Reverse relationships




Jun 21, 2016 stencil Alpha Embedded library
allows you to flip cards of omens by spinning your mouse wheel; counts cards opened and money earned per session and lifetime to use, type /s2w open, then place mouse wheel over window and use mouse scroll wheel to start flipping cards

S.E.L.F.I.E. Time!

Mar 14, 2015 Jabouty Alpha Embedded library
Currently in Development! It's time to up your S.E.L.F.I.E. game! In the works are: Automatically pulling out your S.E.L.F.I.E. camera whenever you meet a new boss you've not yet taken a S.E.L.F.I.E. with. Automatically pulling out your S.E.L.F.I.E. camera whenever you arrive in a new Zone. Automatically pulling out your S.E.L.F.I.E. camera whenever you arrive in a zone that's part of the S.E.L.F.I.E. Achievements. Automatically bringing up the /share interface when you put your S.E.L.F.I.E....

Sword Art UI

Oct 13, 2014 humfras Alpha Embedded library
This AddOn is a UnitFrame AddOn inspired by Sword Art Online (wikia). It features custom made artwork to make it look as close to the original as possible while being as informative as possible. This is still work in progress and is intended to grow to a complete UI modification/replacement. Current features UnitFrames player target targettarget party frames boss frames arena frames supports any valid unitId and player names from anyone in your party/raid Configuration Use /sau or /swordartui...


Nov 24, 2010 Humbedooh Alpha Embedded library
Snort is a remake of the long lost, original and totally awesome zDKP addon for WoW (no, not all the addons that later stole the name >_<), back by popular request. Snort features a client and an administration applet for either viewing your current DKP, much like you would any other currency, or for being in charge of the whole shebang. It also features a queuing system that allows raid leaders to process a raid queue in advance and invite everyone en masse once the raid starts. The...

Simple DKP

Oct 21, 2010 Tingyou Alpha Embedded library
DKP addon which enables safe, secure and simple DKP handling.
Example of a Blood Spec DK


Oct 19, 2010 Whitetooth Alpha Embedded library
Adds a "Stat Modifiers" pane to the character info window.


Aug 29, 2009 Samtrion Alpha Embedded library
Function Libary for Runes of Magic AddOns


Oct 23, 2016 Jncl Beta Embedded library
Skinner changes the look of the default UI Please post all comments on the Skinner thread Instructions 1 .Download and install this addon. 2 . Copy/Move all the files in the AddonSkins directory into the SkinMe directory. 3. Start WoW. 4. Other settings can be changed via the Interface Options Details Skinner has 2 main sub-directories; AddonSkins and SkinMe. The skins for the Blizzard UI are in the 'core' set of files. All the skins for individual Addons are in the AddonSkins directory and...
Elemental Auras

Sweetsour's Shaman Auras

Oct 21, 2016 SweetsourDev Beta Embedded library
Sweetsour's Shaman Auras Introduction Hello and welcome! Over the past few months, I've made, maintained, and release numerous auras via Weak Auras for Shamans. I've gained a lot of support from the Shaman community and continue to do so as time goes on. However, one thing that I felt was holding back my aura packages' true potential, was the steps that are required to install and updated my shaman auras. It's overly complex and tedious at times. In light of this, I decided to create a...


May 28, 2013 Scisto Beta Embedded library
SkillGuide is trade skill leveling guide that tracks your known recipes and presents the optimal path for leveling your professions. Please remember this addon is still in alpha and will have bugs and issues.

Shop Keeper

Dec 18, 2009 MinervahShadowmoon Beta Embedded library
<H1>Description:</H1> Shop Keeper implements trade skill marketing and a portal for customer management in a very 1-2-3 type fashion. Shop Keeper is intended to make it easier to attract customers to you instead of your competition, and keep those customers well organized and informed on your progress of their requested trade skill. It essentially provides a "brick-and-mortar store" style of using your trade skills in the trade channel. <H2>How it Works:</H2> Shop Keeper barks your trade...

Skeens RotationHelper

Apr 05, 2013 SkeenCore Deleted Embedded library
Skeens RotationHelper is a package containing, the SkeenCore 'framework' for building rotation helpers, and a number of rotation/gui plugins. More info coming, when SkeenCore3s info has been ported here.


Sep 06, 2012 SkeenCore Deleted Embedded library
The core code itself for SkeenCore3, this addon is just to provide seperation between the core, and the distribution.

SexyMap Ping Fade Fix

Aug 28, 2011 Zasurus Deleted Embedded library
If you have used SexyMap and have the Ping module turned on you will have realised that SexyMap forgets to hide the name of the person that sent the ping! Well this fixes that! Simple as that... It basicly watches for the ping name to apear and then counts down for several seconds (currently 4 but may make it adjustable if ppl request that) then hids it again! There is already a ticket open with SexyMap to and an option to fix this but it's still "New" and has been for a LONG time so figured...


Aug 11, 2010 starlon Deleted Embedded library
StarLibTimer provides a simple timer. You can provide the timer a callback and data to pass upon completion.


Aug 11, 2010 starlon Deleted Embedded library
StarLibProperty provides a lua script interface. It works in tandum with StarLibEvaluator to provide a nice interface to loadstring.


Aug 11, 2010 starlon Deleted Embedded library
StarLibMarquee turns a font string into a marqueeing text.


Aug 11, 2010 starlon Deleted Embedded library
StarLibLCD transforms a tooltip into a configurable LCD display. This library is far from complete at the moment.


Aug 11, 2010 starlon Deleted Embedded library
StarLibEvaluator provides an interface for loadstring.


Aug 11, 2010 starlon Deleted Embedded library
StarLibError provides your library with an error handler. To create a StarLibError object use: local error = StarLibError:New(name, handler) You must provide it with a name. To print just: error:Print("Hello") I'll be adding more features to express how serious the warning/error is.