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Applicant Checking UI

Van32's Applicant Checking

Nov 28, 2012 Vandesdelca32 Abandoned Embedded library
About Applicant Checking... What is it used for? It's used to see who's online in your guild's "Requests" list. It sits around, waiting for you to open your guild roster. When you do, it sends invisible addon messages to all the players on the list, and waiting to see if the system responds back that they aren't playing. After a set timeout period, the addon will update the status of all of the users on the list. This addon is a must-have for officers and GMs of pretty much any guild. It does...
Entering Combat

Van32's CombatMusic

Jun 28, 2016 Vandesdelca32 Mature Embedded library
About Van32's CombatMusic, or just CombatMusic is an addon that you can use to bring that RPG feel back to your World of Warcraft experience! It helps you by automatically playing music you choose when you get into fights ingame! Important! This addon is not distributed with any music files, as it would be copyright infringment. You will have to provide your own music following the instructions found in the README News The issues that have stopped CombatMusic from working are getting fixed in...

Van32's InactivityWatch

Feb 12, 2013 Vandesdelca32 Abandoned Embedded library
Updates! The latest version of InactivityWatch attempts to fix a potential UI taint issue, where when a popup message would show up, it could potenially taint the user's talents/glyphs frame About Ever looked for a way to keep track of inactive guild members in an easy way? Here's the answer for you... InactivityWatch is designed to help manage inactive guildies. Depending on your settings, this addon can help you keep track of inactive members by demoting them to the lowest rank in your...
KoS List

Vanas KoS

Feb 26, 2015 Vana Release Embedded library
Vanas KoS is a Kill-on-Sight notifier, that uses every possibility, to detect nearby KoS targets, and notifies the user in different ways. Additionally it records PvP-Stats in outdoor PvP and shows these in the tooltip (configurable). Features: KoS List for Players and Guilds Nice list Hate list Sorting of these Lists All Lists are saved per realm PvP Event Map PvP Statistics Golden Dragon around player portrait, if Player is on KoS List, Silver for Guild-KoS List, Red for Hatelist, Green for...
New version 4 interface


Jul 07, 2011 adriweb Abandoned Embedded library
Creates a search bar to search through a vendor's items. You are now able to find much faster the item you want. Please update to the last version (4.0) to enjoy a way better version of VendorSearch! (see changelog) VendorSearch also allows you to filter the items in a vendor frame. You can choose to hide the things you can't wear, can't buy etc... Depending on your settings, you will be able to see only the items corresponding to your search, or just hide by opacity-changing the items that...


May 22, 2013 watchout Abandoned Embedded library
Displays a bar that shows the current attack power gain from vengeance. If you feel you need more or different bar textures, just get the addon SharedMedia, and you will have plenty of choice


Oct 29, 2010 traja Abandoned Embedded library
Addon to manage the Loot for RisingSun (EU-Frostmourne) - A Test at this Point.. more to come Addon zur Lootversteigerung des RiSu-Raids und seiner Ableger.

Vex Alarm

Sep 04, 2016 fuda01 Release Embedded library
Cd Alarm is now Vex Alarm Vex Alarm shows the user when specific spells are casted or buffs gained or lost. The user can choose from a list of predefined spells and control whether the spell shall be posted as an "event" when the caster's raidrole is tank,healer,dd or not set (undefined) Messages The "event" is a message that is posted by the addon in a frame when an observed spell is casted or an observed buff gained or lost. The predefined spells are categorized into 5 classes: buffs buffs...

Vex Icon

Aug 17, 2012 fuda01 Deleted Embedded library
== Abandoned ==

Vex Interrupts

Sep 24, 2016 fuda01 Release Embedded library
Purpose This addon will show print a message when: interrupting an enemy dispelling an enemy stealing a spell from an enemy Config The messages and output channels are easily customizable in the options. The tracking can be set to "only active when in a grp or raid". You can choose different settings for the following "zones": Bg Arena Dungeon Raid-Instance Challenge Mode Any other zone All settings are accountwide. Also tracks your pet abilities !

Vex Power

Sep 28, 2016 fuda01 Release Embedded library
Vex Power Vex Power shows every powertype as an energybar. It also shows ComboPoints or similar important and trackable class/spec specific alternative-power and buffs. Currently supported are: Paladin: Holy Power Druid: ComboPoints Rogue: ComboPoints Monk: Chi Hunter (Beast Master): 'Frenzy'-Stacks Warrior (Fury): 'Raging Blow'-Stacks Shaman (Enhancer): 'Maelstrom Weapon'-Stacks Priest (Shadow): Shadow Orbs Priest (Discipline): 'Evangelism'-Stacks Warlock (Affliction): Soul Shards Warlock...
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Vex Roster Info

Aug 22, 2014 fuda01 Deleted Embedded library
Vex Roster Info analyzes the roster and gives information about battle rezs, heroism, tanks, melees, ranges,healers,raidbuffs,raiddebuffs and raid cooldowns
Vex Runes in action

Vex Runes

Aug 27, 2016 fuda01 Release Embedded library
Vex Runes is an alternative to the blizzard rune frames. Features consecutive sorting of runes - available runes will always be displayed first. The default by blizzard is to use runes that are available for the spending. By that it can happen that the runes aren't ordered at all and it's a pain to keep track of them. This addon features a sort function that sorts the rune by cooldown, making it way easier to keep up with your ressources. Highly customizable Design Vertical or horizontal rune...

Vigilance Tracker

Sep 27, 2010 rindy Abandoned Embedded library
Description Vigilance Tracker tracks the Vigilance buff for all members of your party and raid, displaying gains, losses and who currently has it. Features LDB data feed displaying the name of the player you cast Vigilance on, and the remaining time of the buff Tooltip showing a list of all found targets with caster and remaining time (if known) Print messages in chat (only visible for you) when someone gains or loses vigilance Print a warning message in chat 180, 30 and 5 seconds before the...
Vilinka's Insanity

Vilinka's Insanity

Sep 20, 2016 Vilinka42 Alpha Embedded library
Vilinka's Insanity A status bar which displays your current insanity value, predicted insanity generated by successful spell cast, insanity generated by auspicious spirits and when in voidform, it displays your remaining time at current insanity and current voidform buff stack. To open the options menu type "\vilins" or "\vilinkasinsanity" in your chat window.


Apr 14, 2009 Rabbit Abandoned Embedded library
Tracks damage and healing.


Dec 18, 2010 Barotgus Abandoned Embedded library
By: Richard Speir (Barotgus - U.S. Malfurion, Horde) Thanks To: Lavender, Imagine, Rhygra, Kaoticdrift, All Other Beta Testers and Localizers. Intro If you are interested in the history of VirtualGear please go here. For an updated list of the current class data please see this. Also please feel free to leave a comment on that page, or PM me with any needed changes, or any missing information. Thanks in advance. This addon is in it's alpha phase, expect bugs and things to not function...
Outgoing Bars


Jul 29, 2016 xbeeps Release Embedded library
VisualHeal is a small and simple but powerful tool for all classes that visually shows your heals to others and heals incoming to you from others by means of two types of information-packed, yet intuitive bars: The Outgoing Bars: Whenever you cast a healing spell a bar will appear for each target you're healing, which shows the health of the target(s), the incoming heal from others as well as the healing you are about to cast. This makes it easy and fast to determine whether or not the heal...
Control Panel


Jul 21, 2016 Torhal Release Embedded library
Control panel for the various game sound volumes. Features: Slider control and on/off toggles for Ambience, Music, Master, and SFX volumes. Toggles for "Sound in Background", "Sound at Character", "Loop Music", "Error Speech", "Pet Sounds", and "Emote Sounds". Five nameable presets. Presets accessible via "/vol <preset name>" The control panel can be accessed via the "/volumizer" or "/vol" commands, as well as a LibDataBroker launcher.


Jan 05, 2015 Lombra Release Embedded library
Vortex lets you view the inventories of all of your characters at any time. The user interface is designed to be quick and easy to use, and to look similar to the default interfaces. Suitable for people who aren't interested in one bag-solutions or replacing the default interfaces. The base addon includes modules for all items; equipped, backpack, bank, void storage, mailbox, auction house and guild bank items. Vortex uses the DataStore suite of libraries to store all the information. If you...