Change log

2013-03-18  James D. Callahan III  <>

[7ea0b882e36a] [tip]
* .hgtags:

Added tag r54-release for changeset 9330716b2440

[9330716b2440] [r54-release]
* .docmeta, .hgtags, .pkgmeta, LibDialog-1.0.lua lib.xml

Fix bug when hiding a dialog.

2013-03-05  James D. Callahan III  <>

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Added tag r52-release for changeset 4151f323fd84

[4151f323fd84] [r52-release]
* LibDialog-1.0.toc

Update ToC Interface version to 50200.

2012-12-04  James D. Callahan III  <>

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Added tag r50-release for changeset e05a5ddec0fa

[e05a5ddec0fa] [r50-release]
* LibDialog-1.0.toc

Bumped ToC Interface version to 50100.

2012-09-19  James D. Callahan III  <>

* LibDialog-1.0.toc

Dumped ToC version to 50001

2011-10-03  James D. Callahan III  <>

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Updated .docmeta information.

* .hgtags:

Added tag r46-release for changeset 31887cda4fea

[31887cda4fea] [r46-release]
* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Added support for dialog durations.

2011-09-30  James D. Callahan III  <>

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Initial LuaDoc API documentation.

* .docmeta:

Changed .docmeta

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Use unvalued references instead of table lookups.

* .docmeta:

Added .docmeta file

2011-09-29  James D. Callahan III  <>

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Replaced remaining occurrences of IsActive with ActiveDialog.

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Renamed lib:IsActive() to lib:ActiveDialog() and made its return value be the dialog which is found rather than true. Within lib:Spawn(), check to see if there is already an active dialog with the same delegate and data; if so, cancel it.

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Look for dialog member "no_cancel_on_escape" instead of "cancel_ignores_escape"

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

When a dialog is spawned whose delegate has delegate names listed in a cancels_on_spawn table, cancel all active dialogs which match the named delegates.

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

When spawning a dialog with a delegate which is marked as exclusive, cancel any active dialogs which are also exclusive.

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Call _RecycleWidget() on the dialog within it's OnHide script so lib:IsActive() will return false if called from code called from the delegate's on_hide

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

If the proposed widget-to-be-recycled isn't in the active list, do not add it to the heap.

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Unified common delegate-finding code into _FindDelegate()

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Added library Dismiss method to dismiss the specified dialog, optionally also by data.

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Added IsActive() library method: Determines whether or not the specified dialog is active, optionally taking its data into account.

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Reset edit box letters and bytes limits to unlimited upon release. Changed button on_click behavior: Only hide the dialog if the handler returns nil or false, and pass the dialog as "self" instead of the button - also pass an optional reason for firing the handler (default is "clicked").

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Dialogs register for the DISPLAY_SIZE_CHANGED event and resize when it's fired. Removed some debug prints.

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Added dialog support for OnEvent handler: If the dialog_prototype has a method which matches the name of the event which fired, that method will be called.

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Added delegate OnUpdate support.

2011-09-27  James D. Callahan III  <>

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Do not require a button click handler to create a button from the delegate - text will suffice; the button will merely hide the dialog when clicked.

* LibDialog-1.0.lua

Proper value awareness for CheckButtons. Hide dialog on button press.


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