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Jul 01, 2015 LordFarlander Abandoned Embedded library
Coconuts adds a button to your interface that smartly decides a random mount for you. If you're in Outland and have a flying mount, it will pick it! Also lets you dismount. Easy switching to a slower mount or to a ground mount if you need to. To pick your next slowest mount, hold down (default) Shift and click the button. To pick your ground mount while in an area which allows flying and you have a flying mount, hold down (default) Alt. To dismount while on a flying mount, hold down Shift,...


Jul 12, 2013 LordFarlander Abandoned Embedded library
Update: A kind user named Rosdav fixed the "green button" bug for everyone and I've updated with it :) Sorry all, MiniPet is currently dead. I've lost interest in WoW and related programming. I still hope to return soon to fix up the problems, but you're probably better off using one of the newer, shiner addons now :( Currently being maintained by LordFarlander WoW 5.x notes Because of the change to battle pets, your favorites will likely be reset! Beta notes Sorry that the description is so...


Apr 09, 2012 LordFarlander Abandoned Embedded library
Baldrick adds a button to your interface which automatically picks the best daily quest item to use based on all the information it can gather (location, status of the quest, etc). Usage :) Quest Quirks To tell Baldrick you want to cook for Super Hot Stew, you need to target a dead Abyssal Flamebringer. To tell Baldrick you want to free some murlocks for Disrupt the Greengill Coast, you need to target a live Greengill Slave. Handy Outfitter Scripts A handy script for Outfitter to...

Calendar for Broker

Dec 09, 2009 LordFarlander Abandoned Embedded library
A conversion of Calendar_Fubar by wish to DataBroker. Shows all events up to 60 days, and colors them by type. Clicking on it will open the Calendar.

BattlegroundFu for Broker

Jan 28, 2009 LordFarlander Abandoned Embedded library
A continuation of FuBar_BattlegroundFu for LibDataBroker. Has support for Strand of the Ancients and better Arena support. <Complete description to come>


Oct 19, 2008 LordFarlander Abandoned Embedded library
Stable will be obsolete when WotLK is released and is no longer under development Stable is a expansion of Kennel using Ace3. Stable allows for the automatic swapping of minipets and mounts when visiting the bank. For each category that is enabled, an item in your inventory will get randomly swapped for one in your bank. You can also set individual mounts and minipets you never want Stable to swap. Usage :) Official Thread


Oct 14, 2008 LordFarlander Abandoned Embedded library
Saves a list of your companions that you can use to upload to WarcraftPets.com (In Development on both sides still)
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