Masque: LiteStep


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Packager start: 2016-07-26T00:52:01.132304

Debug: Processing Project: masque_litestep

  • Discovered git repository: wow/masque_litestep/mainline
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  • Tags to handle:
    • (<Local GitRepository: wow/masque_litestep/mainline>, '7.0.0')
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  • Finished joining all threads
    • New Tag for wow/masque_litestep/mainline - Last Tag: 7.0.0 - Last Packaged: 6.2.1
  • Skipping zip for wow/masque_litestep/mainline, it has a new alpha build but is set to package Beta and Release.
  • Creating zip /media/cf-repositories/packager/zip/wow/ Done
  • Successfully uploaded /media/cf-repositories/packager/zip/wow/

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