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2013-03-05  James D. Callahan III  <>

[1d9baa1ecfff] [tip]
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Added tag r25-release for changeset e7c32e0729f9

[e7c32e0729f9] [r25-release]
* LibToast-1.0.toc

Update ToC Interface version to 50200.

2012-09-14  James D. Callahan III  <>

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Added tag r21-release for changeset 4739967426c8

[4739967426c8] [r21-release]
* LibToast-1.0.lua

To provide greater flexibility, allow display_name and texture_path for :DefineSinkToast() to be a function that returns a string.

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Added tag r20-release for changeset 9900a86ed81c

[9900a86ed81c] [r20-release]
* LibToast-1.0.lua

Added the ability to embed the library in an AddOn object. Added :DefineSink() (or :DefineSinkToast() when embedding) - allows for using LibSink:Pour() on toast objects.

* .hgtags, .pkgmeta, LibStub/LibStub.lua LibToast-1.0.toc lib.xml

Since the OSX WoW Launcher insists on changing permissions and I'm tired of fighting with it…

2012-08-28  James D. Callahan III  <>

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Added tag r18-release for changeset 7176a49c2d62

[7176a49c2d62] [r18-release]
* LibToast-1.0.toc

Bumped ToC to 50001.

2012-07-29  James D. Callahan III  <>

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Added tag r16-release for changeset 934b981cf50e

2012-07-24  James D. Callahan III  <>

[934b981cf50e] [r16-release]
* LibToast-1.0.lua

Added toast:SetIconTexCoord()

2012-07-23  James D. Callahan III  <>

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Added tag r13-release for changeset d0203688872d

[d0203688872d] [r13-release]
* LibToast-1.0.lua

Added calling-AddOn recognition, the toast:SetSoundFile() API, and hooks into Toaster to hide/mute individual AddOn toasts or mute all AddOn toasts.

2012-06-30  James D. Callahan III  <>

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Added tag r11-release for changeset 9dc8b1bcab1b

[9dc8b1bcab1b] [r11-release]
* LibToast-1.0.lua

Damn you, library MINOR version!

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Added tag r9-release for changeset 8c27ae144a90

[8c27ae144a90] [r9-release]
* LibToast-1.0.lua

Consolidated duplicated code for icon anchoring for consistency in layout (icons were jumping to the left when fading out).

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Added tag r7-release for changeset bfef0f81adee

[bfef0f81adee] [r7-release]
* LibToast-1.0.lua

Improved spacing between the right border and the toast icon. Added support for icon-sizing via Toaster.

2012-02-24  James D. Callahan III  <>

* LibToast-1.0.toc

Updated ToC version to 40300.

2011-07-14  James D. Callahan III  <>

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Added tag r5-release for changeset 8957546f7773

[8957546f7773] [r5-release]
* LibToast-1.0.toc

License change.

2011-07-13  James D. Callahan III  <>

* .pkgmeta:

Added contents to .pkgmeta

2011-07-12  James D. Callahan III  <>

* LibToast-1.0.lua

Typo fix.

* LibToast-1.0.lua

Moved default Toast anchor point to the bottom-right of the screen.

2011-07-09  James D. Callahan III  <>

* .pkgmeta, LibStub/LibStub.lua LibToast-1.0.lua LibToast-1.0.toc lib.xml

Initial commit.


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