MeleePoints is a gear benchmark addon similar to TankPoints, but for melee combat. It is designed to make it easier for melee classes to compare items and and balance combat related attributes, e.g.:

  • Strength
  • Attack Power
  • Haste Rating
  • Hit Rating
  • Expertise Rating
  • Agility
  • Crit Rating

It also displays your effect Combat Table against mobs and bosses, showing the chances for

  • Miss Chance: your attack will miss
  • Enemy Dodge Chance: enemy will dodge your attack
  • Enemy Parry Chance: enemy will parry your attack (if you're not attacking from behind)
  • Glancing Chance: your attack will be a glancing blow
  • Block Chance: enemy will block your attack (if you're not attacking from behind)
  • Crit Chance: your attack will be a critical hit
  • Hit Chance: your attack will land a regular hit
  • Armor Reduction: amount the mob's armor will reduce the damage of an attack

MeleePoints detects and supports all relevant talents and almost all set and equipment bonuses.


  • handle "top and bottom" slots for Main/Off, Trinket1/Trinket2, Ring1/Ring2
  • figure out how to calculate a weapon's speed, so that is properly taken into account in an item's tooltip
  • add MeleePoints to the paperdoll
  • add LDB tooltip to the paperdoll's item
  • create a calculator, ala TankPoints and HealPoints

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Date created
Feb 02, 2012
Last updated
Feb 07, 2012