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LDB Tooltip and config


Jul 26, 2009 yssaril Abandoned Embedded library
YssCompare is inspired by TankPoints. The goal is to have one addon that can be used for any Class/Spec. All you have to do is add the StatWeights in the Options and add the default gems you want assigned for each slot and it will then calculate an Items worth for you. The Item Value is found on the bottom of your Items Tooltip. But adding values to tooltips is only the beginning. The big feature is the LDB plugin which shows you your total gear score and when you click it will give you an...


Aug 05, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
CowTip is a customizeable, tag-based tooltip addon. It is based on Rock and other libraries of the community. It is currently in beta. CowTip isn't meant to be the smallest addon humanly possible, but it will be clean, configurable, and have the same polish I afford my other addons.


Aug 05, 2009 Anyia3 Abandoned Embedded library
Sunwell Plateau assistant. Provides "un-ignorable" overlay notifications for Brutallus/Felmyst/Twins. Felmyst warnings includes proximity-alerts on Encapsulate. TwinCam_Overlay was originally written for the Eredar Twins encounter in Sunwell Plateau. We were having issues with people not noticing that they were targeted for Conflagration, and the repair bills were adding up. So, enter TwinCam. This little add-on provides "un-ignorable" warnings - in the case of Conflagration a big skull...
Durotar and Barrens

Cartographer 3.0

Aug 05, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
This is a map addon for World of Warcraft that replaces the map and offers shiny features. The idea is for it to work very much like Google Maps, only in-game. Cartographer 3.0 is brand new, "experimental" version of Cartographer. Video:


Aug 06, 2009 endx7 Abandoned Embedded library
Broker_SoulJar is a reimplementation of Fubar_SoulJar for LibDataBroker displays. Features include: Display soulstones in raid, with time remaining. Display soulstone cooldown Announce when soulstones are applied or lost


Aug 06, 2009 yssaril Abandoned Embedded library
What is YssDarkPact? This addon checks if you are an Affliction Warlock that has Dark Pact If the above is true then whenever the players or the pets mana changes it will check if both values are in the optimum range for Dark Pacting The Criteria for the optimum range is as follows the player needs to have more mana missing than Dark Pact would return, and the Pet must have more Mana than Dark Pact would consume The addon will then tell you that you should Dark Pact at 5 sec intervals (to...


Aug 06, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
A simplistic clock. German Translation: Chinkuwaila Features Local time Server time UTC time Can show either local or server or both times in the text. TO INSTALL: Put the FuBar_ClockFu folder into \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\
TB Arena Points

TB Arena Points

Aug 10, 2009 Valana_TB Abandoned Optional dependency
Features Description TB Arena Points displays the estimated number of points you earn from each of your arena teams, right on your arena team panels. Calculations Unlike most arena point calculators out there, TB Arena Points attempts to be as accurate as possible when estimating your point gain for the week, using all the information at its disposal. Thus, it will take into account your personal rating, your team's rating, and the average personal rating of the team members who participated...
ChannelLock Configuration


Aug 10, 2009 Quaiche Abandoned Embedded library
About ChannelLock Have you ever found that the channels you’re joined to changes without any rhyme or reason? Or that you log over to another toon and don’t have the channels you had on your main? Or maybe they change channel numbers and what used to be in /4 is now in /5? ChannelLock was created to solve these problems. You simply provide the channel names and associated chat frames and it does the rest. Slash Commands Slash Command Description /channellock Opens the ChannelLock...


Aug 10, 2009 Shadowed Abandoned Embedded library
GTB is a graphical timer bar library (hence the name!) I did a while back for Afflicted with the goal of a simple API and easy to use in general, documentation can be found at the main thing that GTB can do is push all timers in anchor A to anchor B without having to set it per timer and such. is a good example of how to implement GTB if the documentation isn’t enough.
Main Panel


Aug 11, 2009 Zhinjio Abandoned Embedded library
Documentation I'm redoing the current documentation. Please be patient as some links will not work until this is completed. IMPORTANT SECURITY CHANGES Based on feedback received over the course of this addon's development, the security model that was in use has been scrapped for something far simpler. For both new and existing users of this addon, the following topic should be considered REQUIRED READING: New Security Model What is SKG? Suicide Kings Geo is a plugin that manages loot...
Main Tooltip


Aug 11, 2009 Zhinjio Abandoned Embedded library
Summary An LDB data source that allows you to display any and all stats about your character in the tooltip. In addition, selected stats can be "cycled" on the LDB Display, rotating the stat displayed every 'n' seconds (configurable). Usage Configuration options are reached by right-clicking on the LDB display. Notes None. Translation help Please use the new wowace localization system if you'd like to help out. Also, create a ticket so that I can give you credit in the addon. You can find...


Aug 12, 2009 Kemayo Abandoned Embedded library
Congratulate people in your guild and on your friends list when they ding. Also happens to include responses to other events, like people signing in and logging out, joining your guild and leaving it. Can announce these events to you privately, and can automatically say things in chat channels in response to them. Includes some simple substitutions so you can include people's name/level in the message.

DruidStats I

Aug 12, 2009 watchout Abandoned Embedded library
DruidStats calculates the actual stats you will gain when you equip an item, taking your talents and current shapeshift form into account. There was an original DruidStats that was created by Thordon on Emerald Dream EU, later (DruidStats continued) maintained by Boynuz (Native on Steamwheedle Cartel EU). However all original code is gone now as far as I know. So DruidStats I is now officially GPL'd :) (as of version 1.0.0, this is why all older files are gone) If you're interested, these are...
Broker_ACP Tooltip


Aug 12, 2009 fyrye Abandoned Embedded library
Broker_ACP Adds LDB Support for ACP Only English ATM until others share localizations. Options: Left Click -> Show Select Set Dropdown Alt+Left Click -> Show Reload UI Prompt Right Click -> Show ACP Panel Note to: sylvanaar If you would like to package Broker_ACP with the main ACP addon please feel free, just send me a PM letting me know. Also if you have an icon you would like displayed let me know.


Aug 16, 2009 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
It reports people who let their debuff fade on Malygos Phase 3 to a specified channel. If you could help with localizing the addon in any other language or have found a mistake in one of the existing locales, visit its localization page.
Auto Loot (/fs3g)


Aug 20, 2009 x87bliss Abandoned Embedded library
Abstract: FSwapper3 (Fishing Swapper) will automatically switch from a Fishing Pole to the weapons you had equipped last when you enter combat. If this switch occurs, once you leave combat your fishing pole will be equipped automatically. This makes it so if a high level mob, or another player, attacks you while you're fishing - you don't waste time searching for your weapons in your bags. Additionally, there is an "Auto Loot" feature that applies only to Fishing Loot (from right clicking...


Aug 20, 2009 MerialKilrogg Abandoned Embedded library
Overview AlwaysLFG joins the LFG channel automatically. Just install AlwaysLFG, and type "/join LookingForGroup" if you haven't already. From then on, AlwaysLFG will make sure that you're signed in to the LookingForGroup channel whenever possible. Details What exactly does AlwaysLFG do? WoW requires you to be in an LFG queue in order to have access the LFG channel, but it's often nice to be able to see LFG messages even when you're not specifically looking for a group. AlwaysLFG solves this...


Aug 21, 2009 Jarlyn Abandoned Embedded library
Eightyfour announces when crowd control spells like Polymorph, Sap, Repentance, and Hex are broken (and who broke them), and when Misdirection/Tricks of the Trade are cast. It displays spell icons and raid targets, along with player and spell names, to any form of chat output, including custom channels. It's designed for raiding guilds to be a simple, no-nonsense alternative to BigBrother with short but detailed announcements.
Custom layout


Aug 23, 2009 Nimbal Abandoned Embedded library
Buffalo3 allows you to move your buff icons and change their layout. It is currently in the Beta phase, so do expect some quirks (and report them please, preferably with instructions on how to reproduce them). Current Features: Look & Feel of the default Blizzard buff display Move your buff display Change the layout (size, padding, expansion directions) Stick one buff container to another Buff sorting by name or time left ButtonFacade support Planned Features: Easier configuration with (not...