Module based nameplates display addon.

Each module works on its own and can be disabled and enabled as you like. Later on theme support will be implemented, small addons that register a theme with mNameplates that can be applied on all modules at once.

Nameplates can be enabled and disabled for more in detail then just for friendly and hostile units. Some examples

  • Don't show nameplates for NPCs that are hostile and are of normal or elite type, but show for bosses.
  • Add names of NPCs (or players) that you do not want to see nameplates for.


  • Health Bars
  • Cast bar
  • Name text
  • Level text
  • Health Text
  • Health Percent
  • Elite icon
  • Boss icon
  • Guild
  • Name Filter

Under development

  • Threat
  • More...

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Date created
Jul 23, 2010
Last updated
Oct 27, 2010