Interface for addons to include extra information on the GuildMemberInfo frame.

How to use

This is only for other addon authors that want to put extra information next to the guild frame when people are selected.

Load GuildMemberInfo

In your toc make GuildMemberInfo a dependency

## Dependencies: GuildMemberInfo

Register with GuildMemberInfo

bool = GMI:Register('AddonName', {
	lines = {
		uniqueLabel = {
				-- Required
			callback = function(GetGuildRosterInfo(i)) return newText; end,
				-- Optional
			label = 'Label', -- localized field label, default is uniqueLabel
			default = 'Default Value',
			height = ##, -- Special height consideration, default is 10, this requires testing
			onload = function(labelF, textF) yourFunc(labelF,textF) end, -- Function to run when the frame is created
			text = false, -- Disable creating the text frame, works well with onload

Callback Example:

function yourCallback(name, ...)
	if true then
		return 'This is ';
		-- Returning false doen't update the text
		return false;


A way to unregister items

Available Modules

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Date created
Jun 05, 2011
Last updated
Jun 08, 2011