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Main wowaceSVN Azethoth Nov 09, 2008
An intuitive keybindings system: simply mouseover frame, click keys or buttons. Links API LibKeyBound Forum LibKeyBoundExtra-1.0 CommonUI What it Does Activating it brings up an instruction frame from which KeyBinding mode can be cancelled. KeyBinding mode Hover cursor over participating frames. The current keys are shown in tooltip and in the frame. Click buttons or keys to bind. Press Escape to clear bindings Implemented: It is now a LibStub lib. Removed AceLocale-3.0 and AceEvent-3.0...
API Azethoth Azethoth Nov 09, 2008
These docs use [[Autodoc_Format|Autodoc]] for the [[LibKeyBound-1.0/API#API_Documentation|LibKeyBound API Documentation]] at the bottom. Links Old Ace working docs: API LibKeyBound-1.0 LibKeyBound Forum Functions you need to implement on your Button Required button:GetHotkey() - returns the current hotkey assigned to the given button For a custom keybindings system button:SetKey(key) - binds the given key to the given button button:FreeKey(key) - unbinds the given key from all other buttons...
Main (deDE) wowaceSVN wowaceSVN Sep 29, 2008
LibKeyBound ist eine Bibliothek, die bei der keybindings helfen.
Main (frFR) wowaceSVN wowaceSVN Sep 29, 2008
Une biblioth簵e d'aide �a keybindings.
Main (esES) wowaceSVN wowaceSVN Sep 29, 2008
Una biblioteca para ayudar con las keybindings.
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