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About Medley
This addon allows you to further customize events in the game with sounds! By either using already built-in sound files or your own custom ones, you can add effects or notifications to make the game more enjoyable and/or helpful to you. :) It is named "Medley" because it fit's the definition quite nicely: "an arrangement made from a series of melodies, often from various sources."

Medley was created using Ace3 libraries, Quixote 2.0 and is localization-ready. It also has a launcher for DataBroker!

Type /medley to bring up the options or you can find it in the "AddOns" section of WoW's default Interface panel.

Current Features

  • Enable/disable the different sounds
  • Use built-in game sound files
  • Use custom sound files
  • Profiles for different configurations

Supported Events
Here is a list of the events Medley currently supports along with the default sounds:

  • Quest objective completion - Peon says "Ready to work!"
  • Quest full completion - Peon says "Work complete!"
  • Quest failed - Orc death cry
  • Level up - Lots of drums beating
  • Duel finished - A crowd cheers
  • Mail notification - A low pitch thump
  • Whisper notification - A "wisp" noise
  • Auto follow - This is the only one not customizable at this time, if enabled your character will automatically do the train emote once when first following someone.
  • Achievement notification - A crowd cheers

Remember that the default sounds can be changed and you can always go back to them by resetting your profile. :) I plan to add several more as I work on the mod and I am open to suggestions on what to add next. I'd love to fit as many events as possible in here so to give everyone the freedom to customize Medley to their liking.

Possible/suggested sounds to add:

  • Achievement notification (WotLK)
  • New title earned notification
  • Aggro alert
  • Minimap pinged
  • Ready check (would be enhanced)
  • Guild MOTD change notification
  • Guild kick/demote/promote/gquit/join notifications
  • Guildmate sign on/off
  • Friend sign on/off
  • Hunter pet happiness/loyalty change
  • Hunter pet level up
  • Health/mana low warning
  • Durability low warning
  • Rogue combo points at max (5)
  • Reputation level up

I'm just listing these out quickly at the moment, they may or may not end up being possible once I do more research into the events/API. Keep the suggestions coming though!

NOTE:These customizations do NOT REPLACE current game sounds, but play along with them. If you are using another mod that adds sounds to events, you may want to disable those specific sounds in Medley or in the other mod to avoid having them all play at the same time.

How to Use In-Game Sounds
To use a sound file that is built-in to the game, browse these two lists:

If you have WoW up at the same time, copy and paste the line of code ("/script blah blah") into your chat frame and you should hear the sound played for you. You can test which in-game sounds you like most this way! There are hundreds listed there though, so be warned! ;) Be careful of the "ambience" sounds because they are usually long looping sounds. Try to stick to ones that look short to test.

When you decide on an in-game sound to use, copy and paste the file path into the corresponding input box for the event you want to change (see screenshot to the right). The sound path must follow this format example: "Path\To\Sound\File.wav", but you don't have to use just wav files.

NOTE: Make sure to delete the extra backslashes that are in the path names, instead of "Path
File.wav" it should be Path\To\Sound\File.wav. Otherwise the game will not recognize the sound.

How to Use Custom Sounds
To use a custom sound file that is not already in the game, make sure that file is in the Medley/Sounds folder and then type the path into the corresponding box like so: Interface\AddOns\Medley\sounds\SOUNDNAME.wav ... change "SOUNDNAME" to the exact file name of the sound and make sure to use the correct extension (.wav, .mp3, whatever the file is) or it will not work.

I appreciate any and all feedback on this mod, especially since it is my first one! Whether you have bug reports, suggestions for new events, or need help please feel free to post comments here. :)

Known Issues

  • Mail notification may play twice when new mail is received

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  • Avatar of def9 def9 Mar 05, 2011 at 21:47 UTC - 0 likes


    A friend commented in game how he missed getting cheered at after completing an achievement. So I got him to send me the error (which was a quixote issue). A few minutes of copy and paste and got it working myself and sent him instructions on how to do it lol.

    Its a great mod and I'd forgotten how I'd mised a few sounds myself. Thanks for having devoloped it in the first place!

  • Avatar of Kiralyn Kiralyn Mar 03, 2011 at 18:27 UTC - 0 likes

    Oh! Surprised anyone is still using this mod. :P Maybe I'll actually work on it again now, haha!

  • Avatar of def9 def9 Mar 01, 2011 at 02:54 UTC - 0 likes

    In case anyone wants to know I got this mod working in 4.06 by bumping the libs.

  • Avatar of Kiralyn Kiralyn Dec 02, 2008 at 11:23 UTC - 0 likes

    @Gankaku: Thank you! I'm glad you are finding the mod useful. :) I do see where you're coming from on the Alliance/Horde differential sounds. The only problem with the "job's done" sound is that it isn't in the game itself (like the other sounds) and will have to be packaged along with the mod.

    However, I will consider adding that default functionality. :) But in the meantime I encourage you (and anyone else wanting those sounds) to utilize the feature in Medley that enables you to use your own custom sounds by pasting/typing in the sound paths for what you want to change in the mod's config window. More detailed instructions on how to do this are explained in the description of the mod. This customizable functionality is Medley's core purpose, FYI! :D

    Let me know if you have any more questions or suggestions. Thank you for the feedback so far, I appreciate it!

  • Avatar of Gankaku Gankaku Dec 01, 2008 at 18:00 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi - I'm glad you made this mod. I was using Fubar Questfu ONLY for the sounds (not for the quest tracking) ;D I would absolutely love it if you could make it so that your mod works like Questfu in the manner that the Alliance and Horde have different sounds when work is completed:

    Horde: "Ready to Work" when part of a quest is completed "Work Complete!" when the entire quest is done.

    Alliance: "More Work" when part of a quest is completed "Job Done!" when the entire quest is done.



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