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Jul 30, 2016 jebus905 Release Embedded library
Easily mail friends, guild members, alts and others. Features:Remembers last recipient and fills it in each time Adds a drop-down menu to the recipient box. This drops down 4 categories: Alts, Friends, Guild, Other Log in as each alt to get it listed in the Alts list Delivery notification (sound optional) for items sent to non-alts Right-click on a message in the summary window to collect items and money (one at a time) Displays total money received once the mailbox window is closed Options...


Jul 23, 2016 curseuser1 Release Embedded library
Janitor assists in keeping your inventory tidy by selling off grey items and seasonal bag pollution such as Hallow's End masks.


Jul 20, 2016 jebus905 Beta Embedded library
JebusMiniMapCoords produces a small (relocatable) window under the MiniMap that displays your character's current coordinates. Since Cartographer is (more or less) dead, I've re-written my Cartographer_MiniMap_Coords addon to be independent. All settings are now in the Blizzard Interface/Addons section. Note: Right-Click + Drag to relocate the coordinates window.


Oct 17, 2014 Sorha2 Release Embedded library
JHide provides you with the ability to show and hide other addons by calling scripts assigned to one of its 4 buttons. You can create scripts for other addons and assign them to a button of your choice. The tricky bit is finding a script that hides/shows the other addon :( Functionality: You click the buttons around the orb to show/hide addons individually. Clicking the orb will show or hide all addons. Typing /jh will open the options panel allowing frame movement, script creation etc....


Oct 16, 2014 DesertDwarf Release Embedded library
JunkDrop Description Drops the cheapest junk item including calculating stack totals. For example, if you have a slot with a single 10 copper item and another slot with six 2 copper items totaling 12 coppers, then the 10 copper item is the cheaper of the two slots in total and JunkDrop will drop that item. If there are multiple items in that single slot, it will drop them all. It will scan your inventory one item at a time, finding the lowest-priced junk (grey) item. Note: When I explained...
Nest Announcer Table

Ji-Kun Nest Announcer

Jul 30, 2013 BlueWarlord Abandoned Embedded library
This add-on is used for the Ji-Kun 25-man heroic fight. It announces to raid members, which nest they should visit at the correct moment in time. For a 10-man heroic version of the add-on, see xLevante's add-on. Prerequisites: - Add-on user must be a raid leader or raid assistent - Add-on user must have Deadly Boss Mods installed. Usage: - Place raid markers as depicted in this image, - Assign platform tanks, platform healer, flying tank, and spare dps/healer in the add-on options menu -...
Mount configuration pane

JSIE - JS' Interface Enhancements

Jul 20, 2013 _JS_ Abandoned Embedded library
JSIE - JS' Interface Enhancements For support: - Automatically repairs when opening repair vendors (using guild or personal funds). - Auto-Mount slash command to properly select ground/flying/water mounts at random or by selection. - Adds spell ID to tooltips. - Adds coordinates to world map showing cursor and current location with decimals. - Adds coordinates to the minimap with option to only show on hover (disappears after 10 seconds) - Adds hover-bind support for key...

JSMD - JS' Misdirection

Jul 20, 2013 _JS_ Abandoned Embedded library
JSMD - JS' Misdirection For support: Adds right-click misdirection cast on unit frames. [NOTE: Use Alt/Shift/Ctrl Click to get the normal menu on a frame!] By default, all unit frames are supported, minus the Target frame and player frame. You can edit the config.lua if you wish to have chat notifications turned on (off by default). Chat Notifications Supported: (edit config.lua to enable these) Misdirection cast (and who), expired / unused / used on a player. Misdirection...

Jogu Predictions

Jun 14, 2013 Choonster Abandoned Embedded library
Description Jogu Predictions records Jogu the Drunk's current crop prediction when you speak to him and shares this with other users of the AddOn. This allows you to know his prediction without talking to him (which can save you some gold if you're not Best Friends with him), as long as someone else using the AddOn has talked to him and asked for his prediction recently. Version 1.1.0 saves Jogu's predictions between sessions, so once you've talked to Jogu on one character, you can view his...
Many Pets! Handle It!

Jaedia's Menagerie

Dec 09, 2011 EthanCentaurai Inactive Embedded library
What It Does This addon adds a blacklist feature to the in-game "/randompet" slash command. Simply drag and drop companions you don't want to show off into the Blacklist to prevent it from being chosen. Why Did You Make This? I made this addon as I was spamming the "/randompet" command one day and it chose my Guild Page companion at one point. This companion has a four-hour cooldown and it got wasted thanks to the random number generator. This addon originally started as a safety check to...
JukeBox Icon


Feb 01, 2010 xilcoy Abandoned Embedded library
JukeBox lets you play World of Warcraft's built-in sound files, or those available from other addons using LibSharedMedia-3.0, from a file-browser like window. It can be used just for fun, or by addon developers to find a good built-in WoW sound. The most useful feature for a normal user is the ability to add the built-in sounds to LibSharedMedia-3.0's database. Other addons that use the shared media library will be able to play any WoW sound that the user has added.


Jan 08, 2010 tsigo Abandoned Embedded library
JuggyCompare JuggyCompare is a World of Warcraft addon that makes Juggernaut's Loot Factor data available to officers in-game. This allows more informed loot decisions without forcing each officer to tab out to the website, compare any number of members who sent on an item, and then tabbing back to discuss their opinion with other officers. The loot factor data is pulled from JuggyCompare_Data.lua, and I've included an example of the expected format in case you want to try to replicate it....


May 26, 2009 Compost Abandoned Embedded library
JustPictureIt is a drawing competition minigame/whiteboarding addon. It's in an early development stage, but some of the planned functionality includes: - Invite your friends to play. Each person taking turns, the computer will pick a word for you, and ask you to draw it within a time limit. Points go to the person who guesses the word first + the person drawing it, based on how fast they guess. - Cool advanced drawing features, including transparency, calligraphy-style pens, spray cans,...


Jun 17, 2011 Wooogeek Alpha Optional dependency
JunkBot's work is to tidy up your bags and sell all the crappy grey stuff to vendors when you right-clik on them. ! IN DEVELLOPEMENT ! For the moment, it just does nothing... On the todo list : Actually do its job :). Destroy the lowest price object when picking up something and your bags are full. Cook food for when I'm coding.
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