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Oct 12, 2008 CommanderSirow Abandoned Embedded library
Description Register item cooldowns to more descriptive events. Callbacks Fired :LibCooldownInventoryItem_Start(itemID, itemName, startTime, duration, bagID, slotID) Arguments itemID:number - ItemID of triggered item itemName:string - Name of triggered item startTime:number - Time when cooldown started (as returned by GetTime()) duration:number - Duration of cooldown until finished bagID:number - Bag ID as used by GetContainerItemCooldown(bagID, slotID) slotID:number - Bag slot ID as used by...


Oct 12, 2008 CommanderSirow Abandoned Embedded library
Description Register spell cooldowns to more descriptive events. Callbacks Fired :LibCooldownSpell_Start(spellName , spellID, startTime, duration) Arguments spellName:string - Name of triggered spell spellID:number - ID of spell in spellbook (as used by GetSpellName(spellID, bookType) startTime:number - Time when cooldown started (as returned by GetTime()) duration:number - Duration of cooldown until finished Notes Fired whenever one of your spell cooldowns was started...


Oct 25, 2008 profalbert Abandoned Embedded library
Provides Information about Healthstones to LDB-viewers. This addon is the continuation of FuBar_HealthstoneFu. To get it working with FuBar, use Broker2Fubar.
Options Panel


Oct 30, 2008 Kiralyn Abandoned Embedded library
About Medley This addon allows you to further customize events in the game with sounds! By either using already built-in sound files or your own custom ones, you can add effects or notifications to make the game more enjoyable and/or helpful to you. :) It is named "Medley" because it fit's the definition quite nicely: "an arrangement made from a series of melodies, often from various sources." Medley was created using Ace3 libraries, Quixote 2.0 and is localization-ready. It also has a...


Nov 20, 2008 feithar Deleted Embedded library
Adds the ability to filter items using LibPeriodicTable-3.1.


Dec 22, 2008 DonTristan Abandoned Embedded library
Customizable equivalence points in item tooltips.


Dec 24, 2008 gramg Abandoned Embedded library
Broker_Training is a LDB port of Fubar_TrainerFu, simpled down a bit


Dec 28, 2008 durcyn Abandoned Embedded library


Dec 29, 2008 yssaril Abandoned Embedded library
What is Critters? Critters is the answer to the question of "How do i chose a Pet Companion out of the all the once i have". So how does Critters accomplish this? Create a global macro called Critters assign a random critter to the macro each time we summon a critter we reassign a random critter to the macro in the options you can set a priority for each critter so that your favorite one shows up more often also optionally you may have the macro switch to a combat macro during combat any...


Dec 31, 2008 Toirealach Abandoned Embedded library
This simple addon will automatically shout out that you need healing through the '/HEALME' emote when the player's health gets below a certain percentage of their maximum. The default is 20% but is configurable by the player. This allows party and raid members to automatically know that the player is running out of health and needs healing. The addon also does the same thing with mana if the player uses mana. It will automatically call out that you have low mana by doing the '/OOM' emote if...


Jan 03, 2009 viisual Abandoned Embedded library
Description Helps Death Knights to optimize damage output. Notifies the player when important short duration, commonly overlooked, buffs are applied, and helps the player get into a rotation of abilities to increase DPS. Features Detection Detects when Rime procs. Detects when Killing Machine procs. Detects when Sudden Doom procs. Detects when Rune Strike is available. Detects when Gnaw is available. Detects when Mirror of Truth procs. Detects when Rune of the Fallen Crusdader procs. Display...


Jan 06, 2009 Cryect Abandoned Embedded library
Records Damage and Healing


Jan 07, 2009 Xocide Abandoned Embedded library
A LibBars based Buff / Debuff addon with configurable bar size, texture and position.
Example 1

modular Unitframes

Jan 13, 2009 vaeyl Deleted Embedded library
What is mUF? mUF is planned to be a set of very (very very) customizable unitframes. Every part of a unitframe (e.g. name, healthbar, auras) is represented as a "module". You can create a set of modules called "template" and assign this template to one or more unitframes, wich will then share the same design. Both modules and unitframes are created in a plugin-system, wich I plan to make as easy to use as possible and I promise to document it thouroughly, to allow other developers to write...


Jan 24, 2009 Nevcairiel Abandoned Embedded library
XRaidStatus v3.1 The main concept of the addon is similar to the Raid Status Frame from CTRA, but this is completely written by Moonsorrow himself. XRaidStatus is a tool for raid leaders and members who don't want to use raid frames because they aren't in need of them (melees, caster etc.). It shows 8 different types of bars: - alive - dead - life - mana - range - offline - pvp - afk (needs oRA2 or CT_RaidAssist) (Type 9 is only a placeholder to group your bars). You can create a bar, select...


Jan 26, 2009 rapidgame Abandoned Embedded library
Features: The aim of this addon was to help people decide where the best place to farm a particular item is (or just where to farm in general). Pillager records the following data: - Session Time How long you have been playing for this session. - Durability Costs Incurred Cost to repair damage received this session. - Earnings/Losses This records the difference in cash in hand between the start and end of a session, and therefore includes money earned/spent on the auction house etc. - Loot...

BattlegroundFu for Broker

Jan 28, 2009 LordFarlander Abandoned Embedded library
A continuation of FuBar_BattlegroundFu for LibDataBroker. Has support for Strand of the Ancients and better Arena support. <Complete description to come>


Jan 28, 2009 exor674 Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of your epics (and other qualities).


Feb 02, 2009 Arrowmaster Abandoned Embedded library
Maps. Like, for instances.


Feb 03, 2009 Reanmachine Abandoned Embedded library
What it does? HitsBroker is a LibDataBroker mod designed to keep track of relevant hit/crit statistics for your combat info. (Melee / Ranged / Spells) It is implemented in the form of a data object with a tooltip display with live statistics. LibDataBroker-1.1 LibDataBroker-1.1 is a generalized data sharing plugin interface written by tekkub. LibDataBroker and addons supporting it do nothing on thier own. You must download a display addon like Fortress to display the info. Bugs I'm not...