Reverse relationships




Nov 20, 2008 feithar Deleted Embedded library
Adds the ability to filter items using LibPeriodicTable-3.1.


Jan 28, 2009 exor674 Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of your epics (and other qualities).


Apr 18, 2009 jrray Abandoned Embedded library
A logging mechanism for raids. Logs the start time, instance name, running time, players present, and every item (rare or better) looted during the course of the raid. Entries are separated by location and players present. The names of joining and departing players are highlighted between entries. Logged drops show the name of the recipient, have an item tooltip, and are linkable into chat.


Jun 06, 2009 Barfolomeu Abandoned Embedded library
This addon is now DEPRECATED!! Please use TomTomPing instead! I'm leaving the page up for historical purposes. FriendlyArrow Sets up TomTom's Crazy Arrow to always point to a raid or party member via a configurable key binding or slash command. Uses: Track a friend you're healbotting in Alterac Valley. (Yes, this works in battlegrounds!) Find a player who needs a battle res. Find the tank that's ranged you and desperately needs a heal in a large instance. (Yes, this works in instances too!)...


Jun 08, 2009 Cybey Abandoned Embedded library
Still in beta In raids people sometimes use the addon FailBot. For each "failure" on an boss ability in encounters it displays one line for each character failing this. This is often spamming the raid chat. What this addon will do is fetch all the users and display them in one line instead. Updates: 1.0c: - Now working as intended - Code optimization/cleanup - Can highlight own character Example: [RA] User1 fails at Ability (2) [RA] User2 fails at Ability (5) [RA] User3 fails at Ability (3)...


Aug 06, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
A simplistic clock. German Translation: Chinkuwaila Features Local time Server time UTC time Can show either local or server or both times in the text. TO INSTALL: Put the FuBar_ClockFu folder into \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\
Auto Loot (/fs3g)


Aug 20, 2009 x87bliss Abandoned Embedded library
Abstract: FSwapper3 (Fishing Swapper) will automatically switch from a Fishing Pole to the weapons you had equipped last when you enter combat. If this switch occurs, once you leave combat your fishing pole will be equipped automatically. This makes it so if a high level mob, or another player, attacks you while you're fishing - you don't waste time searching for your weapons in your bags. Additionally, there is an "Auto Loot" feature that applies only to Fishing Loot (from right clicking...

Faction Transfer Analyzer

Sep 25, 2009 Ackis Mature Embedded library
What it does The Faction Transfer Analyzer assists with an automatic comparison of the changes that will occur should you choose to transfer your characters factions. Blizzard has provided a detailed explanation here however if you're worried about your reputations, or mounts, it may take you a long time to analyze what will occur when you transfer. That's where this addon comes into play. It will assist you by providing a summary of what will change based off your characters current status....

Flame Turn In

Oct 20, 2009 Trellmor Abandoned Embedded library
Flame Turn In This add on automatically accepts and finished the Midsummer Fire Festival quests Honor the Flame and Desecrate this Fire and the Hallow's End quest Candy Bucket!. Usage As soon as you open the gossip dialogue at a Horde Bonfire, Alliance Bonfire, a Flame Keeper or a Candy Bucket it will accept the quest and finishes it. No configuration, no output, nothing else.


Dec 09, 2009 HunterZ Abandoned Embedded library
Description Transparently creates LDB ("LibDataBroker") feeds from all of your FuBar plugins so that they can be shown on LDB displays of your choice instead of on FuBar. See this forum thread for general info on LDB. Usage FuBar2Broker is meant to be completely transparent. If FuBar2Broker is running, you should see LDB feeds for all of your loaded FuBar plugins listed in your LDB display(s). NOTE: Many FuBar plugins require an actual addon named "FuBar" to load as a dependency, and will...


Dec 09, 2009 Belazor Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of instances you are saved to on your characters.
Info Tooltip - Summary


Dec 13, 2009 sylvanaar Abandoned Embedded library
Primarily oriented to users, and as a reference for other developers on using LibFail-1.0. Failboat is an implementation of the FailBot mod using LibFail-1.0, LibSink-2.0, LibDataBroker-1.1, and Ace 3.0, and an attempt to make a locale neutral implementation of FailBot possible (via LibFail) The list of fails has increased to 75+, covering most of the level 80 raid zones. For a list - have a look at the LibFail-1.0 description Remember - this is meant to be used to inject a bit of...


Dec 15, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of your current location. German translation: Chinkuwaila TO INSTALL: Put the FuBar_LocationFu folder into \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ Embedded Libraries: TouristLib by Boss. Features: Shows you current zone/subzone. Shows status of the current area. Shows the standard latitude, longitude coordinates for WoW, for both your current position, and if viewing the map, the position under your cursor. Shows the level range of your current zone. Shows the instances in your...
FDLoot Bid Frame


Jan 31, 2010 Jarus Abandoned Embedded library
The guild Fast and Deadly (EU-Ambossar) prefers for Suicide Kings loot system and we encountered the WoW Addon SKG developed by Zhinjio. It´s a very nice addon, but we wanted to change many things to individually implent it to our guild. We startet our own loot system with advanced features for personal use inside the guild. Because we got a lot of request to the modified features, we have decided to put the new FD Lootsystem for other guilds to provide. At our Realm the Lootsystem is very...


Feb 15, 2010 DWSR Alpha Embedded library
TL;DR This addon is a rotation helper framework. If you are looking for a proper rotation helper with out of the box functionality, look elsewhere. Description I plan to make this addon accomplish a task similar to oUF, only instead of applying it towards unit frames, I intend to apply it towards rotation helpers. It is meant to be a class and talent neutral framework that will allow a user to add a list of spells to cast and conditions under which to cast them, and have suggestions displayed...


Apr 03, 2010 Chack Abandoned Embedded library
Fleetwood Loot System How to use FLS Turn on master looter (you need to be the ML) When an item drops that is above the filter threshold, a new window will pop up (the master frame) You can click a button "Request". Everyone in the raid with this addon installed will get a similar popup (the slave frame) They can now see the loot, and select need/offspec/pass for each item The ML needs to select an item in his master frame to see the demand for this item In the list of people who selected...


May 30, 2010 Borlox Abandoned Tool used
FortressLauncher is a simple quicklauncher for Fortress. A left click opens the configuration of Fortress.
FriendsFu in action

FuBar - FriendsFu

Jul 28, 2010 Elkano Inactive Embedded library
FriendsFu has been superseded by ElkFriends: WoWAce / Curse
Main Window


Oct 14, 2010 NowhereRx7 Abandoned Embedded library
Throw all those PostIt(tm) notes away! This FuBar plugin allows you to have up to 100 notes saved that are available on all your toons. The FuBar tooltip will also show the note that you were last looking at (which is also saved between characters). P.S. This is my first addon, so it could probably use some enhancements. v1.22 General - Updated TOC for v4.0.1 4.0.1 break/fix - Updated reference in code that caused the window not to open when clicked on in FuBar. 4.0.1 break/fix - Updated...
A row of Fortress blocks


Oct 14, 2010 Borlox Abandoned Tool used
Fortress is a display addon for LDB data feeds. It shows each plugin as a block, which is freely movable and can stick to other blocks. Blocks can be unstuck by holding the ctrl-key while dragging them. Commands: Use /fortress or /ft to open the configuration (also accessible via Main Menu -> Interface -> Addons -> Fortress). Configuration: The configuration has two parts: The master settings and the individual plugin settings. At first each option is controlled by the master settings and...