Change log

2014-05-03  James D. Callahan III  <>

[30719a80ccb8] [tip]
* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Check to see if delegate is nil before attempting to resize it.

* .hgtags:

Added tag r69-release for changeset 806e333f586d

[806e333f586d] [r69-release]
* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Added support for icon_size, text_justify_h, and text_justify_v fields. Layout improvements for EditBoxes and the dialog text in relation to the icon (if present).

2013-11-02  James D. Callahan III  <>

* .hgtags:

Added tag r67-release for changeset a7903e9a1e98

[a7903e9a1e98] [r67-release]
* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Fixed incorrect name for on_cancel call (oncancel - yikes).

* .hgtags:

Added tag r65-release for changeset b256c29ed245

[b256c29ed245] [r65-release]
* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Bump the minor version.

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Hide the dialog close button if the delegate has a boolean true value for its no_close_button field.

2013-11-01  James D. Callahan III  <>

* .docmeta:

Last test.

* .docmeta:

Another test.

* .docmeta:

Documenter test.

* .hgtags:

Added tag r59-release for changeset 040ab49193a5

[040ab49193a5] [r59-release]
* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Ticket #6: Process the delegate queue in Dialog_OnHide.

* LibDialog-1.0.toc

Update ToC Interface version to 50400.

2013-06-12  James D. Callahan III  <>

* .hgtags:

Added tag r56-release for changeset b21d169c6180

[b21d169c6180] [r56-release]
* LibDialog-1.0.toc

Bump ToC version to 50300.

2013-03-18  James D. Callahan III  <>

* .hgtags:

Added tag r54-release for changeset 9330716b2440

[9330716b2440] [r54-release]
* .docmeta, .hgtags, .pkgmeta, LibDialog-1.0.lua lib.xml

Fix bug when hiding a dialog.

2013-03-05  James D. Callahan III  <>

* .hgtags:

Added tag r52-release for changeset 4151f323fd84

[4151f323fd84] [r52-release]
* LibDialog-1.0.toc

Update ToC Interface version to 50200.

2012-12-04  James D. Callahan III  <>

* .hgtags:

Added tag r50-release for changeset e05a5ddec0fa

[e05a5ddec0fa] [r50-release]
* LibDialog-1.0.toc

Bumped ToC Interface version to 50100.

2012-09-19  James D. Callahan III  <>

* LibDialog-1.0.toc

Dumped ToC version to 50001

2011-10-03  James D. Callahan III  <>

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Updated .docmeta information.

* .hgtags:

Added tag r46-release for changeset 31887cda4fea

[31887cda4fea] [r46-release]
* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Added support for dialog durations.

2011-09-30  James D. Callahan III  <>

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Initial LuaDoc API documentation.

* .docmeta:

Changed .docmeta

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Use unvalued references instead of table lookups.

* .docmeta:

Added .docmeta file


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