Change log

2010-11-27  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

[3b645034f8d2] [tip]
* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Added support for DATE and TIMESTAMP field types
Added functions LibSQL_To_Date, LibSQL_From_Date, LibSQL_To_Timestamp, LibSQL_From_Timestamp

2010-11-26  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Added support for both SQL sorting flavors (ORDER BY / SORT BY)

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Optimizing some tools
Added BLOB and TABLE to the list of valid field types

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Small fix to res:Fetch() to use the optional namespace declared in AS statements in Libsql:Acquire.

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Added an external ID holder for better preserving the structure of acquired Lua tables.

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Fixed a bug where LibSQL:Acquire would pass on all field types as STRING (thus borking the searches).

2010-11-25  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Disabling some debugging output.

2010-11-24  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Set LibSQL_Conform_Data to return the raw value of unknown field types.

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Updating LibSQL_Resource_Next_Objectified to work with LibSQL:Acquire

2010-11-23  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Fixed a few glitches in the search functions when using Acquire().
Added the "AT" parameter for specifying an alternate field order.

* LibSQL-1.0.lua LibSQL-1.0.toc

Added LibSQL:Acquire(tableName, pointer, args) for using the SQL library on regular Lua tables.

2010-11-22  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

INSERT statements now work, yay.

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Added support for REMOVE statement.
REMOVE, SELECT and UPDATE now supports LIMIT and SORT parameters.

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Optimizing the INSERT handling

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Fixed a bug where the search clause would always evaluate to true.
Added LibSQL_Resource:Update

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

SELECT statements (and LibSQL_Resource:Select) now accepts conventional SQL SELECT parameters (SELECT name, level as smurf, COUNT(*), ...)

2010-11-21  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

* LibSQL-1.0.lua LibSQL-1.0.toc

Removed LibStub dependency

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

LibSQL_Resource:Select now accepts "*" and "field, field, field..."

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Added LibSQL_Resource:Sort
Search clauses are now cached for faster searches

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Added LibSQL_Resource:Insert, LibSQL_Resource_Convert.
Sandboxed the comparison function in LibSQL_Resource:Find

2010-11-20  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

added LibSQL_Resource:Limit(a,b)
changed LibSQL:_Delete to LibSQL:_Drop to avoid confusion
Hollowed out the resource object some more

2010-11-17  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Support for SQL statements REMOVE (prototype), DROP, TRUNCATE

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Added functions LibSQL_Validate_Field_Name, LibSQL_Set_Weak_Table, LibSQL_Field_Exists, LibSQL_Field_Valid_Type, LibSQL_Field_Valid_Flag, LibSQL_Parse_Alter, LibSQL_Resource:Flush, LibSQL:_Create, LibSQL:_Alter
Support for SQL statements CREATE, ALTER

* LibSQL-1.0.lua

Added upvalues, LibSQL_Resource:Flush(), LibSQL:_Get(tbl)

2010-11-16  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

* .docmeta, LibSQL-1.0.lua

screw you, .docmeta!
fixing some typos

* .docmeta:

Work, damnit!

* .docmeta, LibSQL-1.0.lua

Adding docmeta (if the documenter works now)
Added some reserved words.

* LibSQL-1.0.lua LibSQL-1.0.toc

Initial commit of the resource object.
Added functions [LibSQL_Resource:]Rows(), Fetch(), FetchArray(), FetchObject(), Seek(), Rewind()

2010-11-14  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

* .pkgmeta, LibSQL-1.0.lua LibSQL-1.0.toc

Initial commit + prototypes


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