MisInformation is a hunter raid assistant which tracks Misdirection usage and cooldowns. It's a small movable, resizable window that displays the status of all the hunters in the party/raid. The text is colour coded for at-a-glance feedback: * <span style="color: gray;">Gray</span> - Misdirection is on cooldown or otherwise unavailable (e.g. hunter dead or logged out) * <span style="color: #0c0;">Green</span> - Misdirection is available * <span style="color: red;">Red</span> - Misdirection is active/"up" The cooldown timers are divided into three distinct types: * Regular cooldown, shows number of seconds left to cool down * While active, shows number of charges/seconds left * While active, also shows number of seconds left to use up the charges Additionally, while a hunter's Misdirection is active, the target of the Misdirection is also listed. Worth noting is that this add-on provides automatic synchronisation of cooldowns, which means that it is actually "Readiness" aware. Provided the hunter using Readiness has MisInformation installed and sync enabled (default), all hunters will see the cooldown reset to zero when Readiness is used. For more information, see the MisInformation main page over at FrozenLogic.org.

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Date created
Sep 29, 2008
Last updated
Jan 23, 2010