be included - bid only for BidWar

Dkp queries
dkplist [pool/s] [class/all] [class] ... => pools only if you want to see what pools are available. pool to get the dkp for that pool (leave out for default pool). all for all members in the raid (if person running morgdkp2 is in a raid), guild otherwise. You own class is automatically included so a pally whispering dkplist rogue will get paladin and rogue.

Webscript note: - The MorgDKP2 webscript requires:PHP 5.2.3 or greater and MySQL 5.0.7 or greater. If you are having issues with special characters make sure your MYSQL database is in UTF-8.

Supported DKP modules:

  • Fixed DKP
  • Zerosum DKP
  • Percent DKP
  • Relational DKP
  • Random
  • SKall
  • TakeBid
  • BidWar



  • Broadcast - enable to send sync messages out during a raid to registered listeners. Usually one person will probably broadcast to the backup people in the raid but you can have more than one broadcaster.
  • Receive - enable so your mod will act as a listener and receive syncing events from MorgDKP2 installs which are broadcasting.
  • Overwrite raid - enable to overwrite the current raid with the new raid info (in the initial sync) if you have already started a raid. Useful when you zone in to the instance late after raid is already in progress to get the raidlog from the whole run. If you haven't started a raid overwrite is done by default.
  • Manual Syncs - ie Sync options/members/items/all/initial sync. Click one of these buttons to manually sync to the current raid.

Sync Details

  1. Syncing will not be enabled until a raid has started and then the mod will check for sync necessity every 60s.
  2. When the raid starts or someone joins the raid with receive enabled the broadcaster will send out his eqdkp data (boss events/values, aliases, current pool, certain options, current raid data, and current member DKP) Current member DKP will only be updated in the listener client if it has a newer timestamp or if they are members of your current raid. The broadcasters current raid will overwrite the receivers current raid unless Overwrite raid is off.
  3. When you make changes to important values the mod will schedule a sync and send those changes to the listeners throughout the raid.

What is synced?

  • item database changes (value/classes)
  • raid tracker changes to items (value/winner/event)
  • custom events
  • event changes (value/name/note/deletion)
  • alias additions
  • BOE items (ie hand out through your inventory and manually trade)
  • DKP change events
  • item costs different from actual DB cost (ie TakeBid or offspec auctions)
  • items incorrectly assigned to ML/DE in listener client
  • full current raid sync
  • initial waitlist and waitlist changes

NOTE: - There is generally no need for the manual syncs unless you specifically want to transfer the complete itemDB or the listener wants ALL of your MorgDKP2 options. The complete member DKP and necessary options are transferred when the initial sync is sent at the start of the raid (if you have Broadcast enabled and there are listeners present in the raid)

MorgDKP2 Features:

  • Allows ML to query raid for interest in loot.
  • Tracks DKP including raid attendees, start bonus, and all drops.
  • DKP systems supported include zero-sum, relational, random, fixed, percent, and skall.
  • Options to award DKP/unit of time, include a start bonus, and include custom events such as boss attempts.
  • BidWar mode for item auctions.
  • Custom php scripts to export/import/change DKP and add aliases to eqDKP/eqdkp+ website. (can import multiple raids/pools in one string)
  • Allows a ML and disenchanter (DE) to be set so that they are not charged for items. (Toggle)
  • Remembers what raid members have equipped and will not send a query to them for loot they already have. (Exceptions for some non-unique items included.)
  • Sends query results to MorgBid2 (for players in that auction)
  • Displays top 5 DKP members for the moused over item in the tooltip.
  • Automatically hands out items to the winning player if the loot window is still open. Note: It asks with the standard blizzard confirmation dialogue.
  • Allows ML to easily set which classes are eligible and DKP value. Also remembers these values.
  • Scans for base installs of MorgBid in the current raid. Automatically outputs a link to MorgBid site on click.
  • Allows ML to record BOE items before trading them to member. (Alt-shift click item in your inventory)
  • Can load up to 5 separate DKP pools. Ie. MC1, MC2, BWL, AQ40, NAXX. These raids can be named whatever you wish.
  • multiPool feature allows up to 5 DKP pools to be used in one raid. (ie separate pool for class items)
  • Can change loot threshold on the fly.
  • Item history for easy recall of current raid item winners.
  • Allows raid members to whisper ML for current DKP for own class or specified classes in all 5 DKP pools. (sent to MorgBid2)
  • Lets you know it is working by displaying boss kills, raid changes, and looting events.
  • Automatically links items to raid chat.
  • Edit item values from item history (Allow you to track DKP without being ML)
  • Whisper system for those crazy people who hate mods:P
  • Fubar/LDB support
  • Main and offspec DKP rolling
  • Waitlist including DKP awarding and alt whispering.
  • ListDKP - shows guild members online and in/out of group and allows 1 click inviting
  • Custom item ignore list
  • Automatic loot method switching for certain encounters. (Vashj/MH)
  • Boss attempt mode asks if you want to record a boss attempt after dying
  • Custom loot frame with buttons for self-loot/random rolling items (loot frame can be used with mod in standby mode)
  • Importable item database
  • Built in xloot like loot frame which can be used with mod on standby
  • New itemframe/rollframe built into loot window
  • Customisable font/frame options
  • Modular so can disable what you don't need
  • Web script can handle offbase/eqdkp installs in main directory
  • Imports MorgDKP database data (be sure to run both at same time if you want to mport your database the first time)
  • Fully eqdkp/eqdkp+ compatible
  • In game raid browser

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  • Avatar of Morgalm Morgalm Jan 27, 2009 at 21:28 UTC - 0 likes

    Yeah that would be great glomby:)

    Hey can you guys having trouble try this. Replace the whole plugin folder on the website with this one and try import something. I activated some debugging as well. Tell me if the array looks correct and the characters have the right names with special chars.

    Ideally if you can even copy the whole output for me and send to me in a text file. Unless it works of course:P

  • Avatar of glomby glomby Jan 27, 2009 at 12:02 UTC - 0 likes

    I can import the v1.6 dkp string with the 1.5 script but i want to import it, with the new one as well.

    All members, items, events were importet and shown in the import plugin but when i hit "import parses" it gives me this error "!addnewDuplicate entry 'Bl??dy' for key 2"

    and another one "!updatememIllegal mix of collations (latin1_german1_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '='"

    So it seems so that i have to change all collations of the eqdkp php tables because they are all in "latin1_german1_ci" Or is there any other way?

    EDIT: My php version is 4.4... or 5.2.6 i have to put a ".htaccess" on my server to change the php version to the new one. I've put the ".htaccess" into the morgdkp2 plugin folder where the morgfunc2.php file is, so it should use the new php version. my mysql version is 5.0.51a i can ask for an update but i cant do it by my self.

    EDIT: Ok when i try to use the new php version it gives me this error "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/web755/html/senatic_dkp/plugins/morgdkp2/Morgaction.php on line 66"

    perhaps because my mysql version isn't up to date? I will now use the morgdkp2.2 addon and 1.5 webscript until the problems are fixed because this still works fine.

    p.s. I can give you access to my ftp and mysql if you want to take a look :)

  • Avatar of MANTYS MANTYS Jan 27, 2009 at 10:30 UTC - 0 likes

    could you change the web plugin so that it loads itself in the Iframe (eqdkp+)?

    Not entirely sure but by looking at the source of EQDKP+ it should be

  • Avatar of azphat12 azphat12 Jan 27, 2009 at 05:33 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey Morg,

    I sent an email to with some login info.  If you did not get it let me know.

    UPDATE:  MorgDKP2 v2.2 with web script 1.5 was successful.

  • Avatar of Morgalm Morgalm Jan 27, 2009 at 05:09 UTC - 0 likes

    I would use Morg2.2 in game but change the webscript back to 1.5 for now and just change the 1.7 in the export script to a 1.5 for now. I will try to get a version to you with some debugging activated to try find out what it is choking on. Unless you want to give me temporary access to upload a file and try debug it myself. Very hard for me to debug since I have no outdated website to test it with.

  • Avatar of azphat12 azphat12 Jan 27, 2009 at 04:39 UTC - 0 likes

    My webhost replied to me saying they will not update on a shared hosting plan.  So I am stuck with this, or I need to find a new webhost.

    As far as the log, we raided with the version that you had made the take/offspec % change too.  Which I believe is 1.6 script.  When I tried to upload it I got the white screen.  You then said to try the new func file (few posts down) which fixed my exporting, and importing but only allowed the dkp adjustments to show.  Not any loot.  I think upgraded to the new script 1.7 and got errors trying to use the log.  So I went ingame, went to export raid and it spit out a new log with version 1.7 in it.  That took the error away, but still only showed the DKP adjustment for the raid.  

    Should I just go back to v2.0 with webscript 1.5 or something?

  • Avatar of Morgalm Morgalm Jan 27, 2009 at 02:48 UTC - 0 likes

    @glomby - is your php > 5.2.3 and mysql > 5.0.7? If not that is the problem and ideally they need to be updated. Wait did you update the webscripts AND the in game mod? Both need to be updated.

    @tirdal - there was no changes to help with the pending until after 2.1

    @azphat - both php and mysql are below required versions. I will see if I can find a workaround for mysql any chance you can update them? Are you cobbling together dkpstrings? There is no way they should ever have the version number in them more than once. It is the first thing and it's only there once:


    Everyone really needs to export any old raids in the mod BEFORE updating to a new MorgDKP/webscript version and then CLEAR the raidlog before trying to export anything again.

  • Avatar of azphat12 azphat12 Jan 27, 2009 at 00:42 UTC - 0 likes

    @morgalm - PHP Version 5.1.6 / MySQL 5.0.45

    1.  I uninstalled MorgDKP plugin from eqdkp+
    2.  I removed the plugin using ftp
    3.  I uploaded the 2.2 version plugin
    4.  I changed the permission on dkpinfo.lua (not sure I have to but did)

    I hit import raid and I see v1.7 of the script.  I paste the text in and hit parse and I recieved "Unable to update DKP! Please update your MorgDKP2 webscripts. "

    At this point I looked through the raid text and saw version 1.6 listed a few times.  I changed that to 1.7 and the parse went through without that error.  However, it still only has the dkp adjustments and not the raid.

    I am going to load up the game with v2.2 installed and recopy the raid to a string.  And try to upload that one instead of this copied one from MorgDKP2 2.1  I will let you know if their is any update in a few minutes.

    EDIT:  The issue remains.  I sent a ticket in with my raid log, and savedvariables.lua

  • Avatar of Tirdal Tirdal Jan 27, 2009 at 00:37 UTC - 0 likes

    Sorry, Morgalm. I meant that with v2.1, I was getting at least as many, and possibly more, PENDING results than I was with v2.0.

  • Avatar of azphat12 azphat12 Jan 27, 2009 at 00:26 UTC - 0 likes

    @all - you all know right that with ace3 sliders you can just click the number under the slider and type in anything you want:P

    I know now :-)

    I will try the new version, and see what happens


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