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Feb 20, 2009 ievil Abandoned Embedded library
The TLE DKP suite was create as an addon which used data from eqDKP to allow our guild use /roll + dkp = score back in Molten Core. Since then it's moved on from being a stand-alone catcher to a bit more raid utility. The system is meant for /roll only, and adds a users current DKP to the roll and then announces a winner. The system also includes a ToolTip handler which gives the DKP prices for an item, and an ingame dkp update command. Data is exported through an linux c and mysql compatible...


Aug 05, 2009 Anyia3 Abandoned Embedded library
Sunwell Plateau assistant. Provides "un-ignorable" overlay notifications for Brutallus/Felmyst/Twins. Felmyst warnings includes proximity-alerts on Encapsulate. TwinCam_Overlay was originally written for the Eredar Twins encounter in Sunwell Plateau. We were having issues with people not noticing that they were targeted for Conflagration, and the repair bills were adding up. So, enter TwinCam. This little add-on provides "un-ignorable" warnings - in the case of Conflagration a big skull...
TB Arena Points

TB Arena Points

Aug 10, 2009 Valana_TB Abandoned Optional dependency
Features Description TB Arena Points displays the estimated number of points you earn from each of your arena teams, right on your arena team panels. Calculations Unlike most arena point calculators out there, TB Arena Points attempts to be as accurate as possible when estimating your point gain for the week, using all the information at its disposal. Thus, it will take into account your personal rating, your team's rating, and the average personal rating of the team members who participated...


Aug 25, 2009 profalbert Abandoned Embedded library
Minimalistic Kill-on-Sight (KoS) addon. Just stores a list (per realm) of players, and warns through LibSink, if they occur in the combatlog. Usage: + Go to the built in WoW-addon-config-panel or + click the LDB-plugin PS: Yes I know VanasKoS. Yes, I tried it. This is going to be a very minimalistic KoS-addon with no guild-kos, nice-list, or stuff...
Basic Settings

Title Swapper

Sep 20, 2009 Netrox Deleted Embedded library
As of Patch 3.3 this AddOn WONT work anymore... Thanks Blizzard :( ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED:AddOn 'TitleSwapper' tried to call the protected function 'SetCurrentTitle()'. Title Swapper? Yay for Achievments... now everybody can easily farm Player Titles, this addon is perfect for those people who can't decide which title to be used. They don't need to decide which title they use. It changes the title randomly every X minutes. Features Title change Priority System Print new title to default...
TweetCraft UI


Feb 22, 2010 RGabo Abandoned Embedded library
Overview TweetCraft is an in-game Twitter client for World of Warcraft. TweetCraft can: Send/receive Tweets in-game (Immediate sending reloads your UI) Queue Tweets to send when it's more convenient for you Upload in-game screenshots using TwitPic AutoTweet when you log in, enter an instance or get an achievement Extensible so that AddOn authors can register messages or events to AutoTweet Click here for additional instructions on setting up TweetCraft. Known Caveats TweetCraft will only work...

Text-To-Speech Boss Mod Sound Pack: Ice Crown Citadel

May 05, 2010 markv Abandoned Embedded library
This is a text-to-speech sound pack inspired by Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech. I use DXE and was looking for a more precise way to get warnings / warnings that weren't available via Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech, as such I decided to generate my own sound files and go through the process of using them as DXE supports Shared Media. This addon consists solely of sound files to be used in conjunction with any major boss encounter addon (DXE/DBM/BigWigs etc) that support the use of Shared Media. This addon...

Text-To-Speech Boss Mod Sound Pack: Trial of the Grand Crusade

May 06, 2010 markv Abandoned Embedded library
This is a text-to-speech sound pack inspired by Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech. I use DXE and was looking for a more precise way to get warnings / warnings that weren't available via Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech, as such I decided to generate my own sound files and go through the process of using them as DXE supports Shared Media. This addon consists solely of sound files to be used in conjunction with any major boss encounter addon (DXE/DBM/BigWigs etc) that support the use of Shared Media. This addon...
TankTotals 4 Standalone Window


Jul 13, 2010 Reynard_Nordrassil Abandoned Embedded library
A complete set of tanking utilities. Shows a DataBroker feed and/or a small, transparent window indicating a tank's overall avoidance, percentage mitigation, flat damage reduction and block cap status (where applicable), guaranteed minimum spell mitigation and per-school average mitigation. Also shows effective health, records damage while in-combat to deduce EH2 against mixed physical and magic damage, and provides various class-specific stats. Values of each change dynamically as new buffs...
TuckUnitFrames v9


Jul 27, 2010 TuckOfArthas Abandoned Embedded library
TuckUnitFrames are unit frames optimized for arena and PvP play. The main highlight is the customized display of buffs and debuffs. Features Default unit frame functions Highlight important buffs/debuffs and their remaining time Filter, group and sort buffs/debuffs (customizable for each frame) See exact duration of your and your party member buffs or debuffs See the duration of all other buffs/debuffs (approximate) Highlight frames with cureable debuffs Click-casting (limited) Diminishing...
Track-o-Matique configuration screen


Sep 02, 2010 Anyia3 Abandoned Embedded library
Track-o-Matique is considered obsolete due to the removal of the Improved Tracking talent in 4.0.1. Thank you for your patronage. Track-o-Matique Automatic tracking of the current target's creature type. For the discerning PvE hunter. First and foremost targeted at the talent Improved Tracking, but it seems like it may be useful even outside of that. Regarding the 3.0.8 Imp. Tracking mechanics change As you all know, Improved Tracking got completely changed with 3.0.8, largely obsoleting the...
Tracking Mode Selection Page

Tracking Plus

Sep 04, 2010 organizedevolution Abandoned Optional dependency
Tracking Plus allows you ultimate control over your tracking modes! About a dozen seperate choices allow you to fine-tune when Tracking Plus should cycle through it's list of tracking modes, and when it shouldn't! Control how long it waits before switching to the next tracking mode (useful when you're farming in areas which don't always allow flight, such as Wintergrasp. Tracking plus also adds a right-click context menu to the tracking mode button on the mini-map, for super-convenient access...


Oct 13, 2010 noctilucent Abandoned Embedded library
Ever wanted to know how many times you have entered 5-man heroics with all of your characters? Or how many quest you have ever done? This addon will add a tooltip to the achivement statistics that shows the statistic value for each of your characters including a sumary. Features .)Total values in the achivement statistics list. .)Cross realm support. Your characters will be listed per realm. Usage Just open the achivement window and select statistics. You need to login with a character once...


Oct 19, 2010 SteveKaye Abandoned Embedded library
Enables the set up of the Shaman totem sets as dropped by the spells "Call of the Elements", "Call of the Ancestors" and "Call of the Spirits". This would be useful for those people who use totem bar replacements that do not support this functionality. The set up is accessed through the standard Blizzard addon configuration interface. Go straight to the TotemCallSetup page in the AddOns Interface config using the command /tcs.

TAO Raid

Oct 28, 2010 Jabouty Deleted Embedded library
From raid attendance to loot administration, this will be the single go to addon for any raiding guild that utilizes a more friendly raiding atmosphere and only utilizes /roll with attendance priority for their loot distribution. It will include a Master Loot function for handling loot based on attendance priority, as well as a fully featured raid attendance tracking module. Additionally it will track boss kills and loot given. While this is being written specifically for our raiding needs,...
Icons (v0.70+)


Oct 29, 2010 ahmetqw Abandoned Embedded library
TankMastery is a helper add-on for tanks. When used, it can: watch your target, and produce a self/raid/party/channel message if it gets taunted/knocked-back/mocked show you an icon about the targeting review of the moment (if it is targeting a tank, if that tank is targeting it back etc) [v0.70+] can warn you if your taunt failed [v0.90+] It is mainly created to encourage synergy between the tanks, improve the raid quality, see who is being a "bad boy" and if possible, minimize such...


Nov 13, 2010 baps Abandoned Embedded library
An addon to make raid assignments easier to manage. Patterned after the now obsolete Heal Organizer, additional requirements and capabilities have been added based upon my guild's needs and desires to run our raids more efficiently and effectively. Basic, Alpha-level functionality is present, additional features are in progress. Triage gathers and presents a list of players based upon raid role (Healer, DPS, Tank) on separate tabs. If a player has no Blizzard role set, a guess will be made...


Dec 06, 2010 Bruners Abandoned Embedded library
Information: This addon will add item count, stack size, item id and item level to all item tooltips that you hover with your mouse. If you have 3 Arcane Dust in your bags and 14 Arcane Dust in your bank the tooltip will say: "You have: 3(14)" in-game configuration has been implemented to turn off unwanted features. Configuration: Locate the addon in the inferace->addon menu Type /tipcounter in chat Localization: Simplified Chinese (zhCN) and Traditional Chinese (zhTW) done by wowuicn French...


Jan 05, 2011 mckenziemc Abandoned Embedded library
TrainAll allows you to train all of the skills available from a class or profession trainer with a single click, rather than having to click the trainer's Train button once for every skill. Currently, TrainAll will print a ScriptLink to the default chat frame whenever you open a trainer window; clicking it will train everything. To Do Add a new button to the trainer window. Don't print the ScriptLink if no skills are available. Show how much full training will cost.
TricksBroker target


Mar 11, 2011 Tremec Abandoned Embedded library
An LDB plugin to manage your rogue's Tricks of the Trade target(s). Key Features Allows you to set your Tricks target quickly, without typing names Provides a visual reminder of your Tricks target Displays chat messages for successful Tricks casts (giving and receiving) Usage Set your action button/keybind to the macro "TotT", created by this addon. Click on the LDB display to set your Tricks target as your current target. (can only be done out of combat) Set your focus to a friendly player...