Reverse relationships




Sep 04, 2012 Ackis Abandoned Embedded library
What it does Alt-Click to Add Item will add the ability to alt-click an item in your bag to add it mail, auctions, or trade frames, or alt-click to buy a stack if reagents. Where to get it WoW Ace - Often Beta quality Curse - Most updated stable version Donations I have setup a donation site via Plegie. Feel free to donate if you like this mod. I have put countless hours of time and effort into it along with many people who have helped me. I did not write this mod with the intent to make any...

Chuck Norris Facts

Sep 04, 2012 Ackis Abandoned Embedded library
What it does A small mod which will display Chuck Norris facts to you and output to selected chat channels. Has anti-spam mechanisms built in. Where to get it Curseforge - Often Beta quality Curse - Most updated stable version WoW UI - Stable Version WoW Interface - Stable Version Donations I have setup a donation site via Plegie. Feel free to donate if you like this mod. I have put countless hours of time and effort into it along with many people who have helped me. I did not write this mod...


Sep 04, 2012 Marhu_ Abandoned Embedded library
(Please scroll down for English) Zeigt ein Frame in dem die Würfelergebnisse auf Items gelistet sind. Funktionen: Minimapicon oder Data-Broker Mouseover - zeit einen Tooltip wo nochmals alle Items und Ergebnisse angezeigt werden. Links Klick - zeigt den Anker womit die Frames verschoben werden können. (noch ein Links Klick um ihn wieder auszublenden) Die Frames werden nach oben aufgebaut.. Rechts Klick - öffnet die Optionen. Shift Links Klick - können die Daten gelöscht werden (Diese werden...


Sep 04, 2012 iceeagle Abandoned Embedded library
About DogTagTooltip DogTagTooltip allow you to modify the text displayed on the tooltip using DogTag. You have the option to: reanchor the tooltip hide the tooltip during combat show tooltip only when modifier key is pressed (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) show/hide quest objectives at the bottom of NPC tooltip Use /dtt for config How you can help Like it and add it to your favorites on Spread the word. Tell your friends about it. Translations:...
Button Preview


Sep 04, 2012 Netrox Abandoned Embedded library
RecastReminderButton I made this Addon, as i'm often fail to recast Earth Shield on the tank, and even more often to recast Watershield on self... This Addon shows a clickable button for each supported spell, the buttons are meant reminds to (re)cast a certain spell on spezific conditions (eg watershield at 1 or less stacks -> recast) for some spells (eg earthshield), even on the desired target. Currently supported Classes/Spells Shaman (Restoration) Watershield Earthshield Features Movable...
EnsidiaFails Main Menu


Sep 05, 2012 Maat Abandoned Embedded library
Support for Cataclysm has stopped this is just an archive Report raid player fails supplied by LibFail-2.0 for Cataclysm WotLK fails are no longer supported here Old WotLK fails can be found here: EnsidiaFailsWotLK Now using LibFail-2.0 to detect fails. Please report Fail related errors at the LibFail-2.0 ticket tracker Check out RecountEnsidiaFails if you want Recount to display fails based on EnsidiaFails filtering settings. Check out SkadaEnsidiaFails if you want Skada to display fails...


Sep 06, 2012 SkeenCore Deleted Embedded library
The core code itself for SkeenCore3, this addon is just to provide seperation between the core, and the distribution.


Sep 07, 2012 misterb1986 Abandoned Embedded library
An extremely simple addon that simply gives you a text display of how much your Shield Barrier absorb will be worth if you activate it at any given moment. Options can be found in the Interface -> AddOns menu. Configurable font (via SharedMedia), font size, color, and position.


Sep 07, 2012 Tarantulas Abandoned Embedded library
Small addon for exporting a list of members of a raid or group. Kleines Addon zum exportieren aller Teilnehmer aus einem Schlachtzug oder einer Gruppe. Use /memberlist help for help / Nutze /memberlist hilfe für Hilfe


Sep 07, 2012 Morsker Abandoned Embedded library
Plays a sound when someone puts down a feast. Supports WotLK and Cataclysm stat-increasing feasts, as well as the holiday Bountiful Feast. The sound will play even when you have the normal sounds turned off. The sound is from Ogri'la dailies; you can preview it with this: /run PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Doodad\\SimonGame_LargeBlueTree.wav", "Master") Very helpful so you don't miss Feasts in raids, or accidentally put down a second one! Intentionally does not work in combat, to avoid any concerns...
Choose which targets and spells you're responsible for interrupting.


Sep 08, 2012 Morsker Abandoned Embedded library
Description A PvE-oriented mod to help with interrupts, particularly auditory and visual alerts for interruptable spells for either target or focus, with whitelisting and blacklisting. Currently a BETA. These features are what's ready so far: Announce successful interrupts to party, raid, etc. Choose warning sounds & screen flashes for target and focus. Choose which targets and spells to show warnings for, and which to ignore. Type /ih for options, or use the Blizzard config UI. Localization...
Unlocked frames


Sep 09, 2012 Daedhir Abandoned Embedded library
UPDATE: Support for click casting with Clique has been added. Enjoy. This is a simple addon that draws 3D portraits for the player, target, focus, pet, and target of target units. Ideal for use with kgpanels or some other skinning method. Pair them with your favorite unit frames for flexible portrait placement. They are actual unit frames, so you can click them to target. If people seem interested, I can pretty easily make them usable for click casting. It's intended to be simple to keep the...


Sep 09, 2012 CrazyBenny Abandoned Embedded library
Features: Automatically resizes frame layout depending on group/raid size. Adjusts frame size as predefined for each zone. e.g. 10 for normal Naxxramas, 25 for heroic Naxxramas, 15 for Eye of the Storm. You can set, which strategy will be used in options. You can choose between normal layouts and layouts with pets. Pet layouts can be used either all the time, or just when your pet is active. FAQ: Where can I find the configuration options? It's part of the Grid configuration dialog, that you...
AutoRoller Config


Sep 09, 2012 Mecdemort Abandoned Tool used
/action logic Action can be none, need, greed, or disenchant Logic can be any lua statement that evaluates to true or false Add -- at the beginning of the line to disable: --/need purple Constants poor0 common1 uncommon2 rare3 epic4 legendary5 artifact6 heirloom7 silver100 gold10000 Variables raidbooleantrue if you are in a raid partybooleanfalse if you are in a raid combatbooleantrue if you are in combat qualitynumber0 to 7, use constants above itypestringArmor, Weapon, etc subtypestringsee...


Sep 10, 2012 Daedhir Abandoned Embedded library
If you are experiencing problems with the AddOn, please submit a ticket here. UPDATE: This addon has been updated to with with Mists of Pandaria. I also fixed some code that was causing UI taint. It should work better than ever. Creates player and target portraits from 3D models using some modified default UI frame graphics that blend well with the default Blizzard UI elements. You can use it standalone, with completely round frames, or you can use it to cover the default 2D portraits on the...


Sep 10, 2012 Xocide Abandoned Embedded library
LockDots displays a window on the screen that shows the remaining time on the dots up on the targeted enemy. v1.0 LockDots v1.0 now finally available! Configuration To configure LockDots, go to the Game / Esc key menu, click Interface and select the Addons tab, LockDots should appear in the list. Features Options to select what DoTs to track. Customizable bars. Lock window in place. Who? Tremendous/Epicis of Lightbringer [US]


Sep 10, 2012 SteveKaye Abandoned Embedded library
Shows a circle on the minimap to indicate spell range


Sep 10, 2012 Daedhir Abandoned Embedded library
This addon allows you to take control of most of the unique class resource meters in the game: Paladin Holy Power Shaman totem timers Shadow Priest Shadow Orbs Warlock Soul Shards and Burning Embers Monk Chi Balance Druid Eclipse Death Knight Runes This addon allows you to do various things with these resource meters: locking the resources in place, unlocking them so that you can drag them anywhere on the screen with the mouse cursor, inverting some of the resources so you can put them on top...


Sep 11, 2012 codbegemod Abandoned Embedded library
Description Have you ever faced such a problem... You've bought enough reagents for the recipe and asked some guy to make an item or enchant for you. Then you open your bags and spend over 9000 time to separate needed reagents... so forget about it! This addon will help in this situation. Features new slash command: /separate <bag id 0..4> adds on the default trade skill interface small button named "%" How-to open trade skill window and select recipe of your interest prepare bag which you...


Sep 12, 2012 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
LCA provides an interface for addons to register their own achievement categories into the default achievement UI. Features include: Achievement tracking 'Recent achievements' integration Achievement announcements to guild members with the library (Optional) Chat message announcements to guild members without the library Full support of achievement comparisons for custom categories Full chat linking support of achievements over Tool-tip support for achievements not known to the...