12 - Action Bar for Current Target

The current ways to access the known abilites of a mob are the tooltip, which only provides the ability names, and MobSpells' browser, which is obtrusive. Neither are suited to quickly refresh one's memory of the abilities of the current target.

I would like to propose an action bar like frame be either added to MobSpells directly, or as a separate addon that utilizes MobSpells' database and API. This bar should have the following features:

  • Display of the ability's icon, similar to the game's default action bar
  • Hovering over an icon with the mouse sets the tooltip to the appropriate spell
  • Movable and scalable
  • Hidden by default, as not to confuse or annoy current users (unless it is implemented as a separate addon)
  • Clicking an ability will report this ability to the party (or raid, whichever is appropriate) chat
  • Shift-Clicking an ability will link this ability in the currently open chat line (similar to shift-clicking an item)

A possible problem with this feature is that not all mobs have the same number of abilities. There are several possible solutions to that:

  • Fix the number of buttons to a number that matches or exceeds the maximum number of abilities a mob can have, say, 12. Hide unused buttons.
  • Allow the user to configure the number of buttons, rows, whether to fill the bar horizontally or vertically, etc. Basically all configuration options of a full fledged action bar mod. Probably too time-intensive to implement.
  • Fix the number of buttons to a small number, say, 4. Provide scroll buttons at the bar's side to scroll through additional pages of abilites, if there are more than 4.
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Nimbal May 13, 2011 at 11:52 UTC Create

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May 13, 2011
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