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Clique binding configuration


Oct 26, 2016 Cladhaire Release Tool used
Clique is a simple addon that enables powerful click-casting and hover-casting on your unit frames and in the 3D game world. You can bind virtually any mouse or keyboard combination to a spell or macro. In it's normal configuration this enables you to use the bindings over your unit frames in order to cast spells directly on that unit. This allows you to more quickly select both the spell to cast, and the target of the spell without requiring an extra click. Bugs and Support (PLEASE READ)...

Candy Buckets

Oct 26, 2016 Vladinator Release Tool used
Official repository can be found at GitHub. Candy Buckets makes it easier to track several world event objectives: Hallow's End Lunar Festival Midsummer Fire Festival Features implemented: Simple overview on zone and continent views. Works with the default map, probably not with other map related addons.
TomTom's "Crazy Arrow"


Aug 11, 2016 Cladhaire Release Tool used
TomTom is your personal navigation assistant in World of Warcraft. This addon is very simple, but provides a nice set of functionality. Thanks to Esamynn for Astrolabe, which does the bulk of the work in this addon. Bugs and Support (PLEASE READ) Unfortunately I have been forced to disable user comments on For some absurd reason the site has stopped sending me emails when you guys post a new comment, making me completely unable to provide support via this means. I am still happy to...


May 17, 2015 Mecdemort Abandoned Tool used
Estimated time until current target will die. /ttd display locked show display for placement The display is updated every time the mob's health changes. There is now libdatabroker support, and the frame is optional.


Apr 13, 2013 Thnan Abandoned Tool used
LibModuleDBShare-1.0 provides a shared profile manager for addons without a central core. Including LibModuleDBShare in your project Using a repository Set an external pointing to In your <addon>.toc or embeds.xml file, load the LibModuleDBShare.xml file. Manually Download the latest version of the library. Copy the LibModuleDBShare-1.0 subfolder into your Libs folder. In your <addon>.toc or embeds.xml file, load...


Nov 27, 2012 durcyn Abandoned Tool used
LDB port of Mecdemort's TimeToDie, with all the cruft removed.
AutoRoller Config


Sep 09, 2012 Mecdemort Abandoned Tool used
/action logic Action can be none, need, greed, or disenchant Logic can be any lua statement that evaluates to true or false Add -- at the beginning of the line to disable: --/need purple Constants poor0 common1 uncommon2 rare3 epic4 legendary5 artifact6 heirloom7 silver100 gold10000 Variables raidbooleantrue if you are in a raid partybooleanfalse if you are in a raid combatbooleantrue if you are in combat qualitynumber0 to 7, use constants above itypestringArmor, Weapon, etc subtypestringsee...


Aug 28, 2012 durcyn Abandoned Tool used
Profession launcher objects for any Broker display
A row of Fortress blocks


Oct 14, 2010 Borlox Abandoned Tool used
Fortress is a display addon for LDB data feeds. It shows each plugin as a block, which is freely movable and can stick to other blocks. Blocks can be unstuck by holding the ctrl-key while dragging them. Commands: Use /fortress or /ft to open the configuration (also accessible via Main Menu -> Interface -> Addons -> Fortress). Configuration: The configuration has two parts: The master settings and the individual plugin settings. At first each option is controlled by the master settings and...


Oct 14, 2010 durcyn Abandoned Tool used
Broker_PVPTimer quite simply displays the time remaining on PVP (including FFA) timers in a LibDataBroker-1.1 feed.


May 30, 2010 Borlox Abandoned Tool used
FortressLauncher is a simple quicklauncher for Fortress. A left click opens the configuration of Fortress.
Display w/ tooltip showing last changes

LDB: WoW Token

Sep 27, 2016 rowaasr13 Release Required dependency
LDB: WoW Token, v1 This addon monitors and displays changes of WoW Token price. It will display current price and history for last ten known changes, showing price itself, time and difference with previous price. It is an LDB module: you will need an LDB display addon to use it - like Titan Panel, Bazooka, Bagnon (yes, it does have LDB display on bag frames) or any other. Change log 2015-06-11 v1 Initial implementation.


Feb 25, 2015 Timmeh Mature Required dependency
LibPubSub-1.0 Simple embeddable publish-subscribe implementation. Including LibPubSub functionality The easiest method for utilising LibPubSub is a mixin, like so: MyAddon = LibStub('AceAddon-3.0'):NewAddon('MyAddon', 'LibPubSub-1.0') If you're not using AceAddon, you can still embed LibPubSub in an object/table via LibPubSub's Embed() function: LibStub('LibPubSub-1.0'):Embed(MyObject) If you don't want to embed LibPubSub's methods in your objects, you can get a separate LibPubSub object:...


Jan 30, 2015 Azmaedus Abandoned Required dependency
LibFrameX-1.0 This library lets you create your frames dynamically and handles most of the function calls for you. (work in progress) Dependencies: LibStub Structure of the[MyAddon].tframes table t = { { name = "root", children = { { name = "child1", children = { { name = "grandson1", }, }, }, }, }, } - Each table within tframes can have the following elements, including sub-tables: Basic Properties KeywordDescription rootThis frame's elements wont be drawn; acts as an invisible...
LibSpreadsheet example 2


Nov 14, 2013 Humbedooh Mature Required dependency
LibSpreadsheet is a library for creating tables and spreadsheets in addons. See the LibSpreadsheet API page for details on using this library. For script examples and how to use macros in the spreadsheets, See the LibSpreadsheet documentation. For comments, suggestions or bug reports, please visit LibSpreadsheet on CurseForge.

Basic Notepad

Mar 16, 2013 nanthir Abandoned Required dependency
A notepad for ingame notes, with a simplistic design. To show the notepad type /bnote Minimap icon will come at a later point.

Basic Misdirection

Mar 16, 2013 nanthir Abandoned Required dependency
A simplistic misdirection assistant. Project is still in alpha and very much in development, so errors are likely to appear. The add-on is meant to be a easy and simple tool for misdirection/tricks of the trade. The basic concept is that the add-on detect when the player enters groups/raids and makes a list of tanks based on the role assignment. It will be possible to add tanks to the list manually and it will be possible to choose which target to misdirect to, although because of limitation...

Basic Mount

Jan 15, 2013 nanthir Abandoned Required dependency
Basic Mount is a mount tool that lets you: Let up a list of preferred mounts Bind a key for mounting a randomly choosen mount from the perferred list Store lists in profiles for easy sharing or differentiating preferred lists between characters


Jun 28, 2012 grdn Deleted Required dependency
The mod is currently in development! Stay tuned and check it out ;) The little farming helper iFarmItems is a small LDB plugin which improves farming items a bit. It tracks the number of farmed items and displays it on your broker bar. You never need to count farmed items in your bags by yourself anymore. How it works At first, you need at least one of the watched items in your bags, for example "Thick Leather". Left click the plugin in your broker bar and enter "Thick Leather" into the...


Dec 03, 2011 hascat Abandoned Required dependency
This library provides filtering capabilities for items. Addons using this library can filter items by quality, item level, class and subclass, binding type, and a variety of other attributes. This is an example of a simple addon which automatically rolls disenchant or greed on any uncommon (green) quality items looted while in a group. local addon = LibStub( "AceAddon-3.0" ):NewAddon( "myLootAddon", "AceEvent-3.0" ) local IsItemGreen = LibStub:GetLibrary( "LibItemFilter-1.0" ):GetFilter(...