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Dungeon and Raid


May 28, 2013 Rabomir Abandoned Embedded library
LibDataBroker plugin to display currencies held e.g. Valor Points, Conquest Points, across all characters. To use this addon you will need a suitable LDB display panel, such as ChocolateBar, Bazooka, DockingStation etc. Features: Currencies with a weekly cap that have been reached are highlighted in green Currencies where the maximum cap has been reached are highlighted in red Currencies where there is a weekly cap not reached are shown with a trailing "/(amount to cap)" Left-click switches...
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Ragnaros Trap Helper

Nov 29, 2011 Romious20 Abandoned Embedded library
Since Ragnaros is no longer current content, I'm not planning to release anymore updates for this addon. In MoP, this addon will likely break due to the number of changes coming to the API. Ragnaros Trap Helper v. 1.3 What is Ragnaros Trap Helper? Ragnaros Trap Helper focuses on helping anyone given the task of breaking Magma Traps during the Normal or Heroic Ragnaros encounter to decide when it is safe to break a trap and when it is not. Rather than having to watch timers or bars, Ragnaros...
Message Tab (Part 1)


Oct 09, 2010 dwinter Abandoned Embedded library
Summary RaidAnnounce lets you define up to four messages and sends them to either Raid, Party, Raid warning or Battleground chat channels. Multiple channels can be set individually per message and RaidAnnounce will figure out the right one to send your message to based on the type of group you are in. Usage /raa NUMBER Where NUMBER is the number of the message. If no number is given, the default message will be send (the default message can be set in the RaidAnnounce options). Configuration...
RaidBoss Raid Heal Cooldowns Window


Feb 19, 2012 Compost Abandoned Embedded library
RaidBoss tracks important raid cooldowns, to assist with raid coordination. RaidBoss works 'automagically' without configuration. Cooldowns are accurately calculated by automatically inspecting the talents of raid members. For example, correct cooldowns will be shown for Tranquility and Divine Hymn, and other spells which have talents which reduce their cooldown. Display The RaidBoss UI has five movable sets of bars. The first set shows bars for active abilities. The second shows available...
New Dashboard


May 10, 2016 oscarucb Release Embedded library
Reports on a configurable dashboard or to group chat on consumables, buffs, AFK, mana and many many others but in an intelligent automagic way. RBS is the last nail in the coffin of all slacking level max-level raiders. RBS also provides unique tank taunting warnings not provided by any other addon. RaidBuffStatus is for 5 man instances and raids of all sizes. RaidBuffStatus was originally written by danielbarron and is dedicated to his daughter, Jaina. The addon is currently maintained by...


Apr 29, 2012 Marhu_ Alpha Embedded library
About RaidCD shows timerbars for the raid couldowns of all raidmembers. This can post start and end in the raidcannel and can show the Cooldown of the Spells Support: - Aura Mastery - Paladin - Divine Guardian - Paladin - Rallying Cry - Warrior - Shield Fortress -Warrior (tier bonus) - Power Word: Barrier - Priest - Divine Hymn - Priest - Tranquility - Druid - Mass Regeneration - Druid (tier bonus) - Spirit Link Totem - Shaman - Vampiric Brood - Death Knight (tier bonus) - Anti-Magic Zone -...
Raid Leader View


Jun 12, 2015 Anyia3 Release Embedded library
RaidChecklist RaidChecklist provides an at-a-glance overview of which core buffs, debuffs, dispels and crowd control abilities are available in the raid at the moment, and what class/spec/pet could bring each. It doesn't try to be a full-featured raid planner, but is instead targeted at those who want a more casual add-on which can assist them in putting together a balanced raid on the fly. It is also very useful for hunters wanting to pick a pet to fill a void in the abilities otherwise...


Jul 29, 2010 tsigo Abandoned Embedded library
RaidCooldowns Tracks, transmits and displays the cooldowns of your raid. What it is RaidCooldowns is a single solution to display cooldown information for specific spells that a raid group might care about, as well as broadcasting any information about things that affect those cooldowns, such as glyphs or talent modifiers. What it isn't RaidCooldowns is very opinionated about what cooldowns it tracks. It tracks cooldowns that the raid as a whole might need to know about. It is not a personal...

Raid Currency Reminder

Oct 19, 2016 AxiomaSham Release Embedded library
This AddOn will show not very annoying messages if you haven't got all possible bonus roll items on this week. By default it prints messages in chat, also it supports data plugins (Titan Panel, Broker). Configuration RCR doesn't have configuration. Questions, bugs and comments Please use ticket system to report bugs and post your comments. You may also send me a PM here.


Sep 07, 2012 Tarantulas Abandoned Embedded library
Small addon for exporting a list of members of a raid or group. Kleines Addon zum exportieren aller Teilnehmer aus einem Schlachtzug oder einer Gruppe. Use /memberlist help for help / Nutze /memberlist hilfe für Hilfe


Apr 02, 2012 kliegs Abandoned Embedded library
Lets you move groups around while in combat and have them updated when combat ends. Helpful for setting groups up while pulling trash.
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Sep 20, 2010 pigmonkey Abandoned Embedded library
RaidInfo is an addon to help you keep track of which characters are locked to specific instances. Although I'm aware that there are already many addons that accomplish this, I only wanted something simple to accomplish a simple checking task. This addon features no GUI elements and instead is run entirely from a slash command. However, it was designed so that you will not have to memorize any sort of format, you simply just type /ri [search terms] and it will try to understand what you typed...


Apr 20, 2015 tbfl12123 Planning Embedded library
Raid Interupt Organizer This addon is a help for guilds and raid leaders to organize their interupts durring raid encounter. This addon makes it easy to list the raid members who can interupt, and gives the possibility to track it durring combat. When a person on the list interupts, it will announce who should interupt next. The user can choose to whisper the next in line, or do a Raid Warning - announcing who to go next.

Raid Inviter

Mar 23, 2009 Pericles Abandoned Embedded library
Concept project to provide a Raid Leader inviting assistant pulling signup data from the Blizzard Calendar. The fact that Blizzard added an in game calendar was great as you now no longer need addons that need to send data to everyone else in the guild to synchronise and have version incompatibility issues as all data is saved on the server and available via the Armory. The downside is that the default interface is hideous to use from the raid leaders perspective actually inviting people to a...
RMT In Action


Dec 23, 2013 togaman5000 Abandoned Embedded library
RaidManaTracker consists of a simple, configurable frame that displays all the healers currently in your raid group, alongside their current mana percentage and whether they have a cooldown or mana pot available. Planned feature includes recommendations as to the best targets for Innervate or good times to drop Mana Tide or Hymn. The addon works in all group sizes and in battlegrounds and is able to track mana and cooldown/potion usage of players from different servers. Due to the delay...

Raid Needs

Sep 20, 2013 No0x9D Abandoned Embedded library
I made this addon for my 10 man raid group to make changing people for farm bosses more comfortable and less time consuming. It allows every player who has this addon to mark his needs and synchronize it with all the other players in your raid. In the end you have several possibilities to see who can leave the raid and who should come instead. How to use You reach every window from the minimap button. Overview A left click opens the overview frame where you see if a person has needs for every...

Raid Points System

Oct 13, 2010 sithy Abandoned Embedded library
Introduction Raid Points System (RPS) is a configurable mod with the goal of simplifying how loot is handed out, tracked and displayed. While it is designed to be based on a DKP like system, the end goal is to have it work with as many systems as possible. There will be a way to do loot council at somepoint in time using a mutliselect UI that is almost complete. RPS is split into two functional components. The Mod half deals with in-game loot handling, point tracking and data integrity. The...


Nov 29, 2012 marowfreeze Abandoned Embedded library
Hello everyone, this is my first add-on and it is still pretty much in beta stages. /raidready /rr /rr options or opt or help options allow for output to self, group, or specific channel This addon checks everyone in a party/raid group to make sure They have Cataclysm level enchants, and are fully gemmed. <center>Currently Works with as many Cataclysm enchants as i could data farm (from enchanters) Death Knight Rune forging Some Best In Slot Wraith of the Lich King enchants (22 agility to...

Raid Snacks

Jul 12, 2015 jippen Alpha Embedded library
Tired of running tools like Raid Slack Check and Exorsus Raid Tools and getting inaccurate results? Want to stop being that guy that always alerts in LFR? Want to make sure people actually put the buffs on after checking? This is a stripped down buff checker designed to make sure everyone is ACTUALLY ready. Co-ordinates with others that have this addon to make sure that there isn't a giant pile of spam if everyone in the guild runs the addon. Localization Help Needed! Lots of work has gone...

Raid Target Tactics

Jan 13, 2011 mxposed Abandoned Embedded library
Assign different roles to different raid targets and announce it to the chat. This addon is currently in development, so the functionality is still planned. This addon displays a window with 8 raid target icons, 8 text fields corresponding to those icons and 8 dropdowns with the members of your current raid/group. It gives a Raid Leader the possibility to assign different roles to different players based on raid target sign, i.e. Star—sap—Rogue#1 Moon—polymorph—Mage#2 Skull—all dps—[empty]...