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Oct 08, 2016 Resike Release Embedded library
Recount is a graphical damage meter written by Cryect. Recount (Preservation) is an attempt to preserve it through the 2.4 patch and fix up some minor things along the way. If Cryect returns the project really should be wholely his and he can keep or abandon any changes I've made here. For changes see the change log. Alpha/beta versions can be found on WoWAce. Please report problems in the Recount thread on WoWAce' or submit a ticket on WoWAce. The forum is a good place for general...
Historic line display

Skada Graphs

Aug 27, 2016 Zarnivoop Release Embedded library
Adds graph display systems to Skada. Uses Cryect's excellent LibGraph-2.0. To use these, create a new window in Skada. While doing so, choose one of the new display systems instead of the built-in bar display. Both use the normal Skada way of navigating, but also have buttons for it. Scrolling is also done the Skada way (mousewheel). Currently there are two new display systems: Historic line display is roughly equivalent to the realtime graphs in Recount. No permanent additional data is...
Grapple screenshot


Nov 14, 2013 Humbedooh Abandoned Embedded library
Grapple is currently undergoing a lot of changes due to long inactivity. Stay tuned! Grapple is a tool for real-time monitoring of the performance of players in raids, pugs and battlegrounds for evaluation or simple curiosity. Based on a per-fight or per-session time-span, Grapple collects information about each raider's survivability, activity and focus and displays it in an intuitive and ordered manner. Player performance is measured against both general mathematical performance principles...
Not in Combat

Average Combat Mana

Aug 27, 2012 myrroddin Abandoned Embedded library
Average Combat Mana ACM calculates your Mana gain or loss every second using the 10 most recent values (or less, if the fight is short), averages the result, and displays that on a frame, moving the indicator accordingly. This is primarily geared toward healers, but any DPS Mana using caster may benefit. Looking at you Arcane Mages! For example: You have 10 000 Mana currently First pass you have 9000 Mana, or a loss of 1000. The loss is stored Second pass you have 11 000 Mana, or a gain of...
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Mar 30, 2012 degener Abandoned Embedded library
<font color="#ff4800">TankCombatLog</font> <font color="#ff4800">What is TankCombatLog:</font> Tank CombatLog is a visualised comparison of your taken healing and taken dmg. This should help you to analyse what happened when you died. For this reason alle deaths are loged and can be selected by a dropdown box. The shown amount of entries is configureable up to 9999. A graph also helps you to analyse what happened. This graph also displays the taken healing and taken damage and visualizes your...


Dec 19, 2011 Zappster Abandoned Embedded library
TankadinTps TankadinTps is a threat-analyzer for tanks. It records all threat you generated during a fight, without encounter specific gimmicks like aggro resets etc. Your current sustained tps will be shown as a LibDataBroker data feed. TankadinTps also records your incoming damage and avoided attacks. I developed this addon for my paladin, but other tanks in my guild wanted this tool too, so I added a warrior, druid and deathknight module. Features record your threat generating abilities...


Jun 17, 2010 Mokhtar Abandoned Embedded library
Acheron_Graph is a plugin to Acheron that provides a new graph-style report for Acheron, it features : - Buffs / debuffs / damage / healing tracks for events already handled by Acheron - HP graph - [Disabled for now]3 Tracks to monitor who was casting what on who at the moment of investigated unit death Warning : for now this is an alpha version reliant on a non-validated version of Acheron, use should be restricted to me and Nickodemus, will update you as soon as Nickodemus has made...
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SciCalc - A scientific calculator

Dec 18, 2009 Balatist Abandoned Embedded library
SciCalc is a full-featured scientific calculator with the ability to numerically solve equations, evaluate mathematical expressions, and plot functions. Particularly, SciCalc can: Numerically solve equations. Store and recall user- and addon-defined variables. Calculate definite integrals and derivates. Determine p-values and z-values for normal distributions with arbitrary parameters. Determine the mean of a sequence of numbers. Interact with the game world to extract information such as...
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