This library is basically deprecated. Addons using it should consider switching to LibResInfo-1.0, which does not depend on other group members having anything installed.

Keeps track of resurrection spells cast in a group. Uses the CTRA protocol for communication. Does not send messages when oRA2 or CTRA is enabled.


originally written by DathRarhek, updated and improved by Myrroddin and Phanx

Mists of Pandaria

This version is backwards compatible, code-wise, but will only work on WoW 5.0.4. Please note the altered _ResEnd callback!

Code Examples:

-- API
IsUnitBeingRessed(unit) -- returns boolean, resser
-- Callbacks
ResComm_ResStart(event, resser, endTime, target)
ResComm_ResEnd(event, resser, target, complete) -- complete, boolean, true if successful
ResComm_Ressed(event, name)
ResComm_CanRes(event, name, typeToken, typeString)
ResComm_ResExpired(event, name)

See the API description page for more information.

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