MagicDKP [Deprecated for MOP]

CTRT Import Issues

When importing a string from MagicDKP into EQDKP using the CTRT import plugin, you might get the following error displayed: Invalid DKP String This doesn't mean that the DKP string is invalid however. It is in fact a bug in the importer if the XML includes UTF8 characters, which happens if any of your raiders have names with accented characters. To fix this you need to modify the importer.
  1. Open [EQDKP DIRECTORY]/plugins/ctrt/index.php
  2. Locate the line [b]Basic xml validation[/b]
  3. Remove or comment out the next 4 lines
    if(!preg_match("/<RaidInfo>(:?<Version>.*?<\/Version>)?<key>.*?<\/key>.*?<Join>.*?<\/Join><Leave>.*?<\/Leave><Loot>.*?<\/Loot><\/RaidInfo>/s", $_POST['log']))
        message_die($user->lang['ctrt_step2_invalidstring_msg'], $user->lang['ctrt_step1_invalidstring_title']); 
  4. Save the file. Imports should now work.

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Date created
Apr 03, 2009
Last updated
Apr 03, 2009