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Aloft Example


Sep 02, 2015 acapela Release Embedded library
Aloft is an addon that allows you to customize and enchance how nameplates and nameplate casting bars appear in the game. It is a fully self-contained addon, however it can take advantage of the following addons if they are installed: 1. MobHealth3 - Health text of mobs can be displayed right on the nameplate. Make sure you have r32001 of MobHealth3 or later The customization options in Aloft allow you to change the size, shape, anchors, font, font options, textures and colors of: 1. Name...
CleanMinimap Overview


Jan 22, 2015 Azxiana Release Embedded library
A clean square or round minimap that replaces the default minimap. Cleans up default buttons and rearranges them. The minimap and buttons can be individually scaled and various portions of the map can be hidden. CleanMinimap uses the Rock library and can be configured through AddOn Preferences. Rock is included in the regular package.


Feb 07, 2013 networkerror Abandoned Optional dependency
Overview Track the current Fear Ward buffs cast by yourself or any member of your party or raid. Check Fear Ward Description Check Fear Ward has the ability to track who has a Fear Ward buff and how long is left on said buff. It also has the ability to alert you when the buff has been consumed or has expired, and on top of a personal alert it also is able to alert your group by adding a message to say, party or raid. Configuration r68 /CFW ToDo Ace3 LDB Support CombatLog filtering to find who...


Dec 12, 2010 Xinhuan Abandoned Embedded library
v1.1.2 13 December 2010 A simple Fubar plugin for Routes/Cartographer_Routes to quickly show/hide routes in the current zone, and allow for quick access to start/stop/change directions when used with Cartographer_Waypoints or TomTom.

FuBar 3.6

Dec 11, 2010 ckknight Deleted Embedded library
FuBar is not being updated anymore. It is recommended that you switch to a DataBroker based display addon as a replacement (Bazooka, ChocolateBar, and NinjaPanel have all been recommended as good alternatives to try). A panel that modules can plug into. Features: 1. Drag and drop rearragement of plugins. 2. Any plugin can exist on left or right or be centered. 3. Automatically adjust frames (can be turned off) 4. Any number of bars (not limited to just 2), you can attach to the top, bottom,...
Main Window


Oct 14, 2010 NowhereRx7 Abandoned Embedded library
Throw all those PostIt(tm) notes away! This FuBar plugin allows you to have up to 100 notes saved that are available on all your toons. The FuBar tooltip will also show the note that you were last looking at (which is also saved between characters). P.S. This is my first addon, so it could probably use some enhancements. v1.22 General - Updated TOC for v4.0.1 4.0.1 break/fix - Updated reference in code that caused the window not to open when clicked on in FuBar. 4.0.1 break/fix - Updated...


Oct 05, 2010 Illiai Abandoned Embedded library
FuBar_GearFu is a FuBar plugin aimed to make Gear switching with the new Blizzard Gear Manager easier. Just hover over the icon, pick a set, and it will be equipped. As simple as that? yes, as simple as it should be!
Bayi's Extended Questlog

Bayi's Extended Questlog

Jul 19, 2010 Namdrof Abandoned Embedded library
Description: Extended QuestLog is an extension of the QuestLog. It has a new bigger layout and allows you to watch all 25 quests instead of 10. Bug Reporting: If you find an error, open a ticket on or use the wowace forum at You can login on the sites with your curse account. Translators Wanted If you are interested to translate this project, please visit...


Dec 15, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of your current location. German translation: Chinkuwaila TO INSTALL: Put the FuBar_LocationFu folder into \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ Embedded Libraries: TouristLib by Boss. Features: Shows you current zone/subzone. Shows status of the current area. Shows the standard latitude, longitude coordinates for WoW, for both your current position, and if viewing the map, the position under your cursor. Shows the level range of your current zone. Shows the instances in your...


Dec 09, 2009 Belazor Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of instances you are saved to on your characters.


Dec 07, 2009 Chexsum Abandoned Embedded library
Allows you to be alerted when various combat events occur. There is a preset mode that lets the addon work as a item/spell cooldown, buff and spell alerter or you can setup filters to only alert/warn/show you when certain events occur. Read the readme.txt file inside the addon directory to learn how to add filters.


Aug 06, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
A simplistic clock. German Translation: Chinkuwaila Features Local time Server time UTC time Can show either local or server or both times in the text. TO INSTALL: Put the FuBar_ClockFu folder into \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\
Auction stated


Apr 29, 2009 GigaDrone Abandoned Embedded library
<span style="color: #FF0000"><span style="font-size: 150%; line-height: 116%;"><span style="font-weight: bold">GigaItemAuction what's that?</span></span></span> <span style="color: #008000"><span style="font-weight: bold">GigaItemAuction</span></span> is a DKP-Auctioneer–AddOn for dropped items. There is minimum work for the lead and on the other hand maximum time management. <span style="color: #FF0000"><span style="font-size: 150%; line-height: 116%;"><span style="font-weight:...


Apr 18, 2009 jrray Abandoned Embedded library
A logging mechanism for raids. Logs the start time, instance name, running time, players present, and every item (rare or better) looted during the course of the raid. Entries are separated by location and players present. The names of joining and departing players are highlighted between entries. Logged drops show the name of the recipient, have an item tooltip, and are linkable into chat.
Klappa2 Screenshot

Klappa 2

Feb 07, 2009 Blutwurz Abandoned Embedded library
Action bar addon with popupable buttons. What is Klappa? The main concept of Klappa is to have one or more action bars with hided buttons which will pop up. If you start Klappa the first time, you will see just one button in the center of the screen. This is your first bar and button togehter. How to set Klappa up? Every bar of Klappa consists of one or more main buttons which are always visible. You can extend every main button with as many popup buttons as you want. To open the option menu...


Nov 18, 2008 ZacWolf Abandoned Embedded library
This is the FuBar plugin for the AEmotes addon available at: ACE: CURSE:

FuBar - CAFu

Oct 26, 2008 Illiai Abandoned Embedded library
FuBar - CAFu Purpose This addon was written to add simple way of accessing the Blizzard in-game Calendar. This is done by simply clicking an icon on your FuBar. As an added plus it will also display all events scheduled for the current day when hovered. Note on Naming This addon used to be called CalendarFu, however apparently this name was already in use. To be able to properly distinguish between our addons, I changed the name of this one to CAFu (Calendar Assistant on Fubar).


Oct 21, 2008 Chexsum Abandoned Embedded library
Tracks and announces damage and heal records


Oct 19, 2008 Hindrian Abandoned Embedded library
A simple addon that hides your headpiece when not in combat. And vice versa. FuBar support and has three states. On - Headpiece always shown Off - Headpiece always hidden Auto - Headpience is shown in combat and hidden out of combat Did this mainly for RP-purposes


Oct 17, 2008 Kemayo Mature Embedded library
Shows your LibDataBroker sources in FuBar. Usage Use /b2f to open the configuration UI. There you can select which LDB sources and launchers you want displayed into FuBar. Each enabled source and launcher has some FuBar configuration options in this UI. Known issues Some addon do not define LDB type at creation. Broker2FuBar does not catch it correctly at this moment. This is worked on.
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