Change log

tag beta1.0
T.G <>
2012-12-24 15:50:27 +0800

beta 1.0


    - fix toc file not inclued
    - add file to fit wowace
Robert G. Jakabosky:
    - Add ParsePartial().  Make Parse() check for required fields.
    Parse() method now returns an error if the message is missing any
    required fields.
    - Fix: change variable to local as it should be.
    - pass on wow for myslot
    - port to world of warcraft
Pierre Chapuis:
    - example_person.lua add a phone number
    This illustrates 'enum' and 'repeated'.
Robert G. Jakabosky:
    - Allow loading .proto files from there AST.
    - Add unknown field access test/example.
    - Fix tests scripts.
    - Don't create sub-message on nil assignment.
    - Cheap buffer pool.
    - Move jit.opt.start() call into bench_enc.lua
    - Correct media test data.
    - Fix invalid escape sequence.
    - Add encode/decode benchmark code.
    - Allow setting a ENUM field using it's numeric value.
    - Add missing files to rockspec.
    - Update project design info.
    - Add Clear() method.
    - Use syntax highlighting for codeblocks.
    - Fixup formatting.
    - Fix lists.
    - Fix lists.
    - Fixup format in
    - Add API docs.
    - Remove IsInialized() check from Parse() method.
    - Remove debug print()
    - Add SerializePartial & Merge methods.
    - Use new Serialize()/Parse() methods interface.
    - Fixed bug with unknown fields.
    - Code cleanup.
    - Refactor encode/decode logic.
    Add support for registering new encode/decode formats.
    - Add Clear/IsInitialized/MergeFrom/CopyFrom methods.
    - Added 'repeated' objects.
    - Refactor type define/resolve/compile phases.
    - Improve message creation.  Improve message extension logic.
    - Use the .proto's package name by default.
    - Install require()'ed .proto files as globals, like normal modules.
    - Add .proto for testing nested messages.
    - Add support for extending messages.
    Fix resolving of nested types.
    - Add simple person.proto example.
    - Install pb.require in package.loaders
    - Accept loop count from command line.
    - Similify mod_path detection code.
    - Add support for packing unknown fields.
    - Unpack empty unknown strings as strings not empty messages.
    - Add 'create empty' & 'create full' benchmarks.
    - Add media benchmarks.
    - Add 'time per' stats.
    - Add Media check code.
    - Update README.
    - Add install instructions.
    - Add missing dump module.
    - Lookup fields in 'tags' table instead of 'fields' table.
    - Fix unpacking of unknown fields.
    Detect messages in unknown fields.
    - Fix global accesses.
    - Support dumpping of unknown fields.
    - Fix bug with unpack fields.
    - Raw decode & dump script cleanup.
    - Add generic decode & dump script.
    - Fixed bug with decoding repeated fields.
    - Add message dump support.
    - Fix bug with nesting.  Fix packed enums.
    - Cleanup project layout.
    - Add missing module.
    - Add missing utils module.
    - Update README file.
    - Add message decoder.
    Add support for unknown fields.
    - Fix bug parsing empty MessageBody.
    - Split pack/unpack code into different files.
    - fix formatting.
    - Add standard compiler backend & encoder.
    - Re-organize '.proto' parser.
    Some changes to AST tree.
    - Remove dependence on leg.grammar
    - Add test.proto for testing.
    - Improve parsed AST structure.
    - Add more 'expected ...' messages.
    - Add AST parser.
    - Improved parse error reporting.
    Fix some grammar rules.
    - Add support for signed numbers and floats.
    Fix error() function.
    - Add LPEG scanner/parser for .proto files.


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Dec 24, 2012
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