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Baggins example


Aug 31, 2016 Nargiddley Release Embedded library
Inventory Management with virtual bags divided into sections. See for more info!

Hey, grats mon!

Apr 18, 2016 nanthir Release Embedded library
After listening to Bloodlord Mandokir bragging about dinging, I decided that I wanted that sound when my alts dinged. After writing the addon, I thought I might as well share it. So here it is. Just a bit of fun.


Oct 15, 2014 mikk Release Embedded library
Automatic Refilling of user defined items, e.g. /freerefills add [Ice Cold Milk] 40 /freerefills addstack [Ice Cold Milk] 2 Simply shift+click items out of the vendor window (or your bags) to get e.g. "[Ice Cold Milk]" FreeRefills will also restock out of your bank. (Can be turned off) Do not post bugs or problems in the comments - I do not read them. Use the ticket system.

Basic Notepad

Mar 16, 2013 nanthir Abandoned Embedded library
A notepad for ingame notes, with a simplistic design. To show the notepad type /bnote Minimap icon will come at a later point.

Basic Misdirection

Mar 16, 2013 nanthir Abandoned Embedded library
A simplistic misdirection assistant. Project is still in alpha and very much in development, so errors are likely to appear. The add-on is meant to be a easy and simple tool for misdirection/tricks of the trade. The basic concept is that the add-on detect when the player enters groups/raids and makes a list of tanks based on the role assignment. It will be possible to add tanks to the list manually and it will be possible to choose which target to misdirect to, although because of limitation...


Dec 29, 2012 Lyrael_Rayne Abandoned Embedded library
CyberLoot allows the player to loot only what they want. Currently supports the following filters: Quest Items - Loots items required for a quest the player is on. Can also be configured to loot anything that looks "quest-ish". Gathered Items (AutoGather) - Automatically loots items for various gathering professions as well as pickpocketing. Configurable per profession. "Short Stacks" - Will loot any item that you already have in your bags provided that a new stack would not be created by...


Nov 02, 2012 dekimsey Abandoned Optional dependency
Purpose Provides a macro that can be used to grind Prospecting (Jewelcrafting), Milling (Inscription) and Enchanting (Disenchant) on the materials in ones inventory. It will try to find the next highest stack that can be processed automatically. This eliminates the need to constantly hunt and peck across your bags for stacks of items. Disenchanting Rules Items that are of green quality, bind on equip, and not soul-bound are targeted by the disenchanting logic.This is pretty much the...


Apr 14, 2009 Rabbit Abandoned Embedded library
Assistant gnome helper for your ClosetGnome that handles bank storage.
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