A Data Broker Source based on the Vengeance buff for all tanking classes. Requires a Broker display add on like ChocolateBar.

LDB-Vengeance displays the current AP value that your Vengeance buff provides. Some display options can be configured using Blizzards addon interface options.

So far there is no colored display.


The only DataBroker I have used thus far is ChocolateBar.


To Dridzt for Vengeance Status - which gave me an initial idea how I could detect the vengeance buff, and how to check for the value

To Shackleford: for LDB-Threat - I had no clue how to write a data source

To jlam for updating the addon for monks, and patching!


When it's done: ldb-resolve

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Date created
Oct 16, 2010
Last updated
Oct 15, 2014