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API taleden taleden Jan 31, 2009
Last Updated: 2009-01-31 for 1.0.0 Class Methods <class>:Extend() Defines a new subclass by extending this class. The new subclass will inherit any properties and methods defined on this class or any of its superclasses (including the base class), and will also provide a "prototype" table on which properties and methods may be defined that will be inherited by all objects of the class or its subclasses. This method may be overridden. An implementor overriding this method must return the...
AutoAPI/ Jul 28, 2009
LibOOP/ Jul 28, 2009
LibOOP taleden taleden Jul 28, 2009
Getting Started taleden taleden Jan 31, 2009
Last Updated: 2009-01-31 for 1.0.0 Getting Started with LibOOP LibOOP is framework-independent; its only dependency is LibStub, so you'll start by getting a handle for the library. For alpha builds, you'll need: local liboop = LibStub("LibOOP-1.0-alpha") while beta and release builds will be available as: local liboop = LibStub("LibOOP-1.0") This separation ensures that your addon or library can embed a stable version of LibOOP, and not worry about some other addon replacing it with a...
Main taleden taleden Jan 09, 2009
LibOOP The LibOOP library provides basic object-oriented programming features in Lua (classes, objects, and simple inheritance). It is meant to offer a framework-independent, lighter-weight (but less featureful) alternative to AceOO-2. Documentation Getting Started API Discussion WoWAce Forum Thread
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