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Yatba in action


Apr 22, 2009 Adirelle Abandoned Embedded library
Yatba stands for "Yet Another Timer Bar Addon". It is an aura (i.e. buff/debuff) tracker. It relies on both unit aura information and combat log events to accurately track all those buffs and debuffs you put on your friends and foes. Being GUID-based, it handles efficiently several mobs with the same name. Notice: Yatba may have some trouble catching new auras and health changes with untargeted units, i.e. units that are neither in your group nor the target of a member of you group. Hovering...


Apr 25, 2009 Arrowmaster Abandoned Embedded library
Library with vendor sell prices for items. Obsolete as of WoW 3.2.


Apr 26, 2009 Bam Abandoned Embedded library
Adds vendor sell value to item tooltips.
Auction stated


Apr 29, 2009 GigaDrone Abandoned Embedded library
<span style="color: #FF0000"><span style="font-size: 150%; line-height: 116%;"><span style="font-weight: bold">GigaItemAuction what's that?</span></span></span> <span style="color: #008000"><span style="font-weight: bold">GigaItemAuction</span></span> is a DKP-Auctioneer–AddOn for dropped items. There is minimum work for the lead and on the other hand maximum time management. <span style="color: #FF0000"><span style="font-size: 150%; line-height: 116%;"><span style="font-weight:...
How it works

Achieve Channels

Apr 30, 2009 chaoslux Abandoned Embedded library
This is my second addon, idea came from a chat with a friend who wished for this functionallity. Basically, this will send a message to user-defined custom channels when you earn an achievement. That way, if you keep up a channel containing friends, guild alliances, or whatever other reason, you can keep them informed of your achievements, no longer will it only be your guild that knows about it. Commands: /ac add <channel> - adds a new channel to the list of channels to be annouced when you...


Apr 30, 2009 Ammo Abandoned Embedded library
GuildFilter adds a searchbox to your Guild Frame. You can perform a search on your online/offline guildmates. For instance searching for 'rogue' will show all rogues in the guild. Typing: 'rogue ironforge' will show all rogues that are in ironforge. Typing: 'rogue 60+ ironforge' will show all rogues level 60+ in IF. Typing: '30-' will show all people <= level 30 Typing: '30-70' will show all characters level 30-70. GuildFilter searches in the class, name, notes, ranknames, officer notes, zone...


May 02, 2009 andreasg Abandoned Embedded library
Tracking plugin for any DataBroker display.


May 06, 2009 Drool Abandoned Embedded library
What does gfxToggle do? Maybe you're a gamer with a computer which is not an uber-high-end-wtfpwnz0riz0r-machine (perhaps you're gaming on a notebook?) and when you get your char into a crowded area your frames per second (FPS) drop instantly. (e.g. Ironforge, Orgrimmar, Alterac Valley) So what can you do about that? Hmm, changing the graphic-settings in WoW would be a good choice but it soon gets a pain in the butt to change it over and over, so I had the idea to code an addon that toggles...


May 07, 2009 Milesbeyond Abandoned Embedded library
A shoppinglist for all your professions. Simply stack up the reagents by ALT-clicking on recipes. Addon based on Broker_Itemlist. Warning: Addon still in early alpha stage!


May 08, 2009 Vana Abandoned Embedded library
A small nonserious simple game based on the Monkey Island Pirate Fights
Display frame screenshot


May 10, 2009 Marcowocky Abandoned Embedded library
RollWatcher displays a table of players in your party or raid and how they have rolled on looted items. For the moment, you must use a data broker display addon such as Fortress; otherwise you won't see the launcher and will have no way of display the RollWatcher window.


May 15, 2009 Darravis Abandoned Embedded library
Displays a mana bar for your Druid when in Cat or Bear form. Slash Command: /scmb Options can also be opened in Blizzards addon setting tab.

LDB Validation Tool

May 16, 2009 OrionShock Abandoned Embedded library
LDB Validation Tool This tool is designed to assist authors of LDB Feeds in evaluating their feeds agenst given established spec. Contributions to by any is welcome in developing LDB-Specs to be used in this tool.


May 19, 2009 Torhal Abandoned Embedded library
This project is deprecated - the LibQTip-1.0 core library now handles all of its functionality in a much cleaner manner. LibQTipClick is a simple interface to LibQTip using the latter library's CellProvider methods to provide support for customizable, mouse-aware cells. The library includes the latest version of LibQTip to facilitate ease-of-use. Features Uses LibQTip as a superset. Customizable per-cell OnMouseDown(), OnEnter(), and OnLeave() functions via callbacks. Documentation Getting...


May 20, 2009 Kemayo Abandoned Embedded library
Adds your alts' names to autocomplete fields, such as the send-mail field.
StrongArms default display


May 21, 2009 Compost Abandoned Embedded library
StrongArms provides timers for Arms Warriors, and a handy priority icon (lets you know which ability you should use next to maximise DPS output). How to use: - Use the ability shown in the BIG square - The little square shows which ability it thinks you'll need to use after the ability in the big square, but is often wrong due to changing conditions - The other 5 squares to the left of the big square let you know if all your class buffs/debuffs are up in one form or another. Note: This addon...


May 22, 2009 copystring Abandoned Embedded library
My fork of "Magnet" by DARKGuy Autoloots items based on item type and subtype recognition upon opening loot window. At the moment this is beta and some entries might be useless like Projectiles(?) or are missing. Base code is pretty much done, maybe need some bug fixing and creating a proper type/subtype list.


May 24, 2009 yssaril Abandoned Embedded library
LibDataBroker addon that replaces the Calendar button Also displays todays events (non holiday) in its tooltip Will now also display how many signups you still have pending for this and the next month


May 25, 2009 durcyn Abandoned Embedded library
Report General Vezax's healing taken after each Mark of the Faceless expires


May 26, 2009 Compost Abandoned Embedded library
JustPictureIt is a drawing competition minigame/whiteboarding addon. It's in an early development stage, but some of the planned functionality includes: - Invite your friends to play. Each person taking turns, the computer will pick a word for you, and ask you to draw it within a time limit. Points go to the person who guesses the word first + the person drawing it, based on how fast they guess. - Cool advanced drawing features, including transparency, calligraphy-style pens, spray cans,...