Reverse relationships




Jan 26, 2009 rapidgame Abandoned Embedded library
Features: The aim of this addon was to help people decide where the best place to farm a particular item is (or just where to farm in general). Pillager records the following data: - Session Time How long you have been playing for this session. - Durability Costs Incurred Cost to repair damage received this session. - Earnings/Losses This records the difference in cash in hand between the start and end of a session, and therefore includes money earned/spent on the auction house etc. - Loot...

PerfectRaid - Shared Media

Mar 07, 2009 EthanCentaurai Release Embedded library
Adds LibSharedMedia-3.0 support to PerfectRaid. allowing you to change the texture of the health and mana bars.


Sep 02, 2009 krag0th Abandoned Embedded library
About A really small addon that will display useful stats (Spell Crit, Spell Haste, RAP, ArPen... etc) you choose in a small box on your screen. This is still under very heavy development. The plan The plan is to have a configuration frame where you choose whatever stats you want to monitor live, and it will display them. Ooh Shiney! Frilly stuff will come later once the shell is written. They include and are not limited to: More robust "state change" animations when stats change Implement...


Nov 30, 2009 deleted_2401186 Abandoned Embedded library
VERY simple addon. Shows all pets, in order, with an adjustable delay between them. Found a lot of random-pet addons, but none designed to show them all off in a row. use /petshowsimple [delay] to toggle the show on and off. Requires Ace3


Dec 09, 2009 catamorfizm Abandoned Embedded library
Ever get really annoyed at Arcanist Braedin? Well, at least just want him to shut up? Then "/plunk arcanist braedin"! Yay! No more spam. Should work on just about any NPC or player, though it was really intended for the former. Main feature is that it took me less time to write than my fruitless search for these specific capabilities in an up-to-date addon. Other features include: silencing achievement spam, foreign "language" spam, and whatever else I find convenient. Besides "/plunk" and...
PriorityIgnore Popup


Jan 06, 2010 Starinnia Deleted Embedded library
PriorityIgnore adds a priority queue backend to your ignore list. Functionality Whenever you place somebody on ignore a small window will appear asking you to assign a priority value to this ignore. The values range from 1 to 3. 1 is the lowest and least severe value, anyone with Priority 1 has a good chance to be removed from your list within a few days if you ignore many people. Priority 2 is in the middle, they will stay on your list a little bit longer, unless you have nobody at Priority...


Jan 12, 2010 Xocide Alpha Embedded library
New revolutionary proc alerting addon. Designed to be lightweight, fast and easy to use. Features include: Announcement customization. Cooldown display. Proc Per Minute counter. Total Procs counter.
Polmonitor Buttons


Jan 31, 2010 iceypop Abandoned Embedded library
Polmonitor helps you make sure you have all the buffs you should have, that your target has the debuffs it should have, and that you're using your spell and item cooldowns as often as possible. It does this by letting you set up monitors for the buffs, debuffs, spells/skills and items you're interested in. The monitors appear visually as standard action buttons on the screen. When everything is ok (you have the monitored buff, your target has the debuff, the cooldown is running, ..) the...

PitBull Unit Frames 3.0

Mar 23, 2010 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
Please note that PitBull3 is no longer being actively developed. On top of lack of active development itself, it's based on the Rock framework which itself is no longer maintained either. I strongly recommend that users migrate to PitBull4. You can not convert your config from PitBull3 and must reconfigure. PitBull4 itself can be found at: You can find guides for setting it up at:...


Apr 26, 2010 Fritz7 Abandoned Embedded library
4.0.1 Info See the following page for info about 4.x and Cataclysm: Intro Postman is an addon which allows you to track mail delivery, keep a dropdown list of frequently mailed characters and more. The addon has been abandoned by the original author, and I was able to pick it up and get it working with Wrath as well as 3.0.8. This project should be considered inactive, however I will keep it working until I get it's successor, MailboxPlus,...


Jul 23, 2010 Pericles Abandoned Embedded library
Priority Queue is a very simple idea. Based on your class you choose a list of abilities and place them in order (usually highest dps ability first). Priority Queue will then display the icon for that ability in a small frame when its available. This way you can select a list of abilities to use and see the icon for the next skill in sequence. Where this works particularly well is for procs. eg: an Enhancement Shaman will have Lightning Bolt as top priority but only when he gets 5 stacks of...


Aug 20, 2010 Auldare Alpha Embedded library
Pug User GUI System; This is a very early work in progress addon which will primarily focus on helping a pug raid leader manage invites and quickly update exactly what roles are left to be filled for their raid.

Pizza Boy

Sep 18, 2010 Daegalus Abandoned Embedded library
A small addon that communicates Pizza Timers between Boss Encounter Mods Currently Supports: [DXE] Receives: DBM, BigWigs [DBM] Receives: DXE, BigWigs [BigWigs] Receives: DBM, DXE Slash Commands Pizza Boy also has a built in command to send Pizza Timers to all 3 mods, even if they don't have Pizza Boy installed. /pb SECONDS BARTEXT /pizzaboy SECONDS BARTEXT There is no configuration or UI, its a simple addon that handles everything. Known Issues 1.) When using Pizza Boy with a BigWigs install...


Oct 10, 2010 Aznamir Deleted Embedded library
PallyPowerLite is a scaled down version of PallyPower. This add-on provides an interactive and easy to use interface that allows you set your own blessings (Righteous Fury, Aura, Seal and Blessing) and automatically check for missing buffs. Buff button controls are: RF button: Left click = cast RF Mouse scroll = RF on/off Aura/Seal button: Left click = cast Aura Shift + Mouse scroll = change Aura Right click = cast Seal Mouse Scroll = change Seal Buff-button: Left click = 60 minute buff Shift...
POMAssist Frame


Oct 23, 2010 Feu Deleted Embedded library
POMAssist was originally developed by mwinburn02. You can find older releases on Curse. With the new 4.0.1 patch POMAssist wasn't working anymore. I sent a private message to the original author even if I wasn't too hopeful about a reply because the addon has not been updated for some time now... POMAssist is an addon for Priests that tracks Prayer of Mending casts. Overview The frame shows a Prayer of Mending button. This button can be used to cast the spell on your current target, and will...
Milling bar


Jan 07, 2011 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
Displays various useful bars at the bottom of your tradeskill frame, depending on your professions. Implemented so far: Jewelcrafting - Prospecting Inscription - Milling Leatherworking - Upgrading Leather Enchanting - Disenchanting Important: ProfessionBars should automatically adjust to tradeskill window replacement addons. If it doesn't adjust to one of your addons, please comment or file a ticket with the name of the addon. Beta Testing: The Blacksmithing/Mining bar is now in beta testing....


Jan 29, 2011 pigmonkey Abandoned Embedded library
PutricidePlague was designed to simplify the passing of the plague debuff on the Heroic Putricide fight. The main idea is that the addon displays optimal candidates for passing the Unbound Plague. It works by choosing the closest person to the person currently plagued under the following conditions: The player will not have the Plague Sickness debuff when it is time to pass it The player is alive and online The player is not effected by Gaseous Bloat or Volatile Ooze Adhesive The player is a...

PopUp Reminder

May 01, 2011 Firemedic914 Abandoned Embedded library
PopUp Reminder PopUp Reminder started as simple login reminder. PopUp Reminder will allow you to set a reminder (per character) that will pop up the next time you log in. But now, it will also scan your reagents (symbols, seeds, candles, etc) as you are about to embark on your adventures and remind you to purchase more if needed. Now Includes Poisons, Potions, Flask, and Elixirs! Once installed, go to the configuration screen by either ctrl-clicking the minimap icon or type /reminder config...

Paw Power

Jun 29, 2011 kliegs Abandoned Embedded library
Provides a graphical interface to managing combat resses between multiple druids in a res. A list of all druids show up and their combat res timers. The raid leader can then click or drag to indicate which druid should res which target. A "next available druid" mode also works to quickly indicate res without doing a special assignment.


Sep 02, 2011 Jabouty Deleted Embedded library
From common rats to handy tracking of your extermination efforts, let PestControl keep track for you! PestControl was requested by my guildies, and they have not stopped bugging me yet (Valvoodoo, Samwitagat, Jett and others); so I decided to go ahead and write it up. The basics are that it tracks anytime you kill a "critter". It keeps track of how many you've killed since installing the addon, what your highest regular hit on a critter was (and what critter it was and ability used), what...