Adds spec profile support to individual AceDB-3.0 databases and provides AceDBOptions-3.0 hooks to handle it.

This allows the user to enable the spec profile feature to select alternate profiles to be set on specialization switch.

This feature is disabled by default and the user has to create the alternate profiles themselves.

Read the Quick tutorial to know how to add spec profile support to your addon. There is also an API reference, although you shouldn't be calling the API directly in most cases.


You can update localization directly on GitHub or by using the WoWAce localization tool.

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  • Avatar of Wetxius Wetxius Aug 10, 2016 at 06:39 UTC - 0 likes

    Updated ruRU locale.

  • Avatar of xbeeps xbeeps Aug 05, 2012 at 17:20 UTC - 0 likes

    If this works in 4.x, can you tag the repository so that it can be packaged with addons? I use "tag: latest" in .pkgmeta and it currently seems to pick up 1.6 which errors in 5.x, and i would like to start pushing a release of my addons with a version of libdualspec that also works in 5.x for minimal breakage when the patch hits. Thanks!

  • Avatar of Stanzilla Stanzilla Jul 02, 2012 at 18:09 UTC - 0 likes

    3x LibDualSpec-1.0\LibDualSpec-1.0-11.lua:50: attempt to compare nil with number LibDualSpec-1.0\LibDualSpec-1.0-11.lua:50: in main chunk

  • Avatar of Parnic Parnic Jul 02, 2012 at 16:44 UTC - 0 likes

    @Adirelle: Go

    I like your fix better :). Thanks!

  • Avatar of Adirelle Adirelle Jul 02, 2012 at 06:46 UTC - 0 likes

    Fixed in latest alpha.

  • Avatar of Parnic Parnic Jun 30, 2012 at 19:36 UTC - 0 likes

    WoW 5.0 changed GetActiveTalentGroup() to GetActiveSpecGroup(). I fixed this by adding

    local wow_500 = select(4, GetBuildInfo()) >= 50000

    above the SetScript for OnEvent, then changed newTalentGroup's assignment to:

    local newTalentGroup = wow_500 and GetActiveSpecGroup() or GetActiveTalentGroup()

    NoDualSpec() needs similar treatment for GetNumSpecGroups().

    I would submit the fix, but attempting to login to the development git is asking for a password.

    Last edited Jul 02, 2012 by Parnic: added note about NoDualSpec()


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