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Sep 02, 2010 tebla Abandoned Embedded library
Description A simple LDB display to toggle the display of chat bubbles either by click or keybind. Credits Morsker
Track-o-Matique configuration screen


Sep 02, 2010 Anyia3 Abandoned Embedded library
Track-o-Matique is considered obsolete due to the removal of the Improved Tracking talent in 4.0.1. Thank you for your patronage. Track-o-Matique Automatic tracking of the current target's creature type. For the discerning PvE hunter. First and foremost targeted at the talent Improved Tracking, but it seems like it may be useful even outside of that. Regarding the 3.0.8 Imp. Tracking mechanics change As you all know, Improved Tracking got completely changed with 3.0.8, largely obsoleting the...


Sep 04, 2010 mckenziemc Abandoned Embedded library
Scans your action bars for unintentionally downranked spells and replaces them with the highest rank available. UpRank is designed primarily for characters leveling with dual spec, as it fixes an issue with Blizzard's implementation that sometimes leaves low ranks of abilities on your bars. This issue is explained in more detail below. By default, your bars are scanned on login and after you swap talents, but this can be disabled. In either case "/uprank scan" will start a manual scan....
Tracking Mode Selection Page

Tracking Plus

Sep 04, 2010 organizedevolution Abandoned Optional dependency
Tracking Plus allows you ultimate control over your tracking modes! About a dozen seperate choices allow you to fine-tune when Tracking Plus should cycle through it's list of tracking modes, and when it shouldn't! Control how long it waits before switching to the next tracking mode (useful when you're farming in areas which don't always allow flight, such as Wintergrasp. Tracking plus also adds a right-click context menu to the tracking mode button on the mini-map, for super-convenient access...
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Elitist Group

Sep 06, 2010 Shadowed Abandoned Embedded library
Elitist Group's goal is to shift focus away from single scores which don't tell you anything about the users choice of gear. Instead of a single score, Elitist Group shows you a variety of data from the players experience per dungeons and raid (can be broken down by boss), to whether their choice of equipment, enchants or gems fit their spec. You can still see the players average item level as well, but it's not the primary focus and only there to give you an idea of a players gear. All user...


Sep 14, 2010 Anyia3 Abandoned Embedded library
Ammo-matique is now obsolete as ammo has been removed from the game altogether. Thank you for your patronage. Ammo-matique Ammo-matique provides automated ammo handling. It can automatically select the suitable ammo type in any particular situation. Additionally, it can alert you when you're running low or out of ammo, in a variety of ways including voice feedback. As if that wasn't enough, it can also help keep your inventory tidy by automatically moving all your ammo to a designated bag!...
RPWaste Output


Sep 15, 2010 ccKep Deleted Embedded library
Summary RPWaste tracks Runic Power generation during combat and notifies the player about the amount of runic power wasted due to being capped on RP. Commands /rpw output - Shows possible output options (self & channels), multiple options are possible. /rpw details - Enables/Disables details after combat. If enabled, RPWaste will show the total and average amount of runic power wasted per spell /rpw debug - Enables/Disables debug notifications. This prints messages into the chat everytime you...
LKAnnounce Assignments


Sep 16, 2010 Mirrormn Abandoned Embedded library
LKAnnounce A set of advanced announcements for the Lich King encounter. It is focused on assigning, coordinating, and announcing parts of the fight that are too complicated or player-dependent to be included in a general boss encounter add-on. As such, it is designed to supplement your usual boss encounter add-on. Included announcements: Necrotic Plague Tracks plagues on Shambling Horrors, predicts how much damage the plague will do and whether it will cause the horror to Frenzy or die, and...


Sep 17, 2010 Cyprias Deleted Embedded library
UPDATE 11/15/10: I plan updating LibNameplate-1.0 and abandoning this 2.0 project. I started this project before joining the Cataclysm beta. Turns out it was unnecessary. LibNameplate-2.0 is a updated version of LibNameplate-1.0 rewritten for Cataclysm. API and callbacks are roughly the same. Differences from 1.0. lib:GetAllNameplates() 1.0: Returns count, frame, frame frame, ... 2.0: Returns frame, frame, frame, ... example to use 2.0

Broker Recommended Zone

Sep 18, 2010 LordFarlander Abandoned Embedded library
Displays the zone level range of the zone you are in and also gives you a suggested zone and instances to be in. Based on Fubar_RecZone by wmrojer

Pizza Boy

Sep 18, 2010 Daegalus Abandoned Embedded library
A small addon that communicates Pizza Timers between Boss Encounter Mods Currently Supports: [DXE] Receives: DBM, BigWigs [DBM] Receives: DXE, BigWigs [BigWigs] Receives: DBM, DXE Slash Commands Pizza Boy also has a built in command to send Pizza Timers to all 3 mods, even if they don't have Pizza Boy installed. /pb SECONDS BARTEXT /pizzaboy SECONDS BARTEXT There is no configuration or UI, its a simple addon that handles everything. Known Issues 1.) When using Pizza Boy with a BigWigs install...
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Sep 20, 2010 pigmonkey Abandoned Embedded library
RaidInfo is an addon to help you keep track of which characters are locked to specific instances. Although I'm aware that there are already many addons that accomplish this, I only wanted something simple to accomplish a simple checking task. This addon features no GUI elements and instead is run entirely from a slash command. However, it was designed so that you will not have to memorize any sort of format, you simply just type /ri [search terms] and it will try to understand what you typed...

Quick Auctions Poster

Sep 22, 2010 Zerotorescue Deleted Embedded library
This addon is a plugin for Quick Auctions that adds a checkbox to the auction house posting frame with which you can toggle continuous scanning and posting of Quick Auctions. It saves you the effort of hitting the post button whenever a scan has finished. After ticking the checkbox and hitting the post button, Quick Auctions Poster will repeat a posting cycle until you close the Auction House or untick the box. Remember you may eventually run out of items though and you will still be logged...


Sep 23, 2010 Grimeripe Alpha Embedded library
There is so much to do in WoW, you just have to be selective about what you do every day, and it is easy to forget those things that you might do if you have time left. This plugin will let you group tasks (kill a mob, do a raid or heroic, do some dailies, do the weeklies) into manageable chunks. You will only see those tasks you define yourself as interesting, and if they are possible to do right now on this character. This is still very early experimantal stage, not even a working addon....

Guild Manager

Sep 24, 2010 Flyhard Alpha Embedded library
This Addon will provide some tools to Guild Managers and their assistants: Linking of alts to mains showing last-online per Player Guildbank Log browsing I have started to implement reading of the GuildBankLog. When the Guildbanklog is properly stored, I will take a look at how to present the data. The translations are under . Please help translating the addon. This addon is abandoned for the time being since I stopped playing WoW....
Tooltip display

Broker Hittable

Sep 27, 2010 rindy Abandoned Embedded library
Description Broker Hittable is a LDB data source that is primarily meant for tanks. It provides a text display of your character's total avoidance (miss, dodge and parry) and a detailed Hittable in a tooltip. Features Calculates a hittable for auto attacks from a NPC (mob) against your character Works for any character class and level User-definable mob level Level of current target overrides default level setting (optional) Update frequency is throttled at a definable interval to improve...

ClassTimer Eclipse

Sep 27, 2010 rindy Abandoned Embedded library
ClassTimer Eclipse is a small addon for balance druids. It utilizes [[classtimer:Main|ClassTimer]] to display the internal cooldown of the Eclipse abilities. It has no configuration and should work on all locales, though the displayed text is not localized (yet). Since ClassTimer does not offer a public API to add custom bars, this addon hooks into some undocumented methods, wich means it may stop working when ClassTimer is updated.

Vigilance Tracker

Sep 27, 2010 rindy Abandoned Embedded library
Description Vigilance Tracker tracks the Vigilance buff for all members of your party and raid, displaying gains, losses and who currently has it. Features LDB data feed displaying the name of the player you cast Vigilance on, and the remaining time of the buff Tooltip showing a list of all found targets with caster and remaining time (if known) Print messages in chat (only visible for you) when someone gains or loses vigilance Print a warning message in chat 180, 30 and 5 seconds before the...


Sep 30, 2010 wuphonsreach Alpha Embedded library
Gives you a place to keep track of information via to-do lists and notes. Checklists and notes can be set as global so that they show up across all characters on your account, or you can limit their visibility to the current realm, current character or current profile. Within each scope, you can create sub-categories to help you keep your notes and checklists organized. Example: Global Category1 note1 note10 note11 Category2 note3 Current Realm Category7 note13 note2 Category8 note4 note12...
Color the kitty!


Oct 02, 2010 Humbedooh Abandoned Embedded library
RenderMon be a itty bit program for editing da SVG files in WoW, mon! Fer de time being, it be not complete with juju and hoodo, but we be working hard! Any rendering errors/bug/suggestions should be posted on the LibSVG-1.0 project site.