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CheeseSLS Käsefreunde Stormwind Shroud Loot System Manager

Nov 30, 2010 dieck Abandoned Embedded library
WoW-AddOn: CheeseSLS scripted by dieck, [email protected] Feel free to edit, but please mail modifications to me, so I can put your improvements online for all users. I am thankful for feedback of any kind. CheeseSLS CheeseSLS is an addon to implement the Shroud Loot System using EQDKP as web interface. The use of CT RaidTracker is greatly encouraged to simplify raid and loot uploads. The "minimum bid" of SLS is implemented as "offspec loot". You can change the costs in the config dialogue or...

CheeseSLS Client

Nov 30, 2010 dieck Abandoned Embedded library
Fast, simple response client for CheeseSLS Lootmanager Addon see CheeseSLS Addon Note: If you experience problems with library errors, try installing the Ace3 pack seperatly from


Nov 30, 2010 Adirelle Mature Embedded library
OneButtonConfig is a simple ConfigMode controller, which allows you to enable the configuration mode of several ConfigMode-compliant addons with one click. It provides: a LDB launcher with optional minimap icon, a simple slash command /onebuttonconfig (and its short form /obc), fully ConfigMode-compliant (support multiple modes and LoadOnDemand addons), configuration through a simple dropdown menu. Since v1.1, Blizzard and addons support have been moved to their own, independant addons:...


Dec 02, 2010 Contiki Abandoned Embedded library
Attention! Starting from revision 3, MakeMods is being reworked to feature user-configurable settings via the AddOn Options in-game. Revision 2 is the initial commit I was using on my own machine and with my own guildies. It's hard-coded to work with the Kinder der Nacht guild on EU-Das Konsortium. It gets the job done so feel free to use it - but make sure to manually edit makemods.lua so it actually works for you, your realm and guild. This is temporary. There'll be no documentation about...


Dec 06, 2010 Bruners Abandoned Embedded library
Information: This addon will add item count, stack size, item id and item level to all item tooltips that you hover with your mouse. If you have 3 Arcane Dust in your bags and 14 Arcane Dust in your bank the tooltip will say: "You have: 3(14)" in-game configuration has been implemented to turn off unwanted features. Configuration: Locate the addon in the inferace->addon menu Type /tipcounter in chat Localization: Simplified Chinese (zhCN) and Traditional Chinese (zhTW) done by wowuicn French...

FuS Profile Switcher

Dec 06, 2010 tobiking Abandoned Embedded library
The FuS Profile Switcher is a small addon that switches the profiles of many other addons (only Bartender 4 working right now) with one click. There are three presets for Damage, Tank and Heal. It's possible to choose a profile for each spec and it will automatic switch to the choosen profile on changing to this spec. The addon is intended to be used in the Fluch und Segen ui compilation (link follows as soon as it's ready), but could be easily used without it or in other compilations that...
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Dec 07, 2010 OrionShock Abandoned Embedded library
Dungeon Speed Runner An Addon that tracks the average running time for Random PuG instances groups setup using the LFD tool. "A simple addon for a simple thing" MainFeatures Announce to just about anywhere from chat frame to guild to custom channel ect. Option to "Brag" about run times to just about any channel. Slightly customizable announce message. (Average & Current Runtimes, Total Count) LDB Tooltip to show historical run times as well as how many times you've completed them. Clicking on...

FuBar 3.6

Dec 11, 2010 ckknight Deleted Embedded library
FuBar is not being updated anymore. It is recommended that you switch to a DataBroker based display addon as a replacement (Bazooka, ChocolateBar, and NinjaPanel have all been recommended as good alternatives to try). A panel that modules can plug into. Features: 1. Drag and drop rearragement of plugins. 2. Any plugin can exist on left or right or be centered. 3. Automatically adjust frames (can be turned off) 4. Any number of bars (not limited to just 2), you can attach to the top, bottom,...


Dec 12, 2010 Xinhuan Abandoned Embedded library
v1.1.2 13 December 2010 A simple Fubar plugin for Routes/Cartographer_Routes to quickly show/hide routes in the current zone, and allow for quick access to start/stop/change directions when used with Cartographer_Waypoints or TomTom.


Dec 17, 2010 jerry Abandoned Embedded library
Links replace the ItemRef tooltip with as much tooltip as requested. Links for items, quests, achievements and spells are supported. Optionally, Links can remember the last Links you opened in the session, and show the Icon associated with items, spells and achievements. Links v1.4 fixes compatibility with the patch 3.3.5 Links v1.4 removes a lot of complexity from the inner code, and adds support to Heirloom items specific tooltip.


Dec 18, 2010 Barotgus Abandoned Embedded library
By: Richard Speir (Barotgus - U.S. Malfurion, Horde) Thanks To: Lavender, Imagine, Rhygra, Kaoticdrift, All Other Beta Testers and Localizers. Intro If you are interested in the history of VirtualGear please go here. For an updated list of the current class data please see this. Also please feel free to leave a comment on that page, or PM me with any needed changes, or any missing information. Thanks in advance. This addon is in it's alpha phase, expect bugs and things to not function...


Dec 18, 2010 yess Abandoned Embedded library
Displays online guild members of any desired guild. Useful to monitor your guild while you are playing an alt that is not a member of that guild. Broker_AltGuild does not provide it’s own display, you will need a LDB-based display addon. Please use the Ticket System to report bugs/enhancements.
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Dec 24, 2010 CaendraFerion Abandoned Embedded library
Summary An enhanced tradeskill addon. Cauldron provides: a better view of your tradeskills than the default; more sorting and filtering options; the ability to mark skills as a favorite, and shows in reagent tooltips that the reagent is need for that favorite; a queuing system that can be arbitrarily ordered, and displays all the intermediate items and reagents required to make the desired items; and a shopping list that allows you to mark which items need to retrieved from alts, and who they...

CC Assign

Dec 28, 2010 stolenlegacy Alpha Embedded library
A CC assignment manager primarily aimed at tanks. Currently in alpha. Limitations: Proper checking for when to re-fetch group isn't done yet. Either enter "/ccassign fetch" or hold down the ctrl key while the number of party members changes to re-fetch mark assignments and whisper Only works in 5-man groups (no raids)


Dec 29, 2010 OrionShock Abandoned Embedded library
AutoPartyButtons A basic addon to provide a set of macros for commonly used spells that apply to a role of the group be it in a LFD or Raid. If you want more buttons or something not listed here or in the addon PLEASE POST IT IN COMMENTS For example, for hunters it provides a set of Macro Buttons for MD to Designated tanks. Very basic, not a whole lot implemented. Has base framework to expand on. Each button is Named so the addon can be hidden and used in common macros via /click...
SpamSay Example


Jan 03, 2011 crazedfred Abandoned Embedded library
An addon that allows you to say things only every few seconds. Useful for macros. This lets you make a macro that announces your target without spaming your group: /cast Polymorph /sp Sheeping %t! Even if you spam the macro, it will only announce that phrase every few seconds. It also has a nice feature to let you announce in raid, party, or neither automatically. How to use: Just call this command with any text, and it will only say that phrase every 3 seconds: Example: /ss Once every three...
Echo Whisper Sample


Jan 05, 2011 mckenziemc Abandoned Embedded library
Monitors the public channels for duplicate postings within a short period (10 seconds), and sends a whisper to that player asking them to wait before sending duplicates. NB: the picture above is obsolete but did not get removed properly.


Jan 05, 2011 mckenziemc Alpha Embedded library
DependencyLoader detects when you enable an addon that requires other disabled adddons to load, and takes care of loading/preparing them for you. It is mainly intended for use with no-lib addons, as it will enable all the libraries that would normally be embedded.


Jan 05, 2011 mckenziemc Abandoned Embedded library
TrainAll allows you to train all of the skills available from a class or profession trainer with a single click, rather than having to click the trainer's Train button once for every skill. Currently, TrainAll will print a ScriptLink to the default chat frame whenever you open a trainer window; clicking it will train everything. To Do Add a new button to the trainer window. Don't print the ScriptLink if no skills are available. Show how much full training will cost.
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CooldownIcons R(evamped)

Jan 06, 2011 xhatix Abandoned Embedded library
Description CIR is a cooldown-customization tool controlled by user input and various settings. List of script commands can be found under help ingame. Working process Currently working on Tickets TODO List upcoming features deletion grouping fake cooldowns pulse, and some more cosmetic things currently please use "/cir" to show options - the blizz option thingie is coming later Special thanks Enkidu - Thanks for bugs/tickets & feedback Most up-to-date version, but also alpha ones can be...