This is a repackaging of StrataFix into a library, for embedding within other addons. The library provides a fix for Blizzard's intermittent and notorious CreateFrame bug which can break the default UI and the UI of many addons. The library has absolutely no visible effect on the UI aside from fixing the bug when it arises.

Usage Instructions:
This library currently has no API. Simply loading the library will activate the fix.

Addon Embedding Instructions: Embed this library as usual.
Add an external to your .pkgmeta (assuming the WowAce packager):

    libs\LibStrataFix: svn://

Then add to your toc:

## X-Embeds: LibStrataFix
## OptionalDeps: LibStrataFix

and embed.xml:

<Include file="libs\LibStrataFix\lib.xml"/>

6.0/WoD Update: The bug in Blizzard frames remains in WoW version 6.0.2, and this library remains an effective workaround for it.

Please direct all comments and bug reports to the StrataFix project.


Date created
Mar 14, 2012
Last updated
Apr 01, 2016