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Aug 14, 2016 Phanx Release Embedded library
oUF layout with many PvE-oriented features and a few options. Features include aura filtering, dispel highlighting, threat highlighting, incoming heal bars, display of all secondary resources, totem timers, cast bars for player/pet/target, incoming resurrection text, combat feedback text, and AFK timers. Mouse over the frames for more detailed health and power text. Hold Shift out of combat to temporarily disable aura filtering and see all buffs. Some elements auto-adjust based on role...
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Dec 11, 2011 Sidoine Abandoned Embedded library
Chinon is configurable unit frames add-on. It displays one or several buttons for each player and pet in your party/raid, sorted by class or group. Clicking on these buttons cast a configurable spell or run a macro. The unit frame displays optionally: a life and power bar an incoming heal bar (using LibHealComm-3.0, like Grid) a damage bar (how much damage was received in last four seconds) one or more debuffs: part of the unit frame background color changes, for example the left part could...


Feb 08, 2011 andreasg Abandoned Embedded library
Customizable unit frame addon. How to configure the unit frames in 3.0 Press "esc" to open the options menu. Press the "Interface" button. In the interface options window, press the "AddOns" tab. Select "AG Units" from the tree of available addons. Press the "Open AG Units Options" button. This will open the AG Unit Frames options window. (Alternatively, you can write "/aguf" in the chat.) Latest update Hi guys, I know there's still some things missing, like layouts for example. I would have...


Oct 29, 2010 Shefki Abandoned Optional dependency
Show a bar in PitBull4 on units afflicted with Incinerate Flesh that shows the amount of healing done towards removing the debuff. Pending heals, if LibHealComm-4.0 is available, are shown in yellow (or some other color of your choice) after the already absorbed heals. A spark moves along the bar to indicate when the Incinerate Flesh will fade (and thus cause the Burning Inferno). You can easily see if you have enough healing to remove the debuff before it will fade by making sure the...
  • 4 reverse relationships found