Change log

    - hunter: removed feign death (can't be detected anyway)
    - druid: added heart of the wild spellids for the specs
    - warlock: added observer spells, more spellids for spell lock
    - updated for 5.3
    - druid: fixed some spells that have different spellids in different specs or forms
    - bumping minor version
    - warlock: added conflagrate, hand of gul'dan
    - warrior: added support for double time (2 charges on charge)
    - priest: added angelic feather, fixed phantasm duration
    - paladin: added support for clemency (2 charges on hands)
    - monk: added roll
    - druid: fixed skull bash, added savage defense
    - added support for spells with charges (roll, paladin hands)
    - added symbiosis spells
    - shaman: made purify spirit replace cleanse spirit
    - rogue: fixed cheat death
    - warlock: added demonic circle: teleport, reduced unending resolve cooldown to account for the set bonus
    - hunter: reduced cds of traps and black arrow to account for the set bonus
    - druid: reduced swiftmend cooldown to account for the set bonus
    - mage: changed counterspell cooldown to 20 seconds to properly account for the set bonus
    - commented heroisms for now
    - added dk cooldowns
    - rogue: added marked for death
    - warlock: added carrion swarm
    - shaman: added shamanistic rage to elemental
    - monk: added ring of peace
    - paladin: fixed guardian of ancient kings/protection not having the proper specID
    - added healthstone
    - added warlock cooldowns
    - hunter: added list of spells that readiness resets
    - added hunter cooldowns
    - generate and use lookup tables for IterateCooldowns, making it much faster
    - several cooldowns updated
    - fixed typo that prevented the warrior cooldowns from loading
    - paladin: added Blinding Light
    - more doc formatting changes
    - trying different formatting for the doc
    - added some documentation, normalized some data, fixed some problems
    - moved state to the library table to make upgrades possible
    - prefixed event names with LCT_
    - moved the data to different files for each class, races and items
    - fixed typo
    - removed debug prints
    - initial commit


Uploaded on
May 27, 2013
Game version
  • 5.3.0
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