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API Azethoth Azethoth Oct 30, 2008
Groups Groups allow you to only group to specific frames. Groups can be anything, true, false or nil will make your frame stick to all frames while anything else will only make frames with the same group sticky. If group is a table it can contain the other frames it can stick to but not part of the group like so. Alternativly if there is only 1 additional frame it can stick to, set the group as the frame Examples :SetFrameGroup(frame, true) :SetFrameGroup(frame, "MyFrameGroup")...
Callbacks Azethoth Azethoth Oct 30, 2008
Example LibStickyFrames.RegisterCallback(addon, "eventName"[, method[, arg]]) function addon:method([arg, ]"eventName", callbackArgs) -- Do stuff here end See [[CallbackHandler-1.0/User_API]] for more Events OnSetGroup Args group: Remarks Fired when the sticky group is set. You can use lib:IsFrameGroup(frame, group) and lib:InFrameGroup(frame, group) to check if it applies to your frames OnClick Args event: "OnClick" frame: The frame that is being clicked button: The button that caused the...
CommonUI Azethoth Azethoth Oct 31, 2008
These are libraries and interface features that authors should consider implementing to provide a consistent interface across mods. ButtonFacade LibKeyBound-1.0 / LibKeyBoundExtra-1.0 / KeyBoundExtra-1.0 LibStickyFrames-2.0 FadeOut LibDataBroker-1.1 LibDBIcon-1.0
FadeOut Azethoth Azethoth Oct 30, 2008
FadeOut lets UI elements fade out over time and come back under various circumstances. The code is simple and not really library worthy. The sample here is based on AutoBar Links CommonUI FadeOut Sample Code Your mod needs to supply the following values and a UI to let the user set them: alpha - the regular alpha setting fadeOut - true if enabled, nil otherwise fadeOutCancelInCombat fadeOutCancelOnShift fadeOutCancelOnCtrl fadeOutCancelOnAlt fadeOutTime - How long the fade takes to go from...
Main wowaceSVN Azethoth Sep 07, 2009
A library to manage snappy dragging & sticking of frames across multiple mods. Links LibStickyFrames-2.0/API LibStickyFrames-2.0/Callbacks LibStickyFrames Forum CommonUI LibStickyFrames-2.0 vs LibStickyFrames-1.0 Complete API Change Insets are taken into account when checking overlapping. Overlays are created by the mod and recycled when not in use Grouping can be added, it's potentially very powerful yet can be very simple Overlays are coloured based on whether the frames are enabled or not,...
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