Change log

tag 1.0
Adirelle <>
2013-11-20 09:31:12 +0100

Tagging as 1.0.


    - Hopefully fixed .docmeta.
    - Tell the packager to fetch the translations from wowace.
    - Use a local table for localization.
    - Added some Luadoc.
    - Use the same names of for library methods and embedded methods.
    Yet keep the old library names for BC.
    - README typos.
    - Added a README file.
    - Preparing for the wowace packager and documenter.
    - TOC update: interface version, x-headers, now load on demand.
    - Licensed with GPL v3.
    - Properly restrict OnEmbedEnable and OnEmbedDisable to the frames of the enabled/disabled addon.
    - Typos and leaked debug print.
    - Always show connectors ; showing them as anchors if a frame is relative to UIParent.
    Also fixed issues caused by scale for once.
    - Calculate texture paths at the same place.
    - Create overlays connector in UIParent to avoid scaling issues.
    - Do not show connectors to UIParent.
    - Provide a pretty line texture for connectors between overlays
    - Removed trailing whitespaces.
    - Do not choked if the user-defined database is not available at registration.
    - Keep quiet when failing to remove defaults at PLAYER_LOGOUT.
    - Now with the proper texture path...
    - Fixed library path detection.
    - Display neat connectors between frames that are connected together.
    - Darken overlays that are anchored (e.g. tied) to another frame.
    - Properly show the "enable" option as a checkbox.
    - Added a border to the overlays.
    - Added a "update" argument to .SetMovable, so target are moved to their saved/default position.
    - Accept a function as anchor. This function will be called when spawning the overlay with the target frame as parameter and should return the anchor frame.
    - Properly interact with AceAddon-3.0 addons.
    - lib.SetMovable(target, flag) allows to enable/disabling moving of target.
    - Properly test combat lockdown when updating overlay.
    - Properly update and reset layout of not-yet-spawned overlays.
    - Fixed the couple of issues introduced by previous change.
    - Drycoded some callbacks and the possibility to pass a table as overlay database.
    - Hide the tooltip when starting to move.
    - Fixed a typo and added a new embeddable method: ResetMovableLayout.
    - Fixed embed method.
    - Added an API that allows to enable and to disable frames.
    - TOC bump.
    - Now directly checks frame:CanChangeProtectedState().
    - Fixed TOC.
    - Fixed possible bug when anchoring to parent.
    - Fixed centering code.
    - Use a menu dropdown instead of a list dropdown, and made it more compact.
    - Added menu entries to center horizontally and vertically.
    - Added overlay menu on right-click. Added some localization.
    - Revamped overlay spawning and upgrading.
    - Moved movement modifier test in OnMouseDown.
    - Now shows coordinates when moving. Using Shift or Control when starting to drag locks X or Y coordinates.
    - Fixed iterator infinite loop, again.
    - First version.


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Nov 20, 2013
Game version
  • 5.4.1
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