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Feb 28, 2015 GraemeF Release Embedded library
What it does Obituary announces deaths, whodunnit, and how. By default it will only report deaths of players in your raid or party, but can optionally report on mob deaths too. Player names are displayed in the correct colour for their class, and the damage done by the killing blow is also reported. If available, a link to the spell/skill that dealt the killing blow is displayed. Reports can be sent to your chat window (default), a channel of your choosing, or other addons such as MSBT. It...


Dec 07, 2009 Chexsum Abandoned Embedded library
Allows you to be alerted when various combat events occur. There is a preset mode that lets the addon work as a item/spell cooldown, buff and spell alerter or you can setup filters to only alert/warn/show you when certain events occur. Read the readme.txt file inside the addon directory to learn how to add filters.


Oct 21, 2008 Chexsum Abandoned Embedded library
Tracks and announces damage and heal records
  • 3 reverse relationships found