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.pkgmeta Cyprias Cyprias Jul 02, 2011
In your plugin's pkgmeta file, add the following. externals: libs/LibNameplate-1.0: url: svn:// tag: latest That will pull LibNameplate's latest tagged version into the "libs" folder in your plugin's folder. I recommend pulling the tagged version because it's likely to be more stable then the latest alpha version out.
API Cyprias Cyprias Mar 14, 2011
Find nameplate functions lib:GetTargetNameplate() Get the user's current target's nameplate. Note: this may not be reliable when PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED fires. Use the LibNameplate_TargetNameplate callback. Arguments None Return value: frame: nameplate frame. lib:GetNameplateByGUID(GUID) Get a nameplate of a GUID. For LibNP to know a nameplate's GUID, the user must target/mouseover the nameplate. Arguments GUID: GUID from UnitGUID or combatlog. Return value: frame: nameplate frame....
Callbacks Cyprias Cyprias Feb 20, 2012
Callbacks LibNameplate_NewNameplate Fires when a new nameplate appears on the screen. Args frame: Nameplate frame LibNameplate_RecycleNameplate Fires when a nameplate is hidden. Any GUIDs linked to this nameplate are no longer valid. Args frame: Nameplate frame LibNameplate_FoundGUID Fires when a GUID has been linked a nameplate. Args frame: Nameplate frame GUID: GUID that's linked to the nameplate. unitID: The unitID the GUID is from. LibNameplate_TargetNameplate Fires when user targets a...
Example Cyprias Cyprias Aug 27, 2010
LUA code local LibNP = LibStub("LibNameplate-1.0", true) function MyAddon:OnEnable() LibNP.RegisterCallback(self, "LibNameplate_NewNameplate") end function MyAddon:LibNameplate_NewNameplate(_, plate) local plateName = LibNP:GetName(plate) local plateLevel = LibNP:GetLevel(plate) print(plateName.." is on screen!", "They're level "..plateLevel..".") end pgkmeta libs/LibNameplate-1.0: url: svn:// tag: latest embeds.xml <Include...
GetAllNameplates() example Cyprias Cyprias Mar 14, 2011
lib:GetAllNameplates() local function WorkOnAllNameplates() local frames = {LibNameplate:GetAllNameplates()} local pName for i, frame in ipairs(frames) do pName = LibNameplate:GetName(frame) print(frame.."'s name is "..pName..".") end end NOTE: The above example creates a new table every time the function runs. Your plugin's memory usage may skyrocket if the function's called too rapidly. The below example doesn't have the table problem. local WorkOnAllNameplates do local pName function...
Known issues Cyprias Cyprias Jul 03, 2010
Aloft Aloft disables mouse on frames which prevents us from getting mouseover GUID dNameplates None as of dNameplates r7 caelNameplates cN steals our OnShow/OnHide/OnUpdate hooks. (they use SetScript instead of HookScript). LibNP rehooks broken hooks. cN changes the healthbar color which breaks our GetType, GetReaction & GetClass API. I've requested they save the original colors.
Main Cyprias Archarodim Mar 04, 2015
NOTE: LibNameplate is no longer supported, if you need a library to access nameplates you should take a look at libNameplateRegistry The goal of LibNameplate is to let you pull info from nameplates and/or add frames to nameplates. Replacing whole nameplates is probably out of it's scope. Some features of LibNampelate are: LibNameplate keeps track of when nameplates are shown / hidden and has callbacks for these events. LibNameplate provides API to pull info from nameplates such as the name,...
Nameplate GUID's Cyprias Cyprias Jul 07, 2010
We use a few methods to link nameplates with GUIDs. When user targets a mob, their nameplate stands out from the rest. We find the nameplate that stands out to find the GUID. When user mouseover a nameplate, it lights up. We detect which nameplate is highlighted to get GUID. When check for raid icons on nameplates and link it to group targets that match the raid icon. When a nameplate appears on screen, We match the current & max HP to group targets. When a nameplate's HP changes, we match...
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