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Sep 04, 2010 mckenziemc Abandoned Embedded library
Scans your action bars for unintentionally downranked spells and replaces them with the highest rank available. UpRank is designed primarily for characters leveling with dual spec, as it fixes an issue with Blizzard's implementation that sometimes leaves low ranks of abilities on your bars. This issue is explained in more detail below. By default, your bars are scanned on login and after you swap talents, but this can be disabled. In either case "/uprank scan" will start a manual scan....
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Oct 20, 2010 Anadale Abandoned Embedded library
UnderHood is the most configurable HUD addon that enables you to build optimal interface in game. FAQ contains growing list of answers to most common questions. Use Post a ticket form to submit bugs or request enhancements.


Apr 28, 2011 Jaliborc Mature Required dependency
This library determines which items are usable or not for the player's class. Provides the following API: .IsItemUnusable([itemID, itemName, itemLink, itemString]) .IsClassUnusable(itemSubClass, [itemSlot]) Usage To access Unfit methods, simply retrieve it from LibStub: -- Get the lib local Unfit = LibStub("Unfit-1.0") -- Do whatever you want Unfit:IsItemUnusable(myItem) Useful Links GetItemInfo Item SubTypes Item Equip Slots


Jun 28, 2011 Whitetooth Abandoned Embedded library
Enables you to see Chinese, Japanese and other languages in game. Also adds "UnicodeFont" to LibSharedMedia-3.0, so you can select to use the font in addons which support LibSharedMedia-3.0. Chatter Users: You will need to setup Chatter to use UnicodeFont, type /chatter, in "Chat Font" and "Edit Box Polish" set the Font to UnicodeFont. The font included is GPL v2 licensed The WenQuanYi Zen Hei is a Hei-Ti style (sans-serif type) Chinese outline font. It was designed for general purpose text...
Melee mode, partly buffed


Aug 08, 2011 Zeksie Abandoned Embedded library
Utopia (aka: ZOMGDebuffs) With today's high-end boss fights so tuned for absolutely maximum performance, it's important to know exactly what you're getting from your raiders. Do you have all buffs and debuffs available? Are the all improved? Are they active during the fight? Need to see that they were kept up during the fight? WoW 3.0 introduced a whole new stacking system for buffs and debuffs. Add to that the myriad of hidden auras that are implied by talents, but don't appear on the...
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Jan 12, 2012 eggsampler Abandoned Embedded library
Uno in wow. For more information on the game and how to play, read here: Designed to be played in chat channels with basic commands and raid icons to indicate colours, so only one person needs to run the addon. Can also work over chat so you can play with people in other blizzard games. !uno - Starts a new game !join - Joins a game that has been started !play (or p) - Plays a card from your hand. Eg: !play b9 (include colour you want for...


Feb 17, 2012 eggsampler Abandoned Embedded library
This addon aims to provide the ability to announce any abilities and item usage in both PVE and PVP scenarios.
Hunter with Pet and Focus frames


Nov 14, 2012 computerpunk Abandoned Embedded library
UnderHood The most configurable HUD addon that enables you to build optimal interface in game. Useful Links: Use Post a ticket form to submit bugs or request enhancements. Help out translating using the Localization page. If you want, I could assign you to a Translator role. Credits: Anadale for originally writing UnderHood. Project changed due to issues with the SVN, after being assigned as a Maintainer on the original project. nyoghta for finding a way to fix Interactivity of SecureUnitFrames.
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Nov 21, 2014 Romious20 Inactive Embedded library
Upgrade List v. 4.1.1 What is Upgrade List? Upgrade List allows players to store gear sorted by slot and listed in order of priority. This makes it much easier for a player to keep track of wanted items and where they drop. If an item on the player's list drops, Upgrade List informs the player that the item is an upgrade. If the player receives an item on his or her list, Upgrade List can automatically remove it and all items of a lower priority from the list. Upgrade List also has dual-spec...
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Oct 26, 2016 Cyprias Release Embedded library
PM me if you'd like to take over development of this project. UnlimitedChatMessage (UCM) removes the 255 character limit from the chat editbox allowing you to send extra long messages into chat. It does this by breaking up your outgoing message into smaller 255 character messages. Ever try to post a dungeon walk threw into chat but can't paste the whole text into the edit box? UCM solves that problem. If you want each line to be it's own message. type /ml before pasting your message. RealID...
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