Reverse relationships




Dec 29, 2008 yssaril Abandoned Embedded library
What is Critters? Critters is the answer to the question of "How do i chose a Pet Companion out of the all the once i have". So how does Critters accomplish this? Create a global macro called Critters assign a random critter to the macro each time we summon a critter we reassign a random critter to the macro in the options you can set a priority for each critter so that your favorite one shows up more often also optionally you may have the macro switch to a combat macro during combat any...


Jun 07, 2009 rapidgame Abandoned Embedded library
Congratz This is an Ace3 based addon that I wrote to avoid constantly typing "gratz". It started off as a small addon for me to use personally as well as an opportunity for me to practice programming. The code is quite simple and commented, so it should serve as a good example if you're beginning to code in Lua. Features Automatically responds when players in your guild earn an achievement. Randomly picks a message from a user customizable message table. Has a configurable random delay...


Jun 13, 2009 ambethia Abandoned Embedded library
Master loot addon, based on EPGPLootmaster, minus all of the EPGP features. To be done: Confirmation dialog for loot EZ-disenchant button (I can't be bothered to right click on the guild enchanter and pick the right item all the time)


Aug 05, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
CowTip is a customizeable, tag-based tooltip addon. It is based on Rock and other libraries of the community. It is currently in beta. CowTip isn't meant to be the smallest addon humanly possible, but it will be clean, configurable, and have the same polish I afford my other addons.
Durotar and Barrens

Cartographer 3.0

Aug 05, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
This is a map addon for World of Warcraft that replaces the map and offers shiny features. The idea is for it to work very much like Google Maps, only in-game. Cartographer 3.0 is brand new, "experimental" version of Cartographer. Video:
ChannelLock Configuration


Aug 10, 2009 Quaiche Abandoned Embedded library
About ChannelLock Have you ever found that the channels you’re joined to changes without any rhyme or reason? Or that you log over to another toon and don’t have the channels you had on your main? Or maybe they change channel numbers and what used to be in /4 is now in /5? ChannelLock was created to solve these problems. You simply provide the channel names and associated chat frames and it does the rest. Slash Commands Slash Command Description /channellock Opens the ChannelLock...

Custom Loot Points - Viewer

Sep 05, 2009 Infrael Alpha Embedded library
Viewer for the Custom Loot Points (clp). Custom Loot Points aims to be a highly flexible loot distribution system. Allowing raid leaders to configure where, when and how they want to give points and how points are subtracted when loot is distributed. This is very much work in progress and at the moment aims to mimic the behaviour of classic dkp system and SuicideKings.

Custom Loot Points - Control

Sep 05, 2009 Infrael Alpha Embedded library
Control unit for the Custom Loot Points (clp). This is the main component that manages all the points and configuration. Only needed for raid leaders, others are best advised to use the Viewer component. Custom Loot Points aims to be a highly flexible loot distribution system. Allowing raid leaders to configure where, when and how they want to give points and how points are subtracted when loot is distributed. This is very much work in progress and at the moment aims to mimic the behaviour of...


Dec 08, 2009 Jaliborc Abandoned Required dependency
A small library for registering and firing custom callbacks (Documentation on progress)


Dec 08, 2009 Jaliborc Mature Required dependency
ClassHandler is a small library which makes easier the creation of objects with common methods, in a similar way how frame classes behave. Getting Started API List

Calendar for Broker

Dec 09, 2009 LordFarlander Abandoned Embedded library
A conversion of Calendar_Fubar by wish to DataBroker. Shows all events up to 60 days, and colors them by type. Clicking on it will open the Calendar.


Dec 10, 2009 andreasg Abandoned Embedded library
A simple interface for unitframe click casting.
Transparency on - Nagrand


Dec 15, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
CARTOGRAPHER HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED FOR 3.3!!! DO NOT CREATE BUG REPORTS SAYING IT IS BROKEN! There are no plans to do any major bug fixes for Cartographer (v2 or v3). If there is an update it will only be a minor fix. (It has already been this way since at least 2008.) Cartographer(v2) uses an outdated framework that will not be updated in the case of major breakages so Cartographer(v2) would require a complete rewrite. Neither of the two main developers (Ckknight and Arrowmaster) have the...
Welcome to Crafts


Jan 05, 2010 pb_ee1 Abandoned Embedded library
The purpose of this AddOn is to offer to its users an easy way to know the crafts that the members of the guild can do. It is aimed to answer to at least these questions: Who can make this item? What are the needed reagents for this craft? Is an offline player able to make the item I want? When using Crafts, you auto-magically share all your professions to other players running the AddOn, and they do as well. You can then easily search within all this data and find your needs in a few seconds.


Jan 22, 2010 calidore_arygos_eu Abandoned Embedded library
Discontinued: You can find its successor here. Copilot is a framework for modules designed to alleviate some of the tedious tasks players might face every day. Modules These modules, developed by the author of Copilot, are currently known to be available: Copilot_ArgentTournament (view on CurseForge) Copilot_Brunnhildar (view on CurseForge) Copilot_IcecrownCitadel (view on CurseForge) Copilot_TrialOfTheChampion (view on CurseForge) Copilot_UlduarTeleporters (view on CurseForge) Feedback...
Chimera Used - 1


Apr 06, 2010 Sihjane Deleted Embedded library
A simple addon that tries to track the cooldown on Chimera Shot - Scorpid (Disarm) for hunters, based on ChimWatch by Terreo. Supports for self announcements: Blizzard Combat Text MikScrollingBattleText Scrolling Combat Text For party announcements: Party Raid Raid Warning It should not try to send to party/raid if you aren't in one, and should not give errors like 'You are not in a group' etc. Note: It only tracks successful disarms since I'm not sure if the 1 min cooldown will be started on...


Jun 14, 2010 Chimaine Abandoned Embedded library
cAspects The successor of cAspectOfTheViper. cAspects helps you to manage all your aspects, not just Viper. Eg it warns you to turn of Cheetah/Pack in combat. cAspects is still beta status. If you dont like unstable and incomplete addons, wait for the first release! Features - Focus on low memory and cpu usage. (Core: 21kb. All modules loaded: 75kb) - Core addon that handles buff checking etc - Several plugins that you can freely choose to enable or disable - Simple API to write your own...


Jul 03, 2010 Asteaguinity Deleted Embedded library
ClassSkills ClassSkills, as it's title suggests, is a World of Warcraft addon, that allows its user to view all skills and talents of every class ingame. New trainable skills can be shown on levelup, skills from level x to level y can be listed, and you can even search a certain class for a certain skill. Inspired by Skills, written by Xager <ClassSkills>: Usage: [level] [class] [maxlevel] - level: Which level to display, default is your own level - class: Which class to display, default is...

ClassTimer Eclipse

Sep 27, 2010 rindy Abandoned Embedded library
ClassTimer Eclipse is a small addon for balance druids. It utilizes [[classtimer:Main|ClassTimer]] to display the internal cooldown of the Eclipse abilities. It has no configuration and should work on all locales, though the displayed text is not localized (yet). Since ClassTimer does not offer a public API to add custom bars, this addon hooks into some undocumented methods, wich means it may stop working when ClassTimer is updated.


Oct 14, 2010 Borlox Abandoned Embedded library
Small addon to copy chat lines. CCopy has some configuration options, but you have to edit the file Core.lua in the CCopy directory to change them. Configuration options MARKER Line 14 Default: "*" The "bit to click" that is displayed before the chat line. SHOW_TIME Line 17 Default: false Set this to true if you want to have the time displayed before chat lines instead of the marker string. TIME_FMT Line 20 Default: "[%H:%M:%S]" The format string for Lua's date function. See...